How to make money from the AlienX Park airdrop event on the ALIENX mainnet?

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The ALIENX mainnet event is coming to an end, and the AlienX Park event will be launched to unite more than 20 ecological projects to accelerate the TGE process.

Recently, ALIENX has united more than 20 high-quality ecological projects and launched the AlienX Park event in the second phase of the mainnet. As the end of the mainnet event and the last ecological construction event before TGE, the gameplay of this event is more of an expansion and enrichment of the mainnet event. The gameplay of the event is relatively simple, that is, to cast the joint NFT of the ecological projects on ALIENX for free, and get XP and rewards provided by various projects. On the one hand, the XP obtained can participate in the mainnet Star Voyages turntable draw, get XP, ARB and 5 different NFT fragments, exchange the ultimate NFT and share 0.5% of the $AIX airdrop prize pool. On the other hand, users who cast 3 ecological project NFTs and 5 arbitrary NFTs can cast ALIENX Mainnet Badge NFT and receive additional $AIX airdrop rewards, and NFTs are all cast for free, which can be said to be a blessing for the Mao Party.

1. Gameplay Tutorial

1. Registration and certification

First of all, to participate in the AlienX Park event, you need to complete basic social authentication and receive the Genesis Passcard, which is also the threshold for participating in the Mainnet Voyage event and serves as an important certificate for subsequent airdrops.

Participation link:

How to make money from the AlienX Park airdrop event on the ALIENX mainnet?

2. Follow the ecological project on Twitter

After receiving the Passcard, you will enter the main interface of the AlienX Park event. There are currently nearly 20 cooperating project parties, arranged in a star matrix, covering multiple fields such as GameFi, AI, Bridge, etc., and they are all relatively leading projects in the industry. Clicking on the planet of the corresponding project will have two tasks: follow Twitter and mint the project partys NFT.

How to make money from the AlienX Park airdrop event on the ALIENX mainnet?

3. Minting Joint NFT

Click Mint to jump to AlienSwap to the corresponding NFT Launchpad interface and mint the joint NFT.

How to make money from the AlienX Park airdrop event on the ALIENX mainnet?

4. Minting ALIENX Park Badge NFT

After completing the task, click Verification to verify the task and gain XP. After minting 3 different project NFTs and 5 arbitrary NFTs, you can mint the final ALIENX Park Badge and share the $AIX prize pool.

How to make money from the AlienX Park airdrop event on the ALIENX mainnet?

How to make money from the AlienX Park airdrop event on the ALIENX mainnet?

5. Participate in Star Voyage activities

XP can be used to participate in the Star Voyage lucky draw to obtain XP, ARB, and 5 different meteorite fragments. Inviting others to participate in the event can also receive an additional 10% XP reward from the invitee.

How to make money from the AlienX Park airdrop event on the ALIENX mainnet?

II. Introduction to AlienX Park Cooperation Projects and Rewards

According to the official Medium article, the ecological projects and rewards for participating in AlienX Park are as follows:

How to make money from the AlienX Park airdrop event on the ALIENX mainnet?

Not all projects are rewarded. Here are some rewarded cooperation projects. You can participate as appropriate:


oooo is a modular infrastructure cross-chain protocol that supports Bitcoin L2. Currently, it supports cross-chain assets of BTC, ETH and USDT, covering multiple blockchain ecosystems including ALIENX, Arbitrum, Scroll, Merlin, BEVM and BitLayer. The joint NFT this time is oooo x ALIENX Mainnet Badge, and users can free mint and participate in sharing the points rewards provided by oooo.

Twitter link:

2. SpellGuru

SpellGuru is a decentralized AI model training and data network. The joint NFT for this event is Spell Potion X AlienX. After Free Minting, users can use it as a prop and participate in its ecological construction.

Twitter link:


SOEX is a decentralized social trading market that integrates multiple CEX and DEX. Users can trade tokens in social links such as private messages and group discussions. The NFT issued on ALIENX this time is Super Pass C, with a casting fee of 1 USDT. As a project that is also about to launch TGE, users holding Super Pass can receive a certain amount of $SOX token airdrops. It should be noted that Super Pass C can only be cast once per address.

Twitter link:

4. MonkeyBit

MonkeyBit is a full-chain social GameFi platform where users can participate in its PvP and social games Play to earn to get $MONK tokens. This NFT is MonkeyBit x AlienX Lootbox, which users can Free Mint and use as a prop to participate in game mining.

Twitter link:

5. VIP3

VIP3 is a Web3 discount platform. VIP3 Pass is its full-chain NFT Pass card. Users holding this NFT can enjoy transaction and gas fee discounts for more than 70 projects and Dapps that cooperate with its platform. The NFT participating in this event is also a Pass card deployed on ALIENX.

Twitter link:


PoPPlanet is an AI-driven SocialFi project, whose ecosystem includes Dapps such as PoPP X, PoPP Echo and AI Box, and it recently held a three-month Social Summer event with more than 200 projects including Taiko, Mantle and Neo. This joint NFT is also a pass for ALIENX community users to participate in its activities. Users who Free Mint PoPP x ALIENX Social Summer Pass can participate in Social Summer and receive 20 SD at the same time.

Twitter link:

7. BridgeM

BridgeM is a decentralized cross-chain bridge protocol project that connects BTCLayer 2 and ETHLayer 2. The BridgeM Unity Series NFT minted this time will also share up to $10,000 of $BDGM tokens.

Twitter link:

8. Comet Protocol

Comet Protocol is a cross-chain bridge project that seamlessly links BTC and ETH. It currently covers nearly 30 chains including ALEINX, Arbitrum, Base, Merlin, BEVM, Zeta, etc. Comet generally deploys an NFT for each chain it supports. The co-branded NFT participating in the AlienX Park event is Comet Cube. Users who free mint NFT and bridge at least one asset through Comet can obtain 100 Comet points provided by it.

Twitter link:

9. Neurochain.AI

Neurochain.AI is a decentralized AI infrastructure that provides GPU computing power and AI models for Web3 communities and projects. The NFT involved in this minting is NeurochainAI Chip. Users who mint this NFT have the opportunity to obtain its Tier 1 NFT whitelist (10 whitelists are provided), but it should be noted that the condition for obtaining the whitelist is to register its mobile app at the same time, that is, register the wallet on the official website and fill in the email in the Whitelist and Join in.

Twitter link:

10. AlienSwap

AlienSwap is a multi-chain NFT trading market and the incubation team of ALIENX. The NFT involved in this minting is AlienSwap Pearl. Users can get airdrop rewards provided by AlienSwap after free minting the NFT. Although the reward content is not clear, as the team behind ALIENX, the reward should be related to $AIX tokens.

Twitter link:

3. Write at the end

With the selling pressure on BTC from the German government and the Mentougou incident, the sentiment of the entire crypto market has been very depressed recently. Bitcoin has fallen by more than 15% in the past month, and some altcoins have fallen by more than 50%. The on-chain transaction volume has shrunk by 90% at one point. The market situation is the philosophers stone of the project. The more bearish the market is, the easier it is to dig out projects that really do things and have the potential to obtain reliable returns when the market picks up. ALIENX is one of them. With the launch of the ALIENX mainnet and Mainnet Voyage in June, its TGE is about to enter the final preparation stage. ALIENX released its white paper in March this year and achieved great success in just a few months. The development of the entire project has basically proceeded steadily according to the progress of the Roadmap. It is reported that the airdrop of this TGE will cover all users who participated in ALIENXs historical activities, including AlienSwap community users.

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