How do you view the subsequent market impact of the decentralized cloud computing network?

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io.nets subsequent performance will boost the entire AI+DePIN track.

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io integrates the three narrative directions of AI+DePIN+Solana, which concerns whether the Crypto industry can find a main rising wave to trigger a bull market through AI. To some extent, it is not an exaggeration to call it Nvidia in the cryptocurrency circle? Next, let me briefly talk about my opinion:

1) io has been highly anticipated since its birth. Whether it is VC, miners or retail investors, they are eager for io to set a good sign in the direction of integrating Crypto with AI, and there is a great expectation that it will become a leading project in the AI direction. The decentralized cloud computing solution provided by io hits a primary contradiction in the direction of AI large model training: the huge computing power demand for small and medium-sized model training, fine-tuning, and reasoning, and the increasing cost of centralized computing power.

The emergence of the distributed cloud computing platform io aims to solve this contradiction. By mobilizing the idle computing power of IDC data centers, cryptocurrency mining farms and ordinary users, a large amount of idle and low-cost computing power has been accumulated. Based on the Crypto Tokenomics incentive framework, a series of new contract standards and hardware equipment standardization, the computing power that was originally almost impossible to collaborate is integrated to generate application performance.

Therefore, the emergence of distributed computing platforms such as io is the first rigid demand scenario that combines the Crypto governance framework with the AI training demand scenario, and it is the first hill that Crypto has conquered in the field of AI.

2) The LLM large language model led by OpenAI is gradually becoming monopolized in the context of the Internet market. If we observe the evolution process from ChatGPT 3.5-4.0 to Sora and then to 4o, we will find that this type of large model is becoming more intelligent and multimodal.

This type of large model can integrate images, text, and videos, and can even achieve real-time dynamic output in combination with robots and IoT devices. However, all of this is based on the concentration of computing power and high energy consumption. If this continues, centralized AI services will gradually tend towards oligopoly, and a few technology companies will control the development direction of AI technology, which will inevitably limit diversified innovation.

The emergence of distributed computing platforms such as Tokenomics can provide a low-threshold, more flexible, more customized platform for these long-tail demands, and can also give play to the incentive value of the Tokenomics community, helping them to realize their potential value in more vertical and segmented application scenarios (supply chain finance, precision medicine, personalized education, etc.).

Moreover, Tokenomics can bind multiple stakeholders such as computing power providers, developers, and users, which makes it suitable for playing a miraculous role in some marginal fields that traditional computing power resources may ignore. The concentrated computing power will be used first in large language models, machine learning and other fields with strong versatility, wide application range, and broader commercial realization prospects.

This is the core reason why I have always believed that AI+DePIN can become the main uptrend of the bull market, because the popularity of this track is not limited to the internal circulation of the existing Crypto industry, but can attract incremental users and project parties to the Crypto market through real demand supply.

3) ios basic business directly targets cloud services such as Amazon and Alibaba Cloud, and has built an IO Cloud cluster. It also integrates GPU resources from the supply side such as Render Network and Filecoin, which makes the GPU resources it provides highly scalable. Therefore, once the leading position is established, it will naturally further reduce its cost-effectiveness by aggregating resources from other idle computing power platforms.

Of course, if io can gain a foothold in the distributed cloud computing market, it will also directly drive the original Crypto industrys cloud storage (@Filecoin), distributed coprocessors (Livepeer), distributed computing (Golem), cloud intellectual property IP rights confirmation (@StoryProtocol), and other derivative directions such as DePIN infrastructure, middleware, edge AI, and RWA.

Some people may criticize that the current landing scenarios of io are too narrative, but at a time when the Crypto field is strongly driven by emotions, if io can activate the popularity of a series of related projects upstream and downstream of AI+DePIN, the value of its narrative layer itself will be enough to create industry barriers.

In addition, although DePIN still looks like hardware mining on the surface, the catalytic effect of the miner chain, node network architecture, and software and hardware integration behind it will introduce a wider range of incremental market users to participate. (Don’t underestimate the magic of the Pan circle)


Although it is probably too early to call it the Nvidia of the cryptocurrency world, we can indeed vividly perceive that the future performance of io will boost the entire AI+DePIN track. In any case, it should be given corresponding market expectations. This round of bull market with twists and turns needs a main upward wave to kick off.

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