veDAO Research Institute: What exactly is NAT based on DMT theory?

6 months ago
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DMT theory refers to digital material theory, which means that users can create a valuable digital form through the inherent patterns existing in the data. NAT based on this is an application of DMT theory.

Before understanding NAT, we need to clarify one knowledge first.

DMT theory: DMT theory (Digital Matter Theory) refers to the digital matter theory, which means that users can create a valuable digital form through the inherent patterns existing in the data. Since Bitcoin blocks express transactions between users, information in many fields is forever recorded and stored in a decentralized and secure distributed ledger. Developers can therefore leverage the principles of DMT and create a new class of digital value.

Currently, DMT has three characteristics in the Bitcoin ecosystem:

1. Ordinal number theory. Due to the existence of ordinal numbers, every Satoshi in the BTC ecosystem is assigned a unique ID, and anyone can create digital assets on Satoshi based on this ID, which is what we often call inscriptions. .

2. Scarcity, sats that are in a unique position on the Bitcoin block will be considered rare sats, similar to scarce NFTs, the things engraved tend to be more valuable.

3. Bitmap theory, which identifies each block on Bitcoin as a regional digital property.

Let us look at NAT with an understanding of DMT theory. NAT is an application based on DMT theory. Anyone can create a NAT on the Bitcoin ecosystem, and its token parameters are determined by referencing the .element inscription. Whether it is inscribed in the form of FT or NFT. This is a hybrid token model. The number of tokens represented by each block is different.

As shown in the figure below, it represents a NAT that can be engraved with 10 units.

veDAO Research Institute: What exactly is NAT based on DMT theory?

And when blk: 2, it means that the user can engrave 1000 NATs. Mint Block 1 and Block 2 are two unique non-fungible inscriptions that record separate units of account for the underlying fungible satoshi NAT.

Each block will have a different number of Bits. The number of Bits corresponding to the block engraved by the user is the actual amount of tokens obtained.

For example, if the user writes NAT to blocks 817, 824, then 386, 161, 170 NAT tokens will be obtained. And if the user owns 817, 824.bitmap, he can also engrave 386, 161, 170 BMT tokens.

veDAO Research Institute: What exactly is NAT based on DMT theory?

To participate in the NAT casting process, users can have the following methods:

1. Directly deploy the inscription, we open the wallet or trading market of the BTC ecosystem, such as Ordinals Wallet. Search natmap and complete the relevant engraving.

In Natmap, there are three colors: orange means unavailable/listed; black means available; green tokens have been inscribed but are listed for sale.

Each black square will contain a number, which is the block ID, and each ID will correspond to a certain number of tokens.

veDAO Research Institute: What exactly is NAT based on DMT theory?

2. For existing projects such as Bitmap, users who hold Bitmap can obtain NAT casting permissions through the parent-child inscription mechanism (creating child inscriptions under this inscription).

In general, the current popularity of NAT is still in a very early stage compared to popular projects such as Ordi and Bitmap, but its internal logic is quite pioneering. This means that in addition to block height, any data-based characteristics will be able to be used to create assets. From the current perspective, it will further stimulate the vitality of Ordinals and BRC-20 ecology.

Finally, for more information about NAT, you can refer to the relevant content of X blogger @TheBlockRunner.


If you want to participate in NATs engraving, you can enter through the Ordinals Wallet.

Link: e 52 eef 6338124 e 1 cf 06 a 56 ac 73 fedcc 7491 ba 99 3d9feb0f48d005fde6c66de94

Or Unisat Wallet.

Link: 2 f 30 ec 346165 c 7 b 7 d 28 e 2ce1785b5a5fe12ea0a0ae017826019f795c6a65cc5e

Since the project is currently in a very early stage, most of the users actions are now limited to being inscribed in the logic of domain names. Among the blocks with a total amount of 817,999, some numbers ending in 0, 5, or such as 666, 888, etc. have been engraved. In addition, the token has not yet been launched online, so the current scene is relatively scarce. However, since the concept is relatively new, and the difficulty and cost of engraving are low, interested users can try to engrave a few for self-defense.

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