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HashKey Exchange is about to list Polkadot (DOT)
According to Odaily’s official announcement, HashKey Exchange will soon launch Polkadot (DOT). The listing details and schedule are as follows: - Deposits and withdrawals: now open; - Trading open: 16:00 on November 30, 2023 (Hong Kong time); - Trading pair: DOT/USD; - Open user type: professional only investor.
16 hours ago
OECD: Fed not expected to cut interest rates before second half of 2024
Odaily News The OECD stated that the Federal Reserve is not expected to cut interest rates before the second half of 2024; the European Central Bank is not expected to cut interest rates before the spring of 2025. (Golden Ten)
16 hours ago
Velodrome: The protocol funds are safe and the contract is not affected. Please check the previously
Odaily News Velodrome released an update on the X platform regarding the attack: the protocol funds are safe and the contract is not affected. Users are asked to ensure they are accessing the correct decentralized front-end website and review all permissions granted within the past few hours. Earlier today, it was reported that the front end of Velodrome and its fork protocol Aerodrome were attacked, and the official reminded users not to engage in any interaction.
16 hours ago
KOL’s Views
$USTC shut down after TFL broke off the relationship. I have also done some research on Mint Cash @wemintcash in the past two days, and I am also on the bus, so the interests are related. ✍️ Today I will give you a detailed calculation, one is 1.25x-12.5 How do the odds of x come about. I think what the founder said is very right: TFL should have tried to use this method to save the project 18 months ago. 🧵 The current method of Mint Cash, I think is the best solution to increase the value of $USTC: 1. Rules: According to the current valuation method of Mint Cash, it is how much USTC is finally deposited into the airdrop contract, and then the value of 1 US dollar is Calculating the project valuation, the current circulating supply of USTC is 9 billion. If half of the amount of 4.5 billion is locked, then the valuation of the new project will be 4.5 billion US dollars. 2. The valuation of 4.5 billion must be on the high side. Under conservative conditions, we reduce it by 10 times. The FDV of 450 million is relatively reasonable for an ordinary public chain, so we can calculate $USTC = $0.1. From the current price of $0.04, there is still room for at least 1 times more. 3. Why does the game say that Mint Cash’s plan is very smart? Because all $USTC in the airdrop contract must be destroyed, so there will be two situations: (1) If there are a lot of locked $USTC, then the remaining $USTC in circulation will The sudden decrease in the circulation of USTC will be very beneficial to the price increase and will also become a topic of speculation. However, many people directly use the entire $USTC circulation to calculate the valuation of new projects. This algorithm is wrong. If it is calculated this way, USTC will be bought up. (2) If there is very little $USTC locked up, the valuation of Mint Cash will be very low, close to reasonable or even underestimated. Users who lock up their positions in the airdrop contract are very likely to actually use $USTC. = $1 USD value exchanged for new project tokens. So the result of the game here is that either (1) or (2) will benefit $USTC, and the odds are very high. So do you expect more or fewer people to participate in Mint Cash? What are the current odds of $0.04? (1) If a lot of funds are involved, my personal estimate is that the highest is half of 4.5 billion USTC, then the valuation is 450 million at a 10% discount, and the current income is 1.25 times. (2) If the funds involved are very small, 10% of the amount is 900 million, the valuation is 450 million at a 50% discount, and the current income is 12.5 times. Of course, you can also not participate in the airdrop contract and sell $USTC at any time during the rise. In short, I agree with the founders point of view. This plan should have been implemented by TFL 18 months ago.
Topic|SEC hits CEX hard, and the encryption market is in a quagmire again
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Polygon Lianchuang: Polygon will launch two new products about ZK and RWA in December
Odaily News Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal disclosed some important nodes of Polygon in the next month on the X platform: 1. On December 7, Polygon will hold an offline event Polygon Connect in India; 2. On December 14, Polygon will be public Demonstrating the next generation ZK product, Sandeep said that this may become an important milestone for the entire Ethereum ecosystem; 3. On December 20, Polygon will launch new products related to RWA and institutional adoption.
17 hours ago
The front ends of Velodrome and Aerodrome are under attack, please do not interact
Odaily News Velodrome and its fork protocol Aerodrome front end are under attack, please do not interact with them.
17 hours ago
Sushi: V2 reward program ends today, V3 reward program will end on December 8
Odaily News According to official news, Sushi issued a statement stating that with the completion of the minting of SUSHI tokens with a total supply of 250 million, all SUSHI tokens are now in circulation and there will be no further unlocking, so the current reward plan will undergo major updates. . The V2 reward program will end today, and the V3 reward program is expected to end around December 8, 2023. There are 14 days left in the Merkl reward distribution mechanism cycle. Sushi also said t
19 hours ago
Blur’s lending platform Blend has supported the Moonbirds series
According to official news from Odaily, Blur’s NFT lending platform Blend has supported the Moonbirds series. Users can use Moonbirds NFT to earn points for bidding, placing orders and lending. According to previous news on November 20, NFT market Blur announced that Season 2 has ended. NFT traders and creators on Blur are eligible to start receiving Season 2 airdrops and have 45 days to claim BLUR. With Season 2 ending, Season 3 has started today and will last for 6 months, offering new rewards
20 hours ago
Cosmos Ecological Foundation invests US$100,000 in Celestia in 2021, currently valued at US$70 milli
Odaily News Stride Strategy Director John Galt posted on the X platform that the Cosmos Ecological Foundation Interchain Foundation (ICF) invested US$100,000 in Celestia in 2021, holding a 1.6% stake currently worth US$70 million. The Cosmos Ecological Foundation also holds BTC, ETH, USD and ATOM with a total value of approximately US$350 million.
21 hours ago