王峰公布Element 2024 年Web3经济学时间表,并将辞任一切管理职务

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Original author: Wang Feng

Editors note: Wang Feng, the founder of Element, published an article on the X platform announcing Elements major plans for 2024. Elements key tasks in 2024 are elaborated from four aspects: product and technology, operations and market, improvement of the Web3 Foundation, and personal next work. Odaily organizes it as follows:

A lot of concern Element has big plans for 2024. Can the product technology and operations teams go all out to embrace the bull market opportunities? My answer is yes. Below, I also raise my hand to the market and apply for 4 fingers one by one as the four key tasks we plan to implement, involving products and technology, operations and markets, the improvement of the Web3 Foundation, and my personal next work.

1. Cooperate with mainstream public chains and Layer 2 networks to launch the G-Magic acceleration plan to fully support the commercialization of GameFi.

We believe that relying on technology-driven and product experience, Element has accumulated significant advantages in the Ethereum Layer 2 network and has become the most popular NFT market among all Ethereum Layer 2 network markets, with a cumulative wallet address of more than 2 million. Elements product market and brand advantages will have great opportunities to be highlighted in the explosion of Web3 applications, especially in the GameFi field, which I am very optimistic about. I predict that GameFi’s product innovation business, driven by the participation of more and more excellent game developers, will most likely become a key sector in the crypto bull market that may occur in 2024/2025. We plan to tilt Element towards GameFi-based Web3 applications in terms of launchpad support for specific NFT scenarios. We are currently discussing in-depth cooperation with the operation teams of most mainstream public chains. As of yesterday, Element has joined forces with the top ten public chains to launch a G-Magic acceleration plan to fully support the commercialization of GameFi.

2. Release the NFT as Service Plan, take a completely open and decentralized path, and provide Element Stark one-stop embedded collaboration solution for Web3 applications and markets.

I believe that only by making the product completely open or even open source can we get out of the fence that the centralized NFT market has built for itself because of its temporary lead. We are determined to tear down this barrier. Element has always attached great importance to API openness. From the time we released the product to today, we have opened support for any Web3 project that proposes to use our API. We are gradually abandoning the concept of competition and turning to a sense of ecological cooperation. The more friends the better. We will soon release a long-awaited “NFT as a Service program” called the Element Stark Developer Collaboration Program. We will completely upgrade the existing API and SDK service packages, and we will fully support: lightning integration of any EVM ecological public chain, and seamless market embedding of any Web3 application. We are very happy to see a third-party market take away all our data and orders. Were happy to support third-party apps embedding all the great features weve implemented. Therefore, in the future Element, one will be a portal product and the other will be an open API product. I don’t think that competing with more powerful opponents is just a matter of more volume. The so-called “cheaper price and more diligent team”. In fact, we have been doing this for three years. But we need to take a different technical path. The path is open. Therefore, it can be said that the NFT world in my mind is actually the real OpenElement. Today, Web3 as a whole is moving from L1 network to module blockchain, and L2 networks are becoming customizable. Our Element also wants to make a small Web3 modular application and become a Power Chip In Web3. At that time, we will be everywhere.

. Transform the Element market from being driven by startups to a Web3 technology brand governed by the Element Foundation.

Since the invention of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto, the leader of the cryptocurrency market has not been based on centralized corporate governance, but has gradually moved towards community-based (DAO organizational system) governance. Only in this way can the earliest protocols and products enter the market. The dense jungle has lush foliage. Although to this day, I believe that making a good Web3 application requires an iron army, which is not affected by the outside world and focusing on technology and product experience is the fundamental condition for all development. The above two natural paragraphs are not actually in conflict. I hope to explain that this is the philosophical difference between From zero to One and From start to Great. We need to combine reality for the start with long-term idealism. Element will eventually go to the stars and the sea. We must be confident that the power rocket we have been working hard to prepare for launch for three years will definitely be able to get rid of the genetic gravity of traditional Web2 companies, and can rely on the robustness of the basic protocol of the larger NFT market, the consensus of a large enough user community, and Web3 Cryptoeconomics must help to fly. After the second quarter of 2024, we will completely transform Elements RD, operations and market into a decentralized organization-driven one, and transform the Element market from a small product-driven entrepreneurial project into one led and governed by the Element Foundation. Web3 Economics is an inspiring, dazzling technology brand.

4. After completing the above 1/2/3/specific work list, I will resign from all management positions in Element’s existing corporate structure.

I will participate in the construction of the Element Foundation as a pure investor. I had this preparation when I founded Element three years ago. At that time, no one believed that we could go so far in an NFT market that neither understood nor understood. After going through so much, everything is the best arrangement. Most of the NFT market brands that have entered the market with us have issued tokens as soon as they started in the bear market, and then did not do more. And we are building and enduring in a bear market. It spans almost the entire market cycle and improves one version every week. Throughout my long entrepreneurial life, I have always believed that it doesn’t matter if you are a little stupid, the most important thing is persistence. Always remember, there will be reverberations. In any company, my greatest value is to give the team a thought of never giving up. I also believe that staying upright is amazing. The so-called uprightness here means not giving up on long-term goals. The so-called surprise is that the short-term strategy is not pedantic. If you cant defeat it head-on, you can take a detour first. Get the base and then fight back. At present, our team will make every effort to do a lot of work at multiple levels of product development, business, financial and legal affairs to ensure the smooth implementation of Element’s more thorough Web3 operating mechanism. This timetable will not be later than the end of the first quarter of 2024. In the near future, there will definitely be more progress on Element, and we will disclose it publicly.

The above are my four-point commitments. We will officially announce the schedule of the above plans on Element’s official Twitter, so stay tuned.

Original link: https://x.com/wangfeng_0128/status/1747848890236407845?s=20

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