An article reviews the latest progress of full-chain games

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A crypto-native game is one that embraces the architectural patterns and spirit of blockchain application development to the greatest extent possible.

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Blockchain games have always been highly anticipated by the capital market, and Web 2.5 games still seem to have no breakthrough. Now a group of people hope to put the entire game logic on the chain to enhance the composability between games. The article The Strongest Crypto Gaming Thesis written by Gubsheep, the founder of Dark Forest, who is known as the originator of full-chain games, describes crypto-native games as a kind of game that embraces the architectural model and spirit of blockchain application development to the greatest extent. Now the community generally calls it full-chain games or autonomous worlds.

Many games have recently launched tests or updates. This week’s CryptoSnap will follow Dr.DODO to see what updates have been made to the full-chain games recently.

Redstone Mainnet Launch

The Plasma Mode OpStack Layer 2 Redstone developed by Lattice for full-chain games was officially launched on the mainnet in early May. It modified the data availability of traditional layer 2 and significantly reduced the data occupancy of L1 in an attempt to overcome the high gas consumption problem of full-chain games and create a public chain designed specifically for FOCG full-chain games.

In addition to the officially produced Skystrife, other games including This Cursed Machine, Biomes and Downstream are also available on the mainnet. At the same time, Lattice also held a hackathon for developers to develop game plug-ins.

An article reviews the latest progress of full-chain games

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Sky Strife

Sky Strife is Lattices most representative game at present. It is an RTS strategy game officially developed by Lattice. Unlike most full-chain games, it is a turn-based game with a slower pace and is significantly more difficult to develop. The goal of the game is to defend your castle and survive to the end, and destroy all other peoples castles before your opponent destroys your castle.

In addition to the game itself, Sky Strife also issues a Season Pass. Those who purchase the Season Pass can choose from two more different types of soldiers at the beginning, and most importantly, they can start a private game. In addition to the Season Pass, Sky Strife also has its own token Orbs (🔮). The only function of Orbs is to create Sky Strife matches. It takes 100 Orbs to start a match, and each match will issue ORBS rewards based on the players ranking. The total reward ranges from 500 ORBS to 0 Orbs, and is determined by the number of matches played in the past 7 days.

An article reviews the latest progress of full-chain games


Recent updates on other full-chain games


Primodium is a space empire building MMO game, arguably the most complete game in the full blockchain gaming space. In the game, you can mine resources, build military bases, and fight others to gain control of the asteroid belt. Primodium aims to be open and permissionless, which means that any third-party developer can freely develop, deploy robots or plug-ins on its Primodium.

Recently, Primodium released the v 0.11.0 version update, which added points related to Wormhole and Shards. You need to feed the black hole and capture Shards to gain economic and military points.

Project Awakening Phase III

Project Awakening Phase III is an on-chain version of Eve Online, a space sci-fi MMORPG game that has been online for more than 20 years. Eve Online developer CCP Game previously announced that it would work with Lattice to jointly develop it using MUD (EVM game engine developed by Lattice). Project Awakening can be regarded as the first complex on-chain application of MUD, and is currently undergoing pre-launch testing.

Game testing requires the signing of an NDA. I won’t go into too much detail about the gameplay part, but most of it is similar to Eve Online. Anyone interested can sign up to participate.

An article reviews the latest progress of full-chain games

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Game studio Curio announced the launch of the Alpha version of the game Duper, an on-chain betting social war game set on a distant desert planet. The goal is to introduce speculation native to the crypto community into competitive on-chain games with very complex gameplay.

Each game involves five players and lasts about 40 minutes. Each player enters the game with a real stake (currently a minimum of 0.005 ETH) in exchange for gems representing equity. Duper is not a winner-take-all game: when the game ends, only one player wins, but the pot is divided according to how much of the winners equity each player holds. The winner does not necessarily earn the most.

The most interesting elements of Duper are the social aspects - secret alliances such as resource swapping, intrigue, and backstabbing are not only allowed in Duper, but encouraged.

An article reviews the latest progress of full-chain games


Authors opinion

The author believes that full-chain games are one of the few interesting native applications of blockchain in this cycle, and also one of the few applications that retail players can get in touch with first-line. A truly in-depth game requires the integration of art, music and software development. The grand vision of full-chain games has attracted many talented developers and some capital. Although most games are still in the early stages of development and are not intuitive to play, I still encourage everyone to try it and experience blockchain native games, and look forward to the future development of full-chain games.

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