Bitcoin Ecosystem Newcomer Giants Planet: How Bitcoin L2 Integrates with the Real World

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With strong support from Singapores sovereign wealth fund, Giants Planet will ignite a new trend in Web3.

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Bitcoin Ecosystem Newcomer Giants Planet: How Bitcoin L2 Integrates with the Real World

With the approval of the Bitcoin spot ETF before the New Year, a large amount of funds have poured into the crypto world, and the price of Bitcoin has successfully reached a new high. In contrast, the drawbacks of traditional finance have become increasingly prominent, and the growth of most assets is lower than that of Bitcoin, which has aroused great interest in the rising Bitcoin among traditional companies and some countries and regions.

How to ride the wave of Bitcoin has become a troubling problem for people, and simply buying Bitcoin may have become a thing of the past.

However, Giants Planet came into being. By using GameFi’s layout and building a dedicated Bitcoin second layer, it helps most companies and countries and regions to deeply integrate into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

It is worth noting that Giants Planet is the only blockchain project supported by Singapore’s sovereign fund so far. With national endorsement, I believe it will be a pleasant surprise.

Next, let us go into Giants Planet and learn how it uses GameFi as a starting point to build a second-layer Bitcoin ecosystem and provide everyone with exclusive wealth opportunities.

Giants Planet Basic Profile

Giants Planet uses GameFi as a carrier to build Bitcoin L2 and gradually construct the Giants ecosystem. Its core direction is to help the real world integrate with the future trillion-level Bitcoin ecosystem.

Singapores sovereign fund is pushing for it, and the team is experienced

Giants Planet is able to achieve such imaginative integration and development thanks to 2 MR Labs, whose team members have extensive experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, including members of Forbes Under 30, and have expertise from institutions such as CoinW, Polygon, M+S, KPMG, etc.

It is worth mentioning that CEO Arthur has a very rich resume. He was the commander of the Singapore Special Forces Airborne Force and later founded the Run For Your Lives outdoor event in Asia. CTO Alberto Tristan has rich development experience and has worked in many well-known projects. He is also the development director of Aura Network, a well-known blockchain in Vietnam.

Bitcoin Ecosystem Newcomer Giants Planet: How Bitcoin L2 Integrates with the Real World

In addition, the Giants Planet team was selected as one of the top 20 Web3 startups in Southeast Asia by Web3 Matching hosted by BNB Chain, Kyros Ventures and AWS.

Bitcoin Ecosystem Newcomer Giants Planet: How Bitcoin L2 Integrates with the Real World

An excellent project is inseparable from the efforts of the team, and the development of the team is inseparable from the investors and partners behind it. Giants Planet has an outstanding lineup of investors and partners, the most eye-catching of which is the endorsement from Heliconia Capital, a subsidiary of Singapores sovereign wealth fund, Singapore Temasek Holdings.

The institution is a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, an investment company owned by the Singapore governments Ministry of Finance. Temasek Holdings controls almost all of Singapores most important and largest companies by turnover, and its holdings account for 47% of the entire Singapore stock market, making it one of the main pillars of Singapores economy. As of March 31, 2023, Temasek Holdings total investment portfolio was worth S$382 billion (approximately US$287 billion), mainly in Singapore and Asia.

Bitcoin Ecosystem Newcomer Giants Planet: How Bitcoin L2 Integrates with the Real World

In addition, the support of Plug And Play VC, Breeder Dao (from a16z), Eden Ventures, LucidBlue Ventures, PG Capital, TAP, Brinc and other institutions has laid a solid foundation for the development of Giants Planet. Currently, Giants Planet has successfully raised more than 2 million US dollars and is raising strategic and private rounds.

Taking the lead, the NFT series is sought after by the community

With the support of the team and investment institutions, Giants Planet has issued two NFT series, of which Giants Planet: Founding Explorers will be freemined in August 2023, with a total of 222. It is now available on the OKX Web3 wallet, with a floor price of 0.0499 BTC and a total transaction volume of 1.03 BTC.

