Use the virtual currency gimmick to stimulate consumption, Kaohsiung currency is not a currency

5 years ago
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Kaohsiung currency is essentially an act of stimulating consumption.

Use the virtual currency gimmick to stimulate consumption, Kaohsiung currency is not a currency

According to Taiwans China Times report, the Greater Kaohsiung tourist business district will always rush to build the Korean Wave (Kaohsiung Mayor Han Guoyu has been promoting Kaohsiungs economy since he took office, and has been called the Korea economic whirlwind). Issuing the financial currency Kaohsiung currency in the regional business circle is the first of its kind in Taiwan.

Since taking office, Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu has been focusing on the policy of fighting the economy. In addition to creating a Korean Wave whirlwind, it has also attracted many mainland and Japanese tourists to visit. Now, Kaohsiung is going to push Kaohsiung Coin again. As long as you spend in the three major business districts in Kaohsiung, the reward will become Kaohsiung Coin.

According to reports, the Kaohsiung Coin APP will be launched on the 18th. The name has not yet been determined. The method of use is to accumulate the consumption amount in the APP after cash or mobile payment. Accumulate consumption rewards through the APP and keep the money in Kaohsiung.

Han Guoyu will also be the first to use it on the 18th, hoping that in the future, Kaohsiung coins will be used in all business districts and restaurants in Kaohsiung.

Kaohsiung Coin can only be consumed in Kaohsiung, and the stores control their own profits. The first phase of the trial will start from Liuhe Night Market, Guanghua Night Market and Nanhua Commercial District. 100 businesses have responded. In the future, they hope to expand to 27 stores in Greater Kaohsiung. Circle, combined with department store operators, to stimulate consumption and boost tourism.

Pan Hengxu, director of the Kaohsiung City Tourism Bureau, pointed out that the concept of Kaohsiung Coin comes from the blockchain, it is not anyones patent. It must integrate night markets, business districts and nearby stores. The more people use it and consume it, the easier it is to succeed. Eating and drinking For one-stop fun, the Kaohsiung City Tourism Bureau also intends to set up a department dedicated to the promotion of Kaohsiung coins.

Gao Zhenyuan, Acting Director of Economic Development Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, said that Kaohsiung currency is quite a new concept and is highly topical. Through virtual currency, it is expected to bring flow of people and money. The city government has previously subsidized NT$500,000 to the Greater Kaohsiung Commercial District Association to assist in promotion and marketing.

There is no white paper, no distribution platform, and no exchange. Just like the Mac Coins issued by McDonalds, the purpose of Kaohsiung Coin is to stimulate consumption. It is not the same as Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, which can be traded on exchanges. buy and sell.

Mac Coins were issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac. Starting from August 6, 2018, a total of 6.5 million Big Mac Coins will be distributed for free in more than 50 countries or regions around the world.

Moreover, Mac Coins is a physical currency, not a virtual cryptocurrency. There are 5 designs in total. They are more like the common currency within McDonalds: around the world, every MacCoins can be exchanged for a Big Mac for free.

You can also collect them all and give them to others. All you have to do is buy a Big Mac starting Thursday and receive a coin until the 14,000 participating McDonalds across the U.S. run out of supplies.

According to the introduction, Kaohsiung Coin can only be used in Kaohsiung. Users can get rewards by spending in Kaohsiungs business districts. These rewards are included in the Kaohsiung Coin APP. When the reward reaches a certain amount, the merchant can get a profit.

To put it bluntly, Kaohsiung coins are points.

Just like the various consumer software apps that people often use nowadays, such as KFC and McDonald’s, you can get a certain amount of points for each consumption. At present, there is no information in the public information that the Kaohsiung Coin APP uses blockchain technology to put consumption on the chain.

Therefore, Kaohsiung currency is essentially a behavior to stimulate consumption, but it is just a marketing campaign that borrows the gimmick of virtual currency.

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