Alterverse: Can traditional game manufacturers lead the GameFi rotation by intervening in Web3 with the help of AI?

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In the future, AlterVerse will bring its successful experience in traditional games into the Gamefi field and become a Gamefi disruptor.

Introduction: Gamefi has not started in this bull market yet. We can see from Axie Infinity and BinaryX in the last bull market that Gamefi is seriously lacking in playability. Therefore, how can top traditional game companies find a suitable way to enter the Gamefi track and strike at this track in a dimensionality-reducing way? This will be the best way to break through.

Gamefi track overall analysis

In 2021, GameFi-related projects raised more than $1.5 billion in total. Excluding the market value of GameFi tokens, the total valuation of GameFi project development companies alone is nearly $10 billion. After experiencing the cold winter of the Web3 market, about 31% of GameFi projects have stopped development or are inactive.

Alterverse: Can traditional game manufacturers lead the GameFi rotation by intervening in Web3 with the help of AI?


In October 2023, the primary market raised more than 100 million US dollars in the GameFi track, and many GameFi projects raised tens of millions of dollars again for game development, testing and promotion. In 2024, with the public beta and official launch of a large number of games, the markets attention to GameFi is likely to increase.


Alterverse is a multi-genre gaming platform and state-of-the-art game creator with AAA graphics, conversational AI, and native Web3 capabilities.

Game Creator Features

At the heart of AlterVerse is our groundbreaking MetaServer infrastructure, the cornerstone of a truly decentralized metaverse where creators retain absolute control over their games and experiences. This infrastructure enables seamless access to all games through the AlterVerse platform, including MetaServer. It facilitates free inter-dimensional teleportation and provides multiplayer experiences for up to 200 players per server.

Leveraging the power of Unreal Engine and the innovative Altura NFT platform, AlterVerse will be launching metaservers to the world. These are more than just servers; they are creation platforms that enable anyone and everyone to build their own AAA-quality games, all with integrated NFT utility.

Flagship games, using our game templates, creators with no experience can build a wide variety of games and experiences.

The games currently being tested are:

Sky City: A massively multiplayer online game, a central hub for social interaction, gaming, and commerce in this world. 85% Complete

Cat Pooper: A business simulation game that allows players to collect and breed pets as an avid pet lover in the game. All materials obtained by players in the world are assets, which belong to the players and can be traded or used. Expected to be launched in Q3 2024. 90% completed

Outpost: Esports shooter, a first-person/third-person shooter with deathmatch, battle royale, and FFA modes. 70% complete

REKT: Survival MMORPG Rescue survivors, gather resources, craft materials, and battle horrific creatures. 70% Complete

Upcoming Worlds: Nine more worlds are in development. Creators will be able to mix and match these new assets with our flagship game templates to create infinitely scalable content.

Alterverse: Can traditional game manufacturers lead the GameFi rotation by intervening in Web3 with the help of AI?

Alterverse: Can traditional game manufacturers lead the GameFi rotation by intervening in Web3 with the help of AI?

(Comparison chart of the platform with other platforms)

Decentralized Game Servers: We give creators full control over their game servers. This unique approach combined with our out-of-the-box Web3 integration makes AlterVerse the most decentralized game creator in the world.

Here, players have complete ownership of their experience, and our customizable game templates provide the foundation for designing unique content quickly and easily.

Finally, we allow designers to import their own 3D models, giving them complete creative freedom. This enables them to build truly unique games and experiences.

Infinitely Scalable: 200 players per instance, automatic instance creation.

Built-In Gameplay: Battle-tested plug-and-play game templates.

GPT INTEGRATION Conversational AI: AlterVerse is integrating conversational AI into its core infrastructure, enabling creators to build interactive, voice-compatible non-player characters (NPCs) that provide players with endless conversational content to help them find their way through the game.

Creators can personalize each characters appearance, backstory, actions, and knowledge base to make their games unique and engaging. No other game creator in the world offers such powerful AI capabilities.

Powered by Unreal Engine AAA Graphics: AlterVerse’s high-fidelity graphics and planned VR compatibility deliver a hyper-realistic experience beyond the capabilities of any other game creator.

Improve your quality of life with physical rewards: AlterVerse incorporates real-world rewards into the game, allowing players to purchase and earn tangible goods through the in-game store.

What is a meta server?

Metaservers are a revolutionary technology that enables the construction of interconnected, NFT-enabled 3D worlds that can be accessed from anywhere, similar to website hosts on the Internet. Through the interactive server list in AlterVerse, users can teleport between these diverse worlds, and each server becomes a clickable portal, just like an Internet hyperlink.

team introduction

The AlterVerse team is building a global network of people interested in games. We will offer a wide variety of experiences, but much more than that. People will have the ability to design their own worlds, create games themselves, host games, and sell the assets of their game creations in a vast connected community.

