Sam Altman stirs up the AI ​​sector craze again, these Crypto+AI projects are worth paying attention to

6 months ago
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A quick look at the top and popular projects in the AI ​​sector in one article. Which targets still have opportunities?

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Sam Altman stirs up the AI ​​sector craze again, these Crypto+AI projects are worth paying attention to

On the 18th, OpenAI founderSam Altman removed from OpenAI CEO and board positions, after the news came out,WLD once fell more than 10%, WLD price was 1.92 USDT at the time of reporting. Then the market once again spread the news that Altman may return to OpenAI, and WLD began to rebound sharply. As reported at noon on the 19th,The increase reached 28% in 24 hours, and the price was 2.425 USDTThe AI ​​sector subsequently rose across the board

On the 20th, Altman announced that he would join Microsoft and make it clear that he would not return to OpenAI. WLD fluctuated widely, rising to a maximum of 2.7 USDT, and then fell sharply.

butThe AI-related track market does not end here, TAO rose by more than 100% on the 7th, with a circulating market value of 1.6 billion, surpassing OP and ranking 41st. In addition, RNDR also rose by more than 50% during the same period, ranking 47th.

Odaily organizes the Crypto+AI projects as follows based on CoinGeckos circulating market capitalization and 24-hour trading volume rankings.

(Note: This article excludes inSure DeFi, which actually has nothing to do with AI.)

Sam Altman stirs up the AI ​​sector craze again, these Crypto+AI projects are worth paying attention to

Sam Altman stirs up the AI ​​sector craze again, these Crypto+AI projects are worth paying attention to

Inventory of the top ten AI projects by market capitalization


Concept: Bittensor is an open source protocol that powers decentralized, blockchain-based machine learning. A new AI market model is proposed, which uses a digital decentralized ledger to record rankings through a peer-to-peer (P2P) computer network and provide incentives to participants in a decentralized manner. This way, researchers can profit directly from their AI work, and consumers can purchase the AI ​​directly.


Concept: Distributed GPU rendering network, using software to facilitate the computing market between GPU providers and GPU requesters. The network connects node operators looking to leverage idle GPU computing power with artists looking to extend intensive 3D rendering jobs and applications to the cloud. Scale, speed and economics are achieved through a decentralized peer-to-peer network.

Concept: Blockchain platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Concept: SingularityNET is a decentralized platform for AI. It aims to build a blockchain-based infrastructure to enable real-time and flexible interaction of various AI algorithms from image recognition to natural language processing. The system will track which algorithms are being used and incentivize developers accordingly.

Akash Network(AKT)

Concept: Akash Network develops an open source, decentralized cloud computing marketplace that delivers speed, efficiency and affordability, aiming to change the way users perceive and consume cloud services.


Concept: Decentralized computer computing power rental platform. Golem is a global, open source, decentralized supercomputer accessible to anyone. Through the Golem platform, any user can become a seller or renter of computing power.

Ocean Protocol(OCEAN)

Concept: A data privacy sharing protocol serving AI, with OCEAN tokens used for staking for data management and buying and selling.


Concept: An AI-based decentralized knowledge graph that enables communities to address misinformation in a decentralized manner for supply chain, life sciences and health, construction and other fields.


Concept: Personally customized assistant MyPAAL, information search and monitoring assistant AutoPAAL, cryptocurrency trading Bot AutoPAAL-X.

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