Take stock of popular projects worthy of attention in the Solana ecosystem

3 months ago
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Solana ecological panorama, innovative technologies and major projects.

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Solana is building momentum with Firedancer upgrades, increasing institutional adoption, state compression technology, independent fee markets, the protocol’s launch of tokens, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at the popular projects in Solana’s current ecosystem that are worth paying attention to.

Take stock of popular projects worthy of attention in the Solana ecosystem

01 Liquidity Staking

@MarinadeFinance (MNDE)

  • Marinade Native allows users to easily delegate their staking rights while retaining the right to withdraw funds

  • MNDE is its governance token and has been issued fairly

Take stock of popular projects worthy of attention in the Solana ecosystem

@jito_labs (JitoSOL)

  • Jito is Solana’s first staking product that includes MEV rewards. Users can stake SOL in exchange for the LSD token JitoSOL.

  • Jito stakes assets by partnering with validator nodes running software designed to improve network performance

  • Jito’s TVL has now soared to $280 million

Other liquidity staking protocols:

  • @solblaze_org (BLZE), stake SOL to get bSOL

  • @marginfi (LST), which has the highest natural return among all LST stakings on Solana

02 DEX



  • They developed a CLMM (Centralized Liquidity Market Maker Model) system called Whirlpools, and currently most of the liquidity in the Solana ecosystem has flowed to Orca.


  • One of the earliest DEXs on Solana


  • Jupiter has attracted 950,000 unique users, $3.5 billion in trading volume, and 100,000 monthly active users

  • DEX aggregator

  • Derivatives platform announced during Breakpoint conference

  • Following $JUP, $SUSD was also announced as a stablecoin for leveraged pledge SOL

03 AI


  • Build a decentralized GPU network

  • Focus on AI reasoning track

  • The market capitalization is US$23 million, which is still very early compared to RNDR’s US$600 million.


  • AI x DePIN Narrative

  • Moving projects from Polygon to Solana

  • Users can contribute unused GPU computing power for rendering

04 Derivatives/Perpetual Contracts


  • Drift is the leading perpetual contract exchange on Solana, with a cumulative trading volume of US$1.66 billion, and TVL has grown to US$32.6 million.

  • Users can pledge assets into the insurance fund, which not only helps ensure the security of the network, but also receives liquidation fees in return.


  • Perpetual Contract Exchange

  • A points system called Z-Score was launched to prepare for subsequent token issuances.


  • Order book exchange

  • Developed by @ellipsis_labs ($3.5M raised so far)

  • 05 Lending/Money Market


  • Liquidity layer on Solana

  • Yield aggregator for lending protocols


  • The second largest lending protocol on Solana

  • $ 100 M TVL

  • Points system leading Solana DeFi

  • Financing $3M

  • Token has not been launched yet


  • Users can earn interest and lend on 60 assets across 20 pools


  • Kamino Lend and Kamino 2.0 are currently in closed beta testing

06 games

@AuroryProject (AURY)

  • Web3 Game Studio

  • Well funded, raising $100 million in 2022

@photofinishgame (CROWN)

  • a horse racing platform

  • Users can trade, race, and stake horses

07 Data storage

@GenesysGo (SHDW)

  • Solana version of Filecoin

  • Its tokens are almost fully allocated

  • Plans to implement token destruction mechanism

08 Telegram Bot

@FluxBeamDEX (Fluxb)

  • Solana version of Unibot

  • Revenue sharing is currently enabled

  • Robots available

09 Multi-signature


  • Squads is built on the Squads Protocol and is the leading multi-signature tool on Solana

  • A major use case for Squads is program management, Squads helps Solana protocols like Helium, Raydium, Jupiter, Marginfi to seamlessly update their programs

10 NFT Market


  • Tensor NFT has launched its NFT market and has taken the majority of the NFT market share on Solana.

  • Tensor and Magic Eden account for almost 90% of the entire Solana NFT trading volume.

11 RWA assets


  • A system that provides credit services to institutions

  • It has raised $11.25 million so far from investors including ParaFi and Circle Ventures


  • Real estate transaction agreement (leveraged real estate prices)

  • Raises $4M from Coinbase Ventures, Solana Ventures, and more

12 DePIN


  • Decentralized wireless network supporting hotspots in more than 170 countries

  • Use Solana’s state compression technology to mint hotspots into NFTs


  • Decentralized network map


  • Combining GPU and AI technology

  • Focus on rendering motion graphics and visual effects

13 wallet

  • @xNFT_Backpack

  • @solflare_wallet

  • @phantom

  • @brave

14 Meme Coins

  • @bonk_inu, the original meme coin on Solana

  • @MyroSOL

15 data/on-chain

  • @solanafm

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