The story behind the creation of STEPN GO

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Inspired by a cup of coffee, STEPN GO was born with its social fitness vision.

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The story behind the creation of STEPN GO

Every revolutionary idea starts with a spark, an aha moment that changes everything

For STEPN GO co-founders Yawn and Jerry, that moment happened unexpectedly: one afternoon, Jerry made a seemingly ordinary cup of coffee for Yawn.

As they discussed the successes and limitations of their first project, STEPN, the conversation turned to the possibility of improving it. Amid laughter, caffeine, and sketches on napkins, the idea for STEPN GO was born.

The birth of an idea

It was during these countless coffee meetings that FSL’s founders realized that while STEPN successfully leveraged the potential of the mobile and earning model, it lacked the social engagement and community features that were essential for broader, more sustainable user interactions.

In addition, since the economic model is the cornerstone of a viable project, they also considered how to improve it. In the STEPN project, the inflation of running shoes has always been a big problem, so they focused on how to solve this problem by designing a sustainable token economic model.

Yawn and Jerry then founded STEPN GO with a passion for community and a desire to make Web 3 more accessible. They envisioned a platform that would not only promote physical activity but also bring people together.

STEPN GO is imagined as a space where deeper social connections enrich every step of the fitness journey, and joining this space is not exclusive to crypto nerds, but accessible to everyone, making every user who participates feel more engaged, fulfilled, and inclusive.

How to make it a reality

To realize these dreams, Yawn and Jerry designed several new features to create the best social fitness app:

  • Easy onboarding with the Haus system: This social feature ensures a smooth onboarding for new users. Active players can lend their running shoes to friends and family, allowing them to start the experience without any cryptocurrency knowledge. The more people, the more fun;

  • Social interaction: By walking or running in running shoes, users can earn equipment fragments and use them to customize their own 3D avatars. These avatars can be flexibly displayed on an interactive map within the app, where everyone can interact with the entire community;

  • Energy System: In addition, Yawn and Jerry designed a sustainable economic model where users must burn their sneakers to obtain energy and use the application, thus ensuring the stability of asset value.

Why not just expand STEPN

The decision to create STEPN GO, rather than extending the existing STEPN platform, was made because the team had a clear vision and needed to start from scratch .

The original STEPN system, while successful, was primarily focused on mobile and earning models, which limited the scope to incorporate strong social features and interactive elements without disrupting the existing user experience.

Technical and structural limitations

Integrating complex social features would require fundamental restructuring that could jeopardize the stability and security of the platform and user assets.

Fundamentally, the creation of STEPN GO is a bold step forward that leverages the lessons learned from STEPN to offer something entirely new to the Web 3 space.


This is a story of innovation sparked by a simple cup of coffee, proving that great ideas often come from small beginnings.

Now, with STEPN GO, the team continues its journey toward a more connected world, inviting everyone to join in and experience the evolution of social fitness.

Importantly, this does not mean abandoning STEPN. STEPN remains a valuable, functioning platform, ensuring both applications can thrive simultaneously, fulfilling their own unique and complementary roles in the ecosystem.

Additionally, while GGT was launched as the STEPN GO utility token, GMT remains the primary governance token in the ecosystem.

STEPN is and will continue to be the place where users mint new GMT tokens as they run, and the team will be adding more use cases through STEPN GO and future products.

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