Sun Ge’s Poloniex had hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets stolen. Is the bull market still there?

5 months ago
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Hackers used some of the stolen assets to sell TRX.

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Author- Nan Zhi, Qin Xiaofeng

Sun Ge’s Poloniex had hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets stolen. Is the bull market still there?

At 7 oclock this evening, security agency Paidun issued a document stating that it had noticed that large amounts of assets continued to be transferred out of Poloniex-related addresses and were suspected of being stolen.

Since then, multiple security agencies and on-chain monitoring platforms have continued to issue security warnings about Poloniex-related addresses, until Justin Sun and Poloniex officially issued an announcement, and finally the theft was confirmed.

According to statistics, the total stolen assets of Poloniex are approximately US$114 million. Tron also promptly froze some of the hacker’s on-chain assets, but the effect was not significant. Sun Yuchen also issued a message, advising the hacker to refund as soon as possible, and was willing to give 5% of the assets as a white hat reward, but the hacker did not make any response.

Will the US$114 million in stolen assets be thrown into the market for smashing, accelerating the end of the bull market?

1. Attack Review: Total USD 114 million, USD 49 million came from TRON network

Data on the chain shows that the hacker (0x 0 A 5984 f 86200415894821 bFEFc 1 c 1 De 036 DbF 9 e 7) began to transfer assets at 18:30 (UTC+8) today. The first transferred asset was 4,900 ETH; the last As of 19:39 (UTC+8), the amount of LON transferred out was US$3,910.

The stolen assets exceeded 280 types of tokens, including USDT worth $32.7 million, BTC worth $16.5 million, ETH $12.7 million, and ELON worth $4.15 million. Even USH worth only $699 and PAW worth $760 were not released by hackers. Pass. The main assets transferred from Poloniex address 0xA910 to hacker address 0x0A59 are as follows:

Sun Ge’s Poloniex had hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets stolen. Is the bull market still there?

Arkham data shows that Poloniex’s remaining assets are approximately US$159 million, including 35.65 million USDT, 912 BTC (valued at US$33.78 million), and 5,360 ETH (valued at US$11.23 million).

Sun Ge’s Poloniex had hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets stolen. Is the bull market still there?

Affected by this, large-amount stolen currencies experienced varying degrees of decline. Among them, ELON fell by more than 30% in two hours (the stolen amount accounted for 5% of the market value). Other currencies such as OX and GLM also experienced certain declines.

Slow Mist Chief Security Officer 23 pds said: “Judging from Polonniex’s rapid and professional approach, our guess should be a typical APT.” (Odaily Note: APT, Advanced Persistent Threat, Chinese name for advanced persistent threats, attacks and Threats may exist in a users environment for over a year or more, collecting information until important intelligence is gathered.)

According to The Block, as of 20:00, the estimated losses caused by the Poloniex hacker attack had risen to US$114 million, of which US$49 million came from the TRON network.

2. Justin Sun limits hackers to 7 days of refund

After the attack,Poloniex Customer SupportThe post states that the exchange wallet has been disabled for maintenance and will be updated once the wallet is re-enabled. Interestingly, just a few minutes after the official announcement was released, the remaining 65 ETH in the Poloniex exchange wallet was once again transferred by hackers. As follows:

Sun Ge’s Poloniex had hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets stolen. Is the bull market still there?

Later, Poloniex owner Justin Sun issued a statement stating that he would compensate damaged users. “The Poloniex hack is currently under investigation. Poloniex remains in a healthy financial position and will repay the affected funds in full. Additionally, we are exploring opportunities to partner with other exchanges to facilitate the recovery of these funds.” (Odaily Note: 2022 In June 2020, Justin Sun announced that he would join forces with the Federal Reserve Bank of Poland and a number of capital institutions to formally acquire Poloniex, and at the same time launch Tron Exchange as its Chinese community brand.)

Sun Ge’s Poloniex had hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets stolen. Is the bull market still there?

In addition, Justin Sun also advised the hackers to return the funds as soon as possible and was willing to provide 5% as a white hat bounty. We are willing to offer a 5% white hat bounty to the Poloniex hacker. Please return the funds to the following ETH/TRX/BTC wallets. We will give you 7 days to consider this offer before we request the involvement of law enforcement agencies. Justin Sun Relevant addresses were also left, as shown below:

  • ETH address: 0x176F3DAb24a159341c0509bB36B833E7fdd0a132

  • TRX address: TUgSgCQL6pMSy9zByn4sgxqrJa95sZExBG

  • BTC address: 14XKsv8tT6tt8P8mfDQZgNF8wtN5erNu5D

Odailys inquiry found that the hacker has not yet responded to Suns request, and no refund has been received from the hackers account at the above address.

3. Hacker show operation: buy TRX and destroy GLM

After stealing hundreds of millions of dollars, the hackers started a wave of operations that shocked the onlookers.

The first is to transfer a total of approximately 10.51 million GLM tokens (approximately $2.56 million) to the token contract, which is basically equivalent to destruction - the price of GLM subsequently increased by 2%, but the increase was quickly recovered.

The second is to convert part of the assets into TRX. according toScopescanAccording to monitoring, Poloniex hackers used USDC on the Ethereum network and USDT on the Tron network to purchase a total of 206 million TRX, worth approximately US$22.8 million. This also caused TRX to increase by more than 11% in one hour.

Justin Sun also took corresponding measures immediately to freeze the hacker’s assets on the TRX chain. According to statistics, the current hacker TRON address TKK6d1YALy8HCSoCSWWd1ZJhyC9NPPx4wa has been frozen by TRON. However, it was still a step too late. The actual frozen assets were only US$6.54 million, mainly US$1.6 million in TUSD and US$1.35 million in ETH.

Before being frozen, the hacker address had transferred large assets such as US$21.73 million in USDT, US$14.05 million in BTC, US$3.65 million in USDD, and US$1.78 million in USDC to other addresses, totaling more than US$42.83 million.

Among them, USD 21.73 million in USDT was transferred to a new address and all converted into TRX through, and finally sent to TXs 71 PNcHmxgptA 3 w Q4 g 398 qbToMPhnEoG; USD 14.05 million in BTC is being converted into TRX through These funds are currently Retained in TMKCrop 4 pJDSeJVEuZ 9 Wsi 7 Lc 1 nSTLk 8 BQ; USDD and USDC also performed similar operations, converted to TRX and then transferred to TEzx 5 kPky 2 KE 99 T 2 qG 9 TeEGoYLrBpXREwA and TSVGsgEU 3 3D YrnozE V1 iaCvT 9 uJ 6 wNUfDH.

In addition, the OPNX platform founded by SuZhu also stated that it has frozen all OX tokens (OPNX platform coins) of the Poloniex hacker address, worth approximately US$2.69 million, and all 197, 756, 563 OX owned by the hacker cannot be transferred or sold. .

Odaily will also continue to pay attention to the latest trends in hacker addresses.

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