Phoenix Memecoin Releases Innovative Token Economics to Build Community-Driven Culture

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The team holds 6% of the total token supply, ensuring that development focus remains on community growth and project sustainability.

Phoenix Memecoin Releases Innovative Token Economics to Build Community-Driven Culture

Recently, Phoenix Memecoin (whose token is PHNX) has attracted much attention due to its unique innovative technology and community-oriented values.

Project Description

Phoenix Memecoin (PHNX) is a new cryptocurrency, Phoenix symbolizes rebirth and innovation in the crypto world. The project itself is supported by a dedicated and fast-growing community, aiming to provide stable and long-term growth for the project itself through its well-designed token economics and strategic planning.

Main Features of Phoenix Memecoin

1. Token Economics: Phoenix Memecoin (PHNX) uses a carefully designed token economics strategy to ensure the stability and growth of the token. The total supply of tokens is limited, laying the foundation for sustainable development. The presale supplies tokens at a fixed price of 1 SOL = 2000 PHNX, and the purchase limit for each independent wallet is 30 SOL to promote broad participation and prevent market manipulation.

2. Strategic Fund Allocation: Funds raised from the pre-sale will be allocated to liquidity, team development, exchange listing, partnerships, marketing, and token buyback and destruction. This diversified allocation approach is designed to support the long-term success of the project.

3. Community and Transparency: The Phoenix Memecoin team prioritizes transparency and community engagement. Active community members and content creators will be rewarded for their contributions. Token holders can access exclusive content and events, thereby increasing community engagement and overall value.

4. Roadmap and governance: Phoenix Memecoin has a detailed roadmap that outlines its plans, including pre-sale, DEX listing, community activities and rewards. Its governance mechanism allows token holders to participate in project decision-making and create a win-win environment.

5. Team: The project team consists of four developers who have extensive experience in cryptocurrency and are committed to transparent communication. The team holds 6% of the total tokens, ensuring that the focus of development remains on community growth and project sustainability.

6. Phoenix Academy: The Phoenix Academy on the project’s website provides free educational resources about cryptocurrency, allowing users to access valuable knowledge about cryptocurrency without paying.

If you are interested in the dynamic progress of the project, you can follow its official X account and TG .

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