Alterverse: Can traditional game manufacturers lead the GameFi rotation by intervening in Web3 with the help of AI?

CEO: Scot Kinney

Originally from Minnesota, USA, Scot works full-time at AlterVerse and is a former stockbroker and lifelong entrepreneur who has been creating engaging online communities, virtual worlds, and games since 1996. Projects include CityLink, AureusVR, Blood Clans, and in the past few years, AlterVerse.

1. CityLink: CityLink was one of Scot Kinney’s early projects, providing domain name services, website creation services, and dial-up Internet access to over 300 customers. This project laid a solid foundation for his subsequent creation of digital worlds and online gaming communities.

2.AureusVR: As a pioneer in virtual reality technology, AureusVR explored the interactive and social potential in virtual reality. Although the specific achievement data has not been made public in detail, the project has had an important impact on Scots further exploration in the field of virtual reality.

3. Blood Clans: As a more interactive online game project, Blood Clans allows players to build and manage their own clan in a rich virtual environment. The game promotes new ways of community building and online collaboration.

4.AlterVerse: AlterVerse is one of Scot’s most ambitious projects, a diversified game and world creation platform designed to provide better monetization potential for players, streamers, content creators, and independent game developers. AlterVerse leverages blockchain technology and VR compatibility to provide users with the ability to design their own worlds, create and host games, and the opportunity to sell game-created assets within a broad community.

The team members experience comes from their work experience in many well-known game projects and well-known companies. They have participated in the development of many well-known games such as The Witcher series, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Destiny, Guitar Hero, Crash, Gremlins, Tony Hawk, Diablo and Medal of Honor. These games have extremely high popularity and influence worldwide.

Investment agency

AlterVerse has created an immersive metaverse gaming experience built with Unreal Engine 5. After completing the Binance Labs incubation program, AlterVerse announced a new round of funding from Binance, Polygon Ventures,, Ankr, DuckDAO, Baselayer Capital, AltcoinBuzz, Iobc Capital, and EnjinStarter

Alterverse: Can traditional game manufacturers lead the GameFi rotation by intervening in Web3 with the help of AI?

Binance Labs Incubation Program Season 4. AlterVerse is one of only 14 projects accepted out of 500 applicants!

This exclusive program includes an eight-week guided mentorship program involving a broad team of experts, introductions to a vast network of industry leaders, and comprehensive support in areas such as regulatory/legal consulting, recruiting, technical execution, PR and marketing.

Earlier this year, AlterVerse also completed the Altcoin Buzz Labs incubator program.

Alterverse: Can traditional game manufacturers lead the GameFi rotation by intervening in Web3 with the help of AI?

The Binance Labs Incubation Program showcases the world’s most promising blockchain projects and aims to help increase mainstream cryptocurrency adoption worldwide.

AlterVerse is an immersive metaverse gaming experience built with Unreal Engine 5 and has been in development for several years. Players can buy land, build, shop, socialize, collect resources, create non-fungible tokens (NFTs), trade items, and play games and earn income in many ways.

The incubation program includes an eight-week guided mentorship program from experts in their fields, introductions to a broad network of industry leaders, and comprehensive support on regulatory/legal advice, recruitment, technical execution, PR, marketing, and more.

Out of 500 applicants, only 14 early-stage cryptocurrency-related startup projects were included in Season 4, covering different areas of the industry such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Infrastructure, Social Finance (SocialFi), NFT, Gaming, Fintech, Exchanges, etc. It is very exciting for AlterVerse to be included in such a select group of participants!

The AlterVerse team looks forward to working with Binance Labs on this 8-week program, which begins on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

At the end of the program, AlterVerse will participate in a Demo Day, an opportunity to showcase to a broad team of partners and mentors. Demo Day not only provides an opportunity to attract new mentors, but also develop new strategic partnerships.

AlterVerse has established multiple partnerships in this space, including the top 1,000 cryptocurrencies and tokens by market cap, crypto platforms, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), e-commerce and retail brands, NFT artists, launch pads, 3D design teams, and more.

Stay tuned for more updates from AlterVerse to our community, friends, and partners along the way. AlterVerse looks forward to building new relationships with Binance Labs alumni and broader partners.

AlterVerse Inc plans to publicly launch its Metaverse project in July 2022, and they have signed up to be incubated by Altcoin Buzz Labs. This incubator will help the project prepare for listing in terms of product development, play-to-earn mechanism, token utility, partnerships, market entry strategy and team building, aiming to create an excellent Metaverse built on Unreal Engine and integrating BNB Chain, Enjin and Efinity blockchain technologies.

Altcoin Buzz is an independent digital media outlet that focuses on reporting the latest news and views on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, regulations, adoption, and blockchain games. Altcoin Buzz Labs is a division of Altcoin Buzz that focuses on consulting and incubation of early blockchain projects and has worked with multiple projects such as EnjinStarter, Space Misfits, RiteStream, etc. The program is led by Shashwat Gupta, founder and CEO of Altcoin Buzz, who is also responsible for Enjins ecological fund Enjfi.