Holder Rights: Priority Whitelist (WL) for future projects and token sales; early beta testing access to new features and developments; direct access to the team to promote transparency and open communication; access to exclusive private rooms on Discord; early access to project information; invitations to real-life events to promote community interaction and networking; pre-IPO stock allocations in parent company 2 MR Labs to provide financial incentives.

Bitcoin Ecosystem Newcomer Giants Planet: How Bitcoin L2 Integrates with the Real World

On January 30, Giants Planet issued the Giants Ordinals Golden Egg series NFT project, which is built on BRC-420. The total number is 9999 and is now available on the OKX Web3 wallet. The floor price of the Giants Ordinals Golden Egg is 0.0089 BTC and the total transaction volume is 0.129 BTC.

Holder Rights: Stake to earn BGPS; enjoy 1:1 redemption for future Giants Planet game NFT assets; exclusive and early access to BGPS private events; access to Giants Pals, the first AI-driven pet companion game; access to RWA and Web2 brand partners through the marketplace.

Bitcoin Ecosystem Newcomer Giants Planet: How Bitcoin L2 Integrates with the Real World

AI-driven BGPS token, highly anticipated by the community

Giants Planet will launch BGPS, a token that adopts the BRC 20 standard, with a total supply of 88 billion. BGPS is the core token of the Giants Planet ecosystem and is driven by AI. AI will adjust the token economic model according to market conditions and user needs to ensure the value of the token.

The Runes standard token will also be launched later. Compared with the BGPS token issued based on the BRC 20 standard, the Runes standard is easier to maintain and has more advanced performance in some aspects. The token is expected to be launched after the Bitcoin halving.

Bitcoin Ecosystem Newcomer Giants Planet: How Bitcoin L2 Integrates with the Real World

Currently, BGPS tokens are available for purchase in Private Sale through an invitation-only system. A variety of purchasing channels will be introduced in the future, including BGPS Launch, which will be launched soon. It is worth noting that according to the teams roadmap, BGPS will be listed on a centralized exchange in April-May this year.

With GameFi layout, we will deeply cultivate the Bitcoin ecosystem and build our own L2

Giants Planet uses GameFi as a carrier, which will not only integrate popular narratives into it, but also attract many Web2 users to seamlessly enter Web3 with a lower threshold.

As a sector where Web2 and Web3 coexist, to be honest, there is still a big gap between Web3 games and Web2 games. However, Giants Planet does not adopt a complex game mechanism setting. Instead, it adopts a more relaxed and casual pet training model. While being entertaining, it integrates Web3s economic mechanism and NFT attributes with it.

Bitcoin Ecosystem Newcomer Giants Planet: How Bitcoin L2 Integrates with the Real World

At the same time, Giants Planet integrates AI into the game to add a rich experience, and integrates RWA attributes into the trading market, combining real assets with virtual assets to provide users with a variety of choices.

Giants Planet Game Mechanics

Giants Planet is an augmented reality mobile game based on location services. The game type is a pet-raising system. Judging from the game settings of Giants Planet, it is similar to Pokemon GO produced by Niantic. This game was popular all over the world at that time, but gradually lost its popularity due to factors such as plug-ins.

Although the game settings of the two are similar, Giants Planet incorporates AI and blockchain into it, bringing players a new gaming experience and economic incentives. At the same time, the novel story setting of Giants Planet adds freshness to the game. Players can actively participate and contribute to the game ecosystem to obtain NFTs and tokens.

In the game, players can use the mobile devices camera and GPS to interact with the real environment around them, discover and capture virtual creatures - giants. Players can see their avatars on the map and encounter and capture virtual giants in special locations such as Giant Spawn Points and Epic Giant Arena.

Giants Planet encourages players to actively participate using tokens, BGPS, which can be used to purchase in-game items and real-world assets on the Giants Planet marketplace. At the same time, each captured giant is represented as a unique token that players can trade freely.

In addition, Giants Planet also introduces a giant hatching mechanism. Players need to hatch giant eggs through a certain number of steps and ensure the health of the giants through continuous movement or interaction.

