A quick look at 10 promising tokens held by a16z, BlackRock, and Coinbase

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Covering lending, NFT, trading, Meme and other tracks, including COMP, ISP, ZRX, LCX, BLUR, MOG, etc.

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Venture investors invest millions of dollars into various altcoins every day, driving up the prices of these altcoins. Tracking the wallets of top venture capital institutions and whales and following their holdings may result in excess profits. Crypto KOL Atlas scanned more than 100 fund wallets and profitable whales, analyzed their wallets and reviewed all projects, and selected the best performing funds in Web3, including a16z, BlackRock and Coinbase. Here are the 10 most promising tokens it holds.

PANews Note: This article is intended to provide market information and does not constitute investment advice, DYOR.

A quick look at 10 promising tokens held by a16z, BlackRock, and Coinbase

Compound Labs (COMP)

A DeFi protocol for lending that allows users to earn interest on cryptocurrencies deposited in one of its pools.

  1. Market value: $386 million

  2. Price: $56.55

Ispolink (ISP)

An AI-based platform for Web3 developers, helping DeFi companies and the gaming industry find leading experts.

  • Market value: $11 million

  • Price: 0.003658 USD

0x (ZRX)

An open source decentralized trading protocol developed based on Ethereum that allows users to exchange tokens and assets on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Market cap: $411.0 million

  • Price: 0.4851 USD


A cryptocurrency asset trading platform that pioneers the creation of blockchain infrastructure that connects the monetary system.

  • Market value: $224 million

  • Price: 0.2894 USD

Orchid (OXT)

The core token of the cryptocurrency virtual private network Orchid, which claims to be the first peer-to-peer privacy network.

  • Market value: $61.62 million

  • Price: 0.1 USD

UMA protocol(UMA)

The project aims to make global markets universally fair, accessible, secure, and decentralized.

  • Market value: $214 million

  • Price: $2.68

Synthetix (SNX)

The team is creating a DEX liquidity provision protocol that any protocol can integrate.

  • Market value: $895 million

  • Price: $2.73

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Realio (RIO)

The platform is described as the ultimate blockchain-based SaaS for investing and managing the lifecycle of securities.

  • FDV: $96 million

  • Price: $1.75


A new and very popular memecoin.

  • Market value: $207 million

  • Price: 0.0000005289 USD

Blur (BLUR)

A unique NFT marketplace and aggregation platform with advanced features such as instant quotes.

  • Market value: $618 million

  • Price: 0.3895 USD

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