Alterverse: Can traditional game manufacturers lead the GameFi rotation by intervening in Web3 with the help of AI?

Shashwat Gupta said: AlterVerse is the perfect marriage of real-life experiences and high-end gaming in the metaverse. AlterVerse is a very exciting project because of its vision and scale. The work the team has already done and the content that has been developed is amazing. Scot [Kinney] is one of the most amazing leaders I have ever worked with, and I look forward to the journey with him and his team.

Alterverse: Can traditional game manufacturers lead the GameFi rotation by intervening in Web3 with the help of AI?

Scot Kinney, Founder and CEO of AlterVerse, said: “Altcoin Buzz Labs provided in-depth support at every stage of project development. Their experience in the crypto space and understanding of every aspect of blockchain gave us confidence in our public launch. They accelerated our launch plans and strengthened our token, NFT, revenue and marketing strategies.”

Altcoin Buzz’s digital product engagement, deep engineering expertise, and collaborative approach are highly complementary to the AlterVerse team’s way of working, which will help create an industry-leading Metaverse platform with tremendous potential.

AlterVerse’s Potential

AlterVerse has established partnerships with several well-known companies in the blockchain and gaming industries. Here are some of the major partners:

GamePhylum - a game listing platform, has partnered with AlterVerse to expand Web3 gaming options and build a custom storefront in Sky City. This collaboration enhances the gaming experience by providing a comprehensive game catalog and special promotions.

Double Protocol - This collaboration introduces rentable NFTs to AlterVerse, leveraging Double Protocol’s decentralized NFT rental platform. Double Protocol is known for developing the ERC-4907 standard, which facilitates a rental system where NFT owners can connect with potential renters, allowing for temporary use of digital assets.

Razor - Partnered with AlterVerse to launch a digital product storefront for electric scooters in Sky City. This allows players to purchase or exchange Razor products in-game.

OpenLeverage - Collaborated to create a financial trading platform where players can leverage and buy and sell various token pairs in Sky City

Devour - Collaborated to launch the worlds first Web3 food ordering marketplace, allowing players to order real-world food within Sky City

AnyPad - provides a blockchain-agnostic launchpad and NFT marketplace, together with a central office in Sky City where players can learn about and participate in AnyPads platform activities.

Fiat 24 - Provides NFT-powered financial services that allow players to conduct financial transactions and digital identity verification in Sky City

Relayz - provides an immersive Web3 communication experience, allowing players to have richer social interactions in Sky City

CatPooper- A simulation business game that allows players to collect and breed pets as an avid pet lover in the game. All materials obtained by players in the world are assets and belong to the players. They can be traded or used.

Alterverse airdrop activity has started

What is Alterverse? How to participate in the Alterverse Airdrop?

How to participate in the Alterverse Airdrop event?

1. Prepare a Twitter account

2. Prepare a Discord account

3. Register and log in to Alterverse

step 1

Enter the Node section of the Alterverse official website and register an account using your email address in the upper right corner

Alterverse: Can traditional game manufacturers lead the GameFi rotation by intervening in Web3 with the help of AI?

Step 2

Enter the Airdrop page in the Node section and click Sign in to get corresponding points

Invite friends to sign in, follow Alterverse X, retweet Alterverse, and join Alterverse Discord

Alterverse: Can traditional game manufacturers lead the GameFi rotation by intervening in Web3 with the help of AI?

Our platform is committed to providing a safe, transparent and user-friendly airdrop experience. By participating in the Alterverse airdrop event, you can not only accumulate a rich reserve of points, but also have the opportunity to deeply participate in and more fully understand the rapidly developing crypto world. We provide you with detailed guidance and support. Sign up now to start your airdrop journey and expand your cryptocurrency horizons.

Currently, all activities are limited to receiving points. Details of points exchange for tokens will be announced later. The final right of interpretation of this activity belongs to Alterverse


The AlterVerse project has spent the past three years evolving its revolutionary gaming platform with a core vision to provide players with an unparalleled immersive experience powered by decentralized technology.

AlterVerse has received funding from Binance Labs, Polygon Ventures, Ankr, EnjinStarter, and Baselayer Capital. These funds will be used to continue to drive the growth of the entire AlterVerse ecosystem and the development of the roadmap.

AlterVerse team members have worked in top game companies such as Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts (EA), CD Projekt Red, Acclaim, Sierra Entertainment, and Vivendi Universal. These companies are important forces in the game industry, and they have rich experience and outstanding achievements in game design, development, and marketing. In the future, AlterVerse will bring the successful experience of traditional games into the field of Gamefi and become a disruptor of Gamefi.







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