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Many people say they don’t understand what happened to Blast overnight. Let me give a simple summary and clarify some circulating misunderstandings: 1. The Blast mainnet is online and a new point (PUA) plan is announced. If you If you want to get the most points in the future, or ensure that your early points income is not diluted, you must continue to interact with the Dapps in the Blast ecosystem. 2. All those who participated in the early mining of Blast, if they want to withdraw ETH, must first manually migrate to the Blast main network. However, the gas cost of this migration is not low. It costs between 45-80 knives today, which leads to a lot of losses. Dibao users are complaining. 3. You can start withdrawing ETH after it is migrated to Blast, but currently it takes 14 days for the official bridge to withdraw money. Many people did not expect it to take so long. They think it is Tieshuns new trick and the anger value is further improved (it was mentioned in the official documents before, but Most people don’t notice). 4. In order to retain everyone’s ETH and maintain Blast’s TVL, Tieshun created an incentive plan to double the points. All the points mined before yesterday will be mapped to the mainnet 10 times (inflation is so fierce), but you need to keep the assets in your wallet to gradually unlock them. If you want to unlock it faster and catch up with the coin release in May, then youd better deposit some more money instead of withdrawing it immediately. There was also a mishap here. When the mapping used to give multiples, some people did not give 10 times points, but random numbers from 0 to 10 times. Some people even got 0 times! ? ? The official issued a special announcement saying that the UI calculation was wrong and everyones calculation was 10 times. So if you think your points are wrong, don’t panic, they should be able to fix it within two days. 5. In addition, if you transfer your assets to the main network, points will start to increase every hour. The default increase rate is 1x and the maximum is 12x. If you want to increase the multiplier, then according to the official statement, you can interact with the Dapps they recommend. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, just use it and you’ll be done. However, I haven’t figured out the multiplier page on the Blast dashboard yet. At least I’ve interacted with some projects and haven’t seen the multiplier increase yet. 6. Withdrawing ETH now will not deduct your previous points, but it will not unlock the magnification multiplier for you. This is equivalent to your points being diluted by additional issuances. Let me sum it up: The biggest negative opinion among players at present is that the points inflation is too fast (10 times) + new points are added (12 times acceleration). The new gameplay makes it difficult for players in the early stage to continue to put money and play as black slaves. With dapp, your points will be diluted by others. Some netizens described it as: It is equivalent to your mother-in-law saying that a wedding gift of 100,000 yuan is enough, but when it is time to get married, the woman suddenly says to add 80,000 yuan. However, from the perspective of the project side, they are different from other chains. This is where it comes in: 1. Since the more ecosystems on the chain and the more prosperous the better, then I will directly give money to you Devs to do it, and at the same time encourage you to give the money you get to the users. 2. Since Dapp requires users to start, I will directly drive the users to interact with me without any secrets. It is indeed a team that brings Web2 gameplay to fight Web3. If you criticize it, you may have to press his baton and continue to work on it for two months. In the past two months, whether Blast can overtake in a corner, gameplay has once again become the goal of leading many chains to learn, and we will see the real results in May.
Topic|SEC hits CEX hard, and the encryption market is in a quagmire again
3AC liquidator Teneo’s crypto asset holdings at address 0xc7c are worth over US$900 million
Odaily News Scopescan data shows that as the price of WLD rebounds and reaches a new high, the address starting with 0xc7c, labeled Teneo: 3AC Liquidation, currently holds a total value of crypto assets exceeding US$900 million, mainly including: - 75 million WLD , approximately US$623.25 million; -134.17 million STRK, approximately US$250 million; -8.437 million DYDX, approximately US$25.058 million; -160,000 AXS, approximately US$1.242 million.
1 weeks ago
ether.fi responds to questions about points: The platform does transfer all EigenLayer points to use
Odaily reported that according to community news, multiple users discovered that there was a mismatch between the EigenLayer obtained by staking Ethereum on the ether.fi platform and the points due to the TVL of the protocol. BlockBeats consulted ether.fi regarding the mismatch between pledge points and TVL and learned that the platform does transfer 100% of EigenLayer points directly to users, but the ETH received by ether.fi is not immediately pledged, but used Liquidity pool, users can withdr
1 weeks ago
Chain game Heroes of Mavia will announce supported L2 chains on February 27
Odaily news chain game Heroes of Mavia posted on the X platform that it will announce the name of the selected Layer 2 chain at 15:00 UTC on February 27 (23:00 Beijing time). This Layer 2 will support the entire game economy and power the millions of players within Mavia.
1 weeks ago
Binance will launch GLM 1-50 times U-based perpetual contract
Odaily news: According to the official announcement, Binance will launch the GLM 1-50 times U-based perpetual contract at 18:00 on February 22 (Eastern Eighth District time).
1 weeks ago
Grayscale GBTC held 450,400 BTC as of February 21, a decrease of more than 2,652 BTC from the previo
Odaily News Grayscale official data shows that as of February 21, local time, GBTC held 450,404.939 BTC, a decrease of 2652.2012 BTC from the previous trading day. In addition, GBTCs assets under management (non-GAAP) were $22,960,580,835.05, and its circulating shares dropped to 504,510,100 shares.
1 weeks ago