Keplr wallet and exchange DYM addresses do not match?

Tyler Web3
half a month ago
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The addresses starting with dym and 0x are two sides of the same coin, just different aliases of the same account.

When withdrawing DYM from an exchange to a Keplr wallet, what should I do if the exchange and wallet addresses do not match?

Taking Binance as an example, when we withdraw DYM to the Keplr wallet, the wallet contains a receiving address starting with dym. However, when we copy and paste (or scan the code) to fill in the Withdrawal Address, the exchange prompts The withdrawal address format is incorrect. Please check the withdrawal address length and character content and try again.

Keplr wallet and exchange DYM addresses do not match?

That’s right, here the exchange only supports transfers to addresses starting with 0x, so what should I do?

In fact, every native address starting with dym corresponds to an address starting with 0x in EVM format. It is very simple to find this correspondence and solve the above transfer problem:

1. Open the DYM (Dymension) block explorer;

2. Copy and paste the address starting with dym in the Keplr wallet and search;

3. The result page will automatically display the address starting with 0x corresponding to the address (vice versa, search for the address starting with 0x to view the address starting with dym);

4. Copy the corresponding 0x address to the Binance exchange withdrawal address and complete the withdrawal;

Keplr wallet and exchange DYM addresses do not match?

To put it simply, the dym-starting address and the 0x-starting address are two sides of the same coin, just different disguises of the same account - every dym-starting address has a corresponding 0x-starting address. No matter which format of address you transfer money to (depending on which format the exchange supports), you can receive DYM assets in your Keplr wallet.

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