A look at CoinList’s 2024 Spring Seed Projects

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1 months ago
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The 2024 Spring Seed Projects recently announced by CoinList include re-staking, modularization, NFT, and Bitcoin ecological protocols.

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Aarc is a modular blockchain. Designed for EVM developers, Aarcs full-stack, full-chain solution can bring users and liquidity from the chain without multi-chain deployment, dApp migration, or contract changes.


BAXUS is a marketplace where anyone can buy, trade and preserve rare and valuable wines and spirits. It offers a personal dashboard for managing collections, up-to-date pricing information and a global marketplace for enthusiasts.

Earn Alliances

Earn Alliances is an aggregation and discovery platform for Web3 games that drives growth of games and fans through a gamified engagement-as-a-service approach.


Focused on reinventing illiquid assets, Grove is a network that enables founders to share illiquid assets, increase their liquidity, and accelerate their companies.

Plato Protocol

Plato is an Eat 2 Earn platform that rewards users with FAT tokens for collecting verified, receipt-backed, UGC restaurant content. This data powers ChatGPT for Food, an AI identification tool that is about 10 times more effective than Google Maps in helping users decide where to eat.

Pocket Universe

Pocket Universe is a Web3 version of the Paypal/Stripe fraud detection and payment system. Pocket Universe currently protects 130,000 weekly active users and over $400 million in assets (as of the time of this post). Users receive $2,000 in insurance per transaction, and will be refunded if Pocket Universe fails to detect a fraudulent transaction.


Sleepagotchi gamifies sleep through NFTs and various Web3 incentives. Wake up every day to earn new achievements for your sleep, complete collections, upgrade items, and watch your room change.

Spaces Protocol

Spaces is an identity protocol that leverages Bitcoins existing infrastructure and security without requiring any modifications to Bitcoin itself. Spaces are distributed as community identifiers through an auction process built using existing Bitcoin script functionality. Proceeds generated through the auction will be burned.

Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol

Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol creates a new environmental commodity that incentivizes clean energy Bitcoin miners and allows investors to achieve their ESG goals while owning Bitcoin.

Unstable Protocol

Unstable Protocol leverages zkOracles to enhance the DeFi utility of the re-hypothecated token financial market. The protocol enables users to borrow against their LST and LRT collateral and unlock the utility of their re-hypothecated ETH on L2 chains. Unstables lending protocol engine is powered by zkSNARK-based validators and EigenLayer AVS balance proofs.


Watches.io has developed a watch market tracker that provides real-time price data for all models from well-known brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe, as well as over 140 other brands. This data can be placed on-chain through the Watches.io Enterprise API. Recently, the platform has expanded to include features such as a watch trading marketplace, providing a traditional e-commerce experience while leveraging Web3 infrastructure to reduce fees, speed up payments, and enhance the user experience.

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