In the era of attention economy, Meme coin live streaming is in chaos

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You can even burn yourself trying to pull the plate.

How can a Meme Coin go up in value?

The general answer is probably to gain recognition and attention from the community and the market. But how to attract everyones attention is a matter of many different ways.

Among them, live streaming and attracting traffic has gradually become a popular method.

On the meme token issuance platform, thousands of meme tokens appear every day. If you want people to remember you and make a splash, a meme image that is easy to spread and a simple but catchy text description are far from enough.

The developers (Dev) who issued the coins have recently been keen on appearing on camera and doing live broadcasts to vigorously promote their own coins.

Brothers, recharge another 1 SOL to make it increase a little bit, you can easily imagine this model is similar to the domestic live broadcast popularity reward.

But where there is chaos, there must be chaos. The current Meme coin-related live broadcasts are actually full of chaos.

Burn yourself for Pump

If you want my coin Pump, then Ill set off fireworks to liven up the fun.

Mikol, a Meme coin developer named DARE, started playing with fire like crazy in his live broadcast.

In order to attract viewers and increase attention, and even to increase the price of the token, Mikol chose a dangerous way of promotion: he covered himself with alcohol and asked his friends to set off fireworks at him.

Unfortunately, the trajectory of the fireworks his friend set off was very accurate, and the live video showed that his body was on fire; and there were no fire extinguishers prepared for this live broadcast in advance, and you can clearly hear Mikols screams and his friends saying:

Hes got burns all over his body, brother, stop the live broadcast and come help.

In the era of attention economy, Meme coin live streaming is in chaos

He wanted to ignite the token price, but ended up igniting himself.

A subsequent report by overseas media Decrypt showed that Mikol was lying in a trauma center in Miami. A fan of his who had experience in firefighting judged through communication with him that Mikol had suffered third-degree burns, causing irreversible consequences.

Extreme, dangerous, and even self-destructive behavior poses a serious threat to Mikols own safety, and may also have a negative impact on the audience watching these live broadcasts.

For the sake of token pump, this is obviously not worth the loss.

What’s even more cruel is that DARE token investors don’t seem to care about Mikol’s life or death, but are discussing whether the price of the token will start to fall. Cold-blooded investors think he is acting and wrote on Twitter:

Fuck you, I have no feelings about anything crypto anymore.

In the era of attention economy, Meme coin live streaming is in chaos

You can’t tell whether this is a real burn or a fake show, but putting yourself in danger just to increase the token price is a bit too much.

Vulgar chaos

Mikol is not the only one who wants to stand out and increase the popularity of the meme by applying alcohol and setting off fireworks.

Previously, a meme coin called Livemom (Live with Mom) also invited two people who claimed to be mother and son to do a live broadcast. The two frequently interacted with the audience and said that when the price of Livemom reached a milestone, they would respond with different actions.

However, the content of the entire live broadcast was too vulgar, and the interactive actions were full of pornographic and borderline innuendos; this son even openly carried out conditional exchange in the live broadcast. When the price of the currency rose to a certain range, he asked everyone if they wanted to see certain parts of the mother and poured milk on them.

In the era of attention economy, Meme coin live streaming is in chaos

But ironically, the live broadcast effect is very good. The price of Livemom changes completely with the mothers actions: if the mother leaves the camera, the token falls, and conversely, when the mother makes indecent movements, the token rises.

At this time, Meme coins have even become popularity tickets for pornographic live broadcasts. If the performance is hard, the popularity will rise, and if the performance is dull, the popularity will fall...

This unethical and vulgar way of playing, but still related to the price of Meme, is really eye-catching. After the two deleted their social media accounts, the price of livemom was difficult to maintain, and it eventually could not escape the fate of being forgotten.

The attention economy is everything

Meme coins and the chaos of live streaming are still related to the attention economy.

The more extreme and vulgar it is, the more traffic it can attract, and at the same time quickly attract a small number of people who entertain themselves, pushing up the price of tokens in the process of mockery.

In order to attract attention, they will do anything.

In fact, this practice has already had precedents in China.

When various short video platforms quickly captured everyones attention, ugly and vulgar live broadcasts were also everywhere. People were eating strange foods, making strange expressions, stuffing strange objects into their bodies... The scales were getting bigger and bigger, but the traffic was getting higher and higher.

In the era of attention economy, Meme coin live streaming is in chaos

Human nature is universal, and the dark side of the attention economy is gradually being revealed. This trend is not limited to a niche market or a single culture, it is global.

The chaos is particularly evident in the crypto market, which is volatile and often a combination of niche and cutting-edge technology. The rapid popularity of Meme coins and their possible collapse in the next moment are the most direct manifestations of fast food culture. Under the influence of this culture, investors often pursue short-term benefits rather than long-term value.

In the pursuit of instant excitement and attention, players gradually ignore the requirements for content quality. This is in line with the characteristics of Meme Coin, which is empty but easy to spread.

However, if such rumors become widespread, the impression that the crypto market is full of dirty water may become irreversible.

After all, a good meme should be a punk with love and peace in mind, rather than an extremely vulgar hypocrite who ignores all norms.

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