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As the market picks up, attention returns to new projects.

As Bitcoin has completed its fourth halving, the overall market has clearly rebounded, and the communitys attention has returned to the discovery of new projects. BlockBeats has selected 5 new projects worth paying attention to in various ecosystems and chains for introduction. is a social trading card project on the Blast network. The platform has created tradable cards for nearly 250 people in the crypto field. Players can collect these cards and form teams to participate in competitions. The platform is currently in the testing phase, providing airdrops for Blast network users, users, and some Bitcoin and SOLANA NFT community users, and will be migrated to the main network soon. Some larger crypto influencers on X, such as crypto trader Ansem, helped promote the project. It is worth noting that Ansem has been ranked second in the Keys price ranking for a long time. It is expected that many Blast network users and users will participate in the coming period.

Shell finance

Shell Finance is a trustless lending protocol built on Bitcoin Layer 1. With the help of PSBT and DLC technology, it realizes the process of lending and liquidation in a trustless environment. The protocol contains two core modules: one is the synthetic stablecoin asset $BTCx, which is anchored to the value of $BTC and issued; the other is a lending protocol that supports the use of a variety of inscription assets (including Ordinals, Runes, Atomicals, Stamp, etc.) as collateral to lend $BTCx. Currently, Shell Finance is issuing its own NFT, the Darkman whitelist, in various NFT asset communities of Bitcoin. It is worth noting that domo, the founder of BRC-20, has also followed the official Twitter of Shell Finance.

0 rbit

0 rbit, built on Arweave, is a decentralized, permissionless, and censorship-resistant oracle network. 0 rbit takes functionality to a whole new level through the decentralized Oracle network it provides, enabling developers to use this network to build smart contracts that interact with real-world data. 0 rbits node network helps to seamlessly integrate any data on and off the chain into the execution process of smart contracts. Currently, 0 rbit is still in the early stages of development and currently provides services for free, with plans to charge service fees in the future. In addition, 0 RBT tokens are only available on the testnet, and a series of test cases are provided for user experience.

3 Jane

3 Jane is a crypto-native derivatives protocol based on rehypothesis and cash-and-carry transactions. Its core innovation is to leverage the cryptoeconomic security of any Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based system as collateral for derivative contracts, revolutionizing how Ethereum is used. This strategy not only maintains the security of these systems, but also seamlessly integrates them into a vibrant derivatives market. Through its composability, 3 Jane unlocks the potential for significant gains in options contracts.

After the Filter

After the Filter is an NFT on the Cosmos chain, and also a serialized story unfolding through various media, telling the doomsday theme of some ultimate losers. The story begins on the second day after humans abandon their flesh and enter the digital paradise, and the earths population drops sharply to about 10,000. The creative team includes digital artists and designers. It is the creator of Bad Kids, who serves as the creative director and technical artist of the project, focusing on interpreting matters related to the universe and NFTs. Illustrator Steven Kimura, an interdisciplinary artist and costume designer, was the game art director for the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series. Writer Matthew Derbys works cover scripted podcasts, movies, and digital novels, and he has worked as an editor and designer at The Believer magazine and Harmonix/Epic Games.

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