DWF Labs sticks to its original aspiration despite unpredictable market environment

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DWF Labs’ global expansion strategy clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to becoming a stabilizing force amid market fluctuations and firmly supporting high-quality projects in the Web3 space.

DWF Labs sticks to its original aspiration despite unpredictable market environment

Against the backdrop of a cooling market environment, DWF Labs, a new generation of Web3 market maker and investment company, announced a series of growth plans and continued its commitment to driving growth and innovation.

Since its inception, DWF Labs has continued to expand and plans to continue to grow steadily and aggressively in the future. The launch of the new website is one of many recent initiatives taken by DWF Labs to increase market transparency and fairness.

In 2023, DWF Labs was ranked as the most active investor by Binance and a top market maker on Bybit. The company said it will continue to advance its expansion and hiring plans in 2024 and beyond, and will increase its investment even if other venture capital firms choose to withdraw or scale back.

DWF Labs aims to become the next generations preferred liquidity partner, providing end-to-end support services for projects in its portfolio, including marketing, KOL services, startup funds, and operating nodes. With rich experience in the field of high-frequency trading (HFT), DWF Labs has demonstrated deep expertise and high quality assurance.

Andrei Grachev, managing partner of DWF Labs, said: DWF Labs sticks to its original intention and is always committed to team growth and performance success. It is market-oriented and insists on long-term cooperation with high-quality projects. Our vision is to support and incubate the development of the Web3 ecosystem, provide the industry with the necessary infrastructure and resources, and help projects succeed.

DWF Labs global expansion strategy clearly promises that the company hopes to be a stabilizing force in market fluctuations and firmly support high-quality projects in the Web3 field. To fulfill this promise, DWF Labs is launching multiple new funds, such as the recently announced Cloudbreak Fund, which will allocate $20 million to Chinese-speaking startups focusing on GameFi, SocialFi, Meme coin, derivatives, and Layer 1/Layer 2 infrastructure.

Looking ahead, DWF Labs will continue to launch new funds in other regions to support the development of the Web3 ecosystem around the world. The companys dedication to expansion and innovation will also further consolidate its position as the most active and important company in the industry.

DWF Labs encourages more projects and founders to join this journey. For more information, please contact www.dwf-labs.com

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