Subspace: Coin issuance is imminent, aiming to explore the prospects of Web3 integrated with AI

1 months ago
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According to my investigation, Subspace has planned to launch the mainnet “before the third quarter”, which means sometime before June 30. At the same time, Subspace does not seem to be satisfied with the existing roadmap of hard disk mining projects on the market, but has set its sights on the AI track…

Many friends are familiar with the Subspace project. The first impression is that it is a hard disk mining project. Since the first round of financing in June 2021, Subspace has completed two rounds of financing, with a total financing amount of US$37.4 million. For a hard disk mining project, it is indeed quite unusual that it has not issued a coin for nearly 3 years. However, after investigation by the author, Subspace has planned to launch the mainnet before the third quarter, that is, some time before June 30. At the same time, Subspace does not seem to be satisfied with the existing hard disk mining project roadmap on the market, but has set its sights on the AI track...

Subspace: Coin issuance is imminent, aiming to explore the prospects of Web3 integrated with AI

What is the Subspace Network?

The Subspace Network is a platform designed to enable Web3 applications to run at Internet scale. It provides a simple interface for rapid deployment of multi-chain decentralized applications, and can automatically scale based on demand. The Subspace Network uses a new, fourth-generation blockchain technology to achieve massively scalable on-chain storage and computing while maintaining security and decentralization. It seamlessly integrates existing blockchains, second-layer protocols, and decentralized applications, providing infrastructure layer support for the entire Web3 ecosystem.

As a hard drive mining project, the advantages of Subspace Network

Environmentally friendly and efficient blockchain technology : The Subspace network uses a storage-based consensus mechanism, Proof-of-Capacity (PoC), to replace traditional computationally intensive mining. This makes mining more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, while also having security similar to PoW. Compared to PoW and PoS networks, PoC networks are more ASIC-resistant, and ordinary users can use ordinary hardware to participate in consensus, reducing the risk of centralization.

Solved the farmers dilemma: The farmers dilemma refers to the two choices faced by validators under the Proof of Stake (PoC) consensus mechanism: a. Preserving the state and history of the chain requires a lot of storage space and computing resources, which is too costly. b. Joining a mining pool to increase mining revenue, but will lose some control and may face censorship. The farmers dilemma will lead to centralization and waste of resources. Subspace solves the farmers dilemma that exists in traditional PoC blockchains by introducing the Proof-of-Archival-Storage (PoAS) consensus mechanism. Farmers store the historical data of the blockchain on the Subspace network, not just proof of space, which makes storage and consensus more consistent and reduces the risk of centralization.

Scalable on-chain storage: The PoAS consensus mechanism enables the Subspace network to provide permanent decentralized storage, providing unprecedented scale for protocol and application developers. Farmers collectively store blockchain historical data, allowing the networks storage capacity to increase as the number of farmers increases, and storage costs to decrease accordingly.

Global Execution Layer for Smart Contracts: The Subspace Network provides a global execution layer for smart contracts, similar to Ethereum. However, unlike Ethereum, the execution layer is separated from the consensus layer, which is mainly to solve the farmers dilemma, but also enables pipeline processing and vertical expansion.

Looking to the future, the integration prospects of AI and Web3

As AI technology develops, people are also interested in the role of AI in Web3. Subspace Network is also targeting this track. In its forum, the team described that Subspace Network will also be deeply integrated with artificial intelligence (AI). They foresee that AI agents will become key players in managing tasks and assets in blockchain systems. The rise of AI will bring new possibilities to Web3, from personalized AI companions to automatic identity recognition, which will bring users a more intelligent and convenient experience. In addition, Subspace is committed to promoting the decentralized development of AI and advocating a collective intelligence model. Compared with centralized AGI, Subspace believes that collective intelligence can bring a more open and secure future for mankind.

Subspace: Coin issuance is imminent, aiming to explore the prospects of Web3 integrated with AI

Humaic Intelligence (HI)

Subspace founded Humaic Labs to democratize access to AI and ensure it benefits humanity. HI is a human-centered approach to AI development that focuses on collaboration and accessibility. Its core principles are humanism, human-centeredness, and advocacy for AI as a human right.

Subspace’s role in AI-driven Web3

Subspace believes that AI agents will become an essential component in managing tasks and assets in blockchain systems. They advocate for collective intelligence (decentralized AGI) rather than centralized models. Their vision is that AI is not only a facilitator, but also a protector of Web3s secure, human-centric foundation.

Basic application cases

In terms of applications, Subspace has also proposed a series of basic use cases, aiming to provide users and developers with a more convenient and safer experience.

Sapials: Personalized AI companions as advisors and guardians in the AI age.

Sapial.js: An open source development framework for building HI applications.

Damon: A reference agent that demonstrates Sapials capabilities.

AutoID: A framework for identities on the blockchain, including both human and AI-created identities.

SayPay: User-centric global payment network integrated with Sapial for easy transactions.

The Agent DAO: A platform that allows AI agents to collaborate through DAOs, forming a collective intelligence system.


The vision of the Subspace network is to build an intelligent and humanized Web3 world, combining artificial intelligence with blockchain technology to drive the digital world to a higher level. Through the concept of Humaic Intelligence, Subspace is committed to democratizing and humanizing AI technology, bringing users a smarter and safer digital experience. With the continuous development of technology and the deepening of cooperation, it is believed that the Subspace network will become an important leader in the future development of Web3, bringing more innovation and opportunities to human society.

How to participate in Subspace now

1. Incentivized testnet: Currently, Subspace is in the final stage of the incentivized testnet. The threshold for node deployment is low, and basically any home Windows, Linux, or Macbook can be used. At the same time, the official has also made it clear that the tssc tokens in the testnet will be converted into Subspaces native tokens at a certain ratio after the mainnet is launched.
Official testnet tutorial:

2. Subspace Ambassador Program: Currently, Subspaces Ambassador Program is long-term. Friends with skills in content, design, translation, community management, etc. can apply. The official has allocated 1% of the total token supply to the Ambassador Program, making it one of the largest allocations among all major blockchain projects.
Ambassador Program:


The third phase of the Subspace network shows us a promising future. The integration of AI and Web3 will bring more convenience and possibilities to mankind. For the development of the Subspace network and how AI plays an important role in Web3, we should not only look at the narrative, but more importantly, whether there are real applications. We can look forward to the arrival of a more intelligent and humane Web3 world!

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