WOW EARN: A high-performance public chain based on EVM that is compatible with Layer 1 and integrates 10 networks including Base and OKChain.

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WOW EARN connects users to the blockchain, providing a decentralized mechanism for mining, revenue generation, and transactions.

At a time when public chain competition is becoming increasingly fierce, WOW EARN was officially launched, aiming to change the rules of the game by providing compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and striving to become a high-performance public chain. In addition, WOW EARN also integrates 10 well-known networks such as Base, OKChain and zkSync to improve liquidity and security.

As an EVM-based network, WOW EARN supports smart contracts on Ethereum and has the ability to handle high-performance transactions, capable of processing more than 2,000 transactions per second with an average block creation time of 3 seconds.

The native token of WOW EARN is WOW, which adopts the Hybrid Proof of Stake (HPoS) consensus mechanism to reduce transaction costs, improve transaction speed and competitiveness, and minimize transaction confirmation time.

In addition, the WOW EARN chain will continue to improve the efficiency of Ethereum by integrating Layer 1 scaling solutions, aiming to promote the development and improvement of the Ethereum ecosystem by providing additional support.

Currently, WOW EARN supports multiple cryptocurrency wallets, including WOW EARN Wallet, Metamask Wallet, TokenPocket, etc.

High-performance public chain WOW EARN based on EVM

WOW EARN is more than just a blockchain, it leverages the power of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to provide an ideal environment for developers looking to build robust, high-performance blockchains.

By combining unique features such as EVM compatibility, high transaction processing capabilities, and innovative consensus mechanisms, WOW EARN provides more possibilities for blockchain networks and developers.

WOW EARN also integrates 10 blockchains, such as Base, OKChain, and zkSync to achieve increased liquidity, cross-chain transactions, and additional layers of security.

WOW EARN: A high-performance public chain based on EVM that is compatible with Layer 1 and integrates 10 networks including Base and OKChain.

Advantages of WOW EARN chain

Low transaction fees and fast transaction speed

The WOW EARN chain can process more than 2,000 transactions per second, the average block creation time is only 3 seconds, and the transaction fee is low. It only takes 100 WOW to complete the packaging.

Innovative consensus mechanism

The Hybrid Proof-of-Stake (HPoS) consensus mechanism is not only a way to verify transactions, but also a long-term sustainable development strategy. With advantages such as low transaction costs, minimal latency, and high transaction concurrency, HPoS creates an environment where both miners and users can thrive. It supports up to 21 validators, ensuring a decentralized and efficient verification process.

sustainable economic model

WOW coin is the native token of WOW EARN, which is used as a transaction fee and motivates miners through a pledge-based reward system. A self-sustaining economic cycle has been formed within the WOW EARN ecosystem.

Cross-chain capability

WOW EARNs cross-chain bridge function enables it to run with other major blockchains, allowing BTC, ETH

Assets such as stablecoins and stablecoins are mapped to the WOW EARN chain, improving liquidity. In addition, WOW EARN also supports the meta-transaction function. Users can gradually reduce the required handling fees, and the WOW EARN network will bear the reduced fees. The meta-transaction function plays a role in reducing application migration costs.

The WOW EARN chain creates a high-quality network environment for project developers and ecological participants, with the following characteristics:

- Official nodes deployed globally: WOW EARN chain has established official nodes around the world to ensure that developers can obtain good network speed guarantees everywhere.

- Super large current limit capacity: Compared with the official current limit of other public chain nodes, which is generally around 5 queries per second (QPS), the current limit capacity of the WOW EARN chain reaches 100, which greatly improves the processing power and performance.

- Low-threshold staking: The WOW EARN chain sets low-threshold staking requirements, allowing more participants to easily participate in the ecological construction of the chain.

Through the above characteristics, the WOW EARN chain provides an optimized network environment for project developers and ecological participants so that they can more conveniently develop and participate in the WOW EARN chain ecosystem.

WOW EARN’s ecological incentive plan

In order to support developers in the WOW EARN ecosystem, the project will allocate special funds aimed at investing, supporting and incentivizing developers who show great potential. WOW EARN also stated that it will hold various activities and competitions for developers to discover high-quality projects and provide financial support.

WOW EARN has also implemented the WOW EARN Fund Program, which will provide resources to potential developers and help developers establish mutually beneficial partnerships with partners in the WOW EARN ecosystem.

How to become a validator of WOW EARN chain?

Currently, the WOW EARN network is capped at 21 validators.

The first step to becoming a WOW EARN validator is to submit a proposal and receive approval votes from currently active validators. When more than half of the validators vote in favor, the candidate validator is eligible to become a validator. Additionally, any address can stake tokens to ensure becoming a validator. If a validator’s stake ranks among the top 21, they will be recognized as a validator. This validator will be recognized as an active validator in the next period.

All active validators will be ranked according to established rules and take turns assuming block creation responsibilities. If a validator fails to create a block within the allotted time during a round, another one will randomly take over the block creation task. This ensures that there is always at least one validator running to maintain the smooth operation of the network.


WOW EARN connects users to the blockchain, providing a decentralized mechanism for mining, revenue generation, and transactions. The startup’s mining model allows anyone to participate in the mining process to become a key player in driving the development of the DeFi ecosystem.

In early June, WOW EARN announced the successful completion of Series A financing, raising a total of US$30 million, approximately IDR 451.6 billion, from investors including Pinnacle Innovations Capital, Blue Horizon Ventures, Ascendant Growth Partners, Nexus Pioneers Capital and Quantum Leap Ventures.

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