Judging from the above game mechanisms, Giants Planet combines the previously popular Pokemon GO game mechanism and the sports and health mechanism of Web3 breakthrough GameFi StepN, while combining token economy and NFT transactions with game mechanisms. The next breakthrough GameFi may be about to be born.

Bitcoin Ecosystem Upstart, Giants Planet Builds Ecological Complex

As the engine of this round of bull market, the Bitcoin ecosystem has continuously emerged new project architectures since last year, giving birth to new narrative scenarios. Giants Planet issued its core token BGPS based on the BRC-20 protocol and rooted ecological assets such as Founding Explorers and Giants Ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain, demonstrating that Giants Planet is an active contributor to the Bitcoin ecosystem and is committed to expanding the application scenarios of the Bitcoin network and promoting future innovation and development.

Bitcoin Ecosystem Newcomer Giants Planet: How Bitcoin L2 Integrates with the Real World

In addition, Giants Planet will work with the Lambda Class team to build the second layer of Bitcoin. From the Giants Planet architecture shown above, it can be seen that it is generally divided into Giants Planet Chain, central system and DApp.

● Giants Planet Chain, the underlying layer of Giants Planet, will adopt an indexing approach based on the Bitcoin mainnet, while being compatible with EVM to make smart contracts Turing complete.

● The center system includes five major sections: user center, product center, order center, marketing center and risk control.

● DApp includes the projects currently launched by Giants Planet, including Marketplace, Staking, GameFi, User Incentive Center, NFT Project and Launchpad, etc.

Giants Planet provides project parties with a full range of DApp construction channels and helps them integrate with the ecosystem in the future. At the same time, it is user-centric and links user incentive tasks, NFT, Staking and GameFi to provide users with a wealth effect.

As Bitcoin halving approaches, Giants Planet unlocks new wealth opportunities

With the Bitcoin halving, Giants Planet launched three major activities to thank everyone for their attention.

● Staking V2: Staking golden eggs will be provided to obtain BGPS tokens;

● The Giants inscription game will be available soon on the Apple Store;

● Giants Planet rune ecosystem coming soon.

Staking V2 is the upgrade of golden eggs and staking golden eggs to obtain BGPS tokens. Regarding the upgrade of golden eggs, according to the above introduction, the number of golden eggs is 9999. Every three golden eggs can be upgraded to rare eggs, and every three rare eggs can be upgraded to a mysterious egg.

The upgrade method is to put three golden eggs or rare eggs into the exclusive black hole address to generate a higher level of attributes. Different attributes affect the staking return rate. The more precious the attribute, the more BGPS tokens you get. Currently, the Staking V2 activity has been launched on April 15.

As introduced above, the Giants Inscription Game is Web3 Pokemon Go, which presents the unique story of the Giant Planet in the game through reality-virtual interaction technology.

The Giants Planet Rune Ecosystem will be launched after the Bitcoin halving. In addition to the previously revealed Rune tokens, a unique Rune Ecosystem will also be built.

It is worth noting that after the end of Staking V2, Giants Plant will join forces with OKX, Coin 98 and Magic Eden to launch a large-scale airdrop event. According to official sources, it may be related to the previously issued NFTs.

Integrating GameFi and Bitcoin Layer 2 to build a bridge between reality and Web3

From the above introduction of Giants Planet, it is not difficult to find that Giants Planet cannot be simply classified as GameFi or Bitcoin ecology, but more like an ecological complex. In other words, the core of Giants Planet is to create Web3 user application scenarios.

Giants Planet started from GameFi and laid out Bitcoin Layer 2, acting as a bridge between the real world and Web3. To achieve this, it is inseparable from the teams own capabilities, the cooperation of teams such as Lambda Class, and the strong support of Singapores sovereign fund.

From a more profound perspective, the birth of Giants Planet has indirectly improved the efficiency of integrating the real world into future processes, and paved the way for the large-scale adoption of Web3.





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