Yiwen learns how to engrave POLS in batches through ChatGPT

3 months ago
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The application of ChatGPT as a weapon of mass destruction in the field of inscription.

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Author - Nan Zhi

Yiwen learns how to engrave POLS in batches through ChatGPT

Yesterday, the casting of the inscription POLS on Polygon triggered a wave of enthusiasm. The Polygon network gas fee once soared to 5,000 gwei; compared with the beginning of inscription, the cost of a single inscription directly on evm.ink increased by more than a hundred times.

The total number of POLS sheets is 21 million, and BRC-20 Ordinals were engraved for six months with the same number of sheets. Even with Polygons hundreds of TPS, it still takes a long time to cast - the average TPS of Polygon yesterday was 170, assuming all of them are used It also takes 34.3 hours to engrave POLS.

When minting POLS, some users directly engrave it once through their wallets, or use key wizards and other methods to cycle clicks. The engraving speed is relatively slow. At 23:00 yesterday, the engraving progress only reached 60%; but at 0:00 the next day, according to Dune statistics The data shows that the engraving progress has reached 100%. This happened because the author of the Dune query modified the query to account for some POLS that were batch-engraved via smart contracts.

In fact, it was originally written in the official documentation of evm.inkBatch engraved codes, and it is also very difficult to write codes based on the principles of its inscriptions.Odaily will demonstrate how to write batch engraving contracts via ChatGPT.

Batch casting of smart contracts

On EVM, the essence of inscription is to initiate a transfer and write a specific text in the remarks of the transfer. In the POLS inscription, the text reads:


When transferring money on the blockchain, only hexadecimal input is accepted, so the first step is to perform hexadecimal conversion through ChatGPT.

Yiwen learns how to engrave POLS in batches through ChatGPT

In the second step, you need to establish a smart contract and initiate a transfer to your own address.

Yiwen learns how to engrave POLS in batches through ChatGPT

It should be noted here that ChatGPT wrote an error case to transfer the tokens to the contract address, or in the early hours of this morningPOLSs first currency holding address transfers tokens to the contract address, but there is a possibility that the transfer cannot be made.The same kind of case.

The third step is to modify the transfer object and set it so that it can be called repeatedly.

Yiwen learns how to engrave POLS in batches through ChatGPT

At this point, a batch-inscribed smart contract has been written. The following are the popular ones yesterdayBulk casting contract. The overall implementation logic is basically consistent.

Yiwen learns how to engrave POLS in batches through ChatGPT

Will the number one currency holder push POLS into a black hole?

According to Dune statistics, the address with the largest POLS currency holding is 0xf362561959f51bc29f4b3abe801b5373b4e1a144, which is a contract address, not the real caller.

Yiwen learns how to engrave POLS in batches through ChatGPT

The results of querying its trace data through Dune are as follows. It can be seen that from and to are both addresses of the contract, and input is indeed the hexadecimal version of data mentioned above:,{"p":"prc-20","op":"mint","tick":"pols","amt":"100000000"}. In a normal inscription index, the owner of the inscription will be the contract address, not the real caller, which means that this part of the inscription has been hit into a black hole.

Yiwen learns how to engrave POLS in batches through ChatGPT

However, its contract is not open source, and it is currently impossible to specifically explore whether there are other operating methods.


The community is still in disputes about whether the POLS inscribed through the contract is valid. Due to the centralization of the inscription index, a clear conclusion cannot yet be given.

On the other hand, due to the simple form and process of inscription, ChatGPT has considerable room to play in the same scenario. Not only the batch casting of POLS, but other regular inscription operations can also be realized through ChatGPT.

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