星球日报 | SAGA成为币安迄今最大Launchpool;FTX破产财产已出售约16亿美元SOL(4月8日)

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星球日报 | SAGA成为币安迄今最大Launchpool;FTX破产财产已出售约16亿美元SOL(4月8日)


More than $13 billion in funds have participated in Saga staking mining, making it Binance’s largest Launchpool to date

Binances new coin mining project Saga posted on the

Mocaverse will jointly launch Launchpad MocaList with CoinList, which will be launched on MOCA Coin in April

According to official news, Mocaverse, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, today announced a strategic cooperation with CoinList to jointly launch MocaList, a token launch platform specifically for the Mocaverse community, aiming to promote priority access to the culture and culture of the blockchain field. entertainment.

FTX bankruptcy estate has sold approximately $1.6 billion worth of locked Solana tokens

According to Tree News, the FTX bankruptcy estate has sold approximately $1.6 billion worth of locked Solana tokens, reportedly at a price of $64 per token to companies including Galaxy Trading and Pantera Capital.

Market changes

IntoTheBlock: $4 billion worth of ETH pulled from exchanges in Q1

IntoTheBlock posted on the

Linea TVL exceeds 500 million US dollars, and the main network has been bridged and transferred more than 480,000 ETH

L2BEAT data shows that Linea TVL is US$509 million, with a 7-day increase of 7.37%. In addition, Dune data shows that 484,867 ETH have been bridged and transferred to the Linea main network, the number of transactions has reached 1,019,628, and the number of interactive addresses has reached 455,497.

USDC circulation increased by $500 million in the past week, bringing the total circulation to $32.9 billion

According to official data, as of April 4, Circle has issued a total of approximately US$4.1 billion USDC and redeemed US$3.5 billion USDC in the past seven days, increasing the circulation by US$500 million.

Bitcoin spot ETF bought a net 7,376 BTC in the past week

Data estimated by HODL15Capital shows that U.S. Bitcoin spot ETFs (including GBTC) bought a net 7,376 BTC in the past week. The Bitcoin Spot ETF has accumulated a net increase of approximately 222,800 BTC since its launch.

Renzo total TVL exceeds $2.5 billion

DeFiLlama data shows that the total TVL of the liquidity re-pledge protocol Renzo (supports 7 chains) is US$2.578 billion.

The weekly trading volume of DEX on the Ethereum chain exceeds 15.6 billion US dollars

DeFiLlama data shows that the transaction volume of DEX on the Ethereum chain in the past seven days was US$15.618 billion, with a seven-day increase of 4.91%.

The US government moved over 600 BTC to new addresses in the past 3 days

According to an article posted by Scopescan on the

Pendle’s total TVL exceeds $4.2 billion, reaching all-time high

According to DeFiLlama data, the total TVL of Pendle, the DeFi yield market, exceeded US$4.2 billion and reached US$4.229 billion, a record high.

Base TVL reached US$4 billion, a 7-day increase of 14.5%

L2 BEAT data shows that Base TVL exceeded US$4 billion and is currently US$4.01 billion, with a 7-day increase of 14.5%.

ETF related

Australia’s Monochrome applies for spot Bitcoin ETF from global listed trading platform Cboe Australia

Australian asset management company Monochrome has officially filed an application for a spot Bitcoin ETF with the global listed trading platform Cboe Australia, and the results of the application are expected to be determined by the middle of the year. If the application is approved, the Monochrome Bitcoin ETF could become the first spot Bitcoin ETF in Australia to allow direct holding of Bitcoin. Monochromes products have previously received approval from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

BlackRock updates Bitcoin ETF prospectus, Goldman Sachs, UBS, Citi and Citadel join authorized participants for the first time

Bloomberg ETF senior analyst Eric Balchunas said on the Group, it is said that now some large companies want to be involved, or at least willing to be publicly associated with it.

JP Morgan: SEC will finally approve spot Ethereum ETF

JPMorgan Chase remains optimistic about the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s final approval of the spot Ethereum ETF. Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, managing director and global market strategist at JPMorgan Chase, said that if the spot Ethereum ETF is not approved in May, there will be litigation proceedings afterwards. The most likely scenario is that the US SEC loses this lawsuit, similar to the legal battle between Grayscale and Ripple last year, and then pushes for its approval of a spot Ethereum ETF. (TheBlock)

Industry News

European Securities and Markets Authority: MEV trading strategy may involve market abuse

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has labeled Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) as a potential form of market abuse, a stance that worries some industry observers who say the picture is unclear. In the regulatory proposals issued by ESMA last week under the Digital Assets Act (MiCA), it said that MEV may be suspicious. The definition of MEV is broad, but it generally includes trading strategies in which blockchain operators (companies and individuals who add blocks to the chain) preview the networks transaction queue to extract additional profits for themselves. Typically, this strategy involves reordering user transactions before they are written to the chain’s ledger.

Philippines SEC accuses eToro of selling or issuing securities in the country without authorization

The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued an advisory opinion against eToro, an online brokerage that offers cryptocurrency and stock trading, saying the platform is not authorized to sell or issue securities in the country. The opinion was published in March and made public on April 4.

Morgan Stanley chief U.S. economist: Fed expected to cut interest rates in June

Alan Sentner, chief U.S. economist at Morgan Stanley, said the Federal Reserve is expected to cut interest rates in June. In addition, she believes that if the Fed cuts interest rates as early as May, it will be more about inflation. (Bloomberg)

Two of Grayscales funds have removed ATOM and ADA from their holdings.

According to official announcements, Grayscales Digital Large Cap Fund (GDLC) and Grayscale Smart Contract Platform Ex-Ethereum Fund (GSCPxE Fund) today announced the latest fund component weights for each product related to their respective first quarter 2024 reviews.

Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission adds Sure X and its website to the warning list of suspicious virtual asset trading platforms

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) stated on the official website warning list that Sure X and its website have been included as a suspicious virtual asset trading platform. The public is warned to be wary of a suspected virtual asset trading platform operating under the name Sure X, also known as Sure Bit International Pte Ltd/Sure Bit International Ltd/Sure 9.

Reuters: US SEC will ban Do Kwon and Terraform from entering the securities industry

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission attorney Laura Meehan told a jury in Manhattan on Friday that Terraform Labs and its founder Do Kwon repeatedly lied about the success of the cryptocurrency platform and that the platforms success story was built on lies. In addition, the SEC is seeking civil monetary penalties and will issue an order barring Do Kwon and Terraform from entering the securities industry.

Paraguayan lawmakers submit bill to ban Bitcoin mining and other businesses for at least 180 days

Several Paraguayan lawmakers have introduced a bill that would seek to temporarily ban cryptocurrency mining operations in the country, which use large amounts of electricity resources.
The bill, submitted to Congress on April 3, proposes a 180-day ban on the operation and deployment of cryptocurrency mining farms and other businesses involving cryptocurrency assets. This ban may be extended until laws regulating these activities are enacted.

Hong Kong Deputy Financial Secretary Wong Wai-lun: A comprehensive and clear regulatory system is the key to promoting the sustainable development of virtual assets

When attending the opening ceremony of the 2024 Hong Kong Web3 Carnival today, Wong Wai-lun, Deputy Secretary for Financial Affairs of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, said that we will continue to promote more industry participation and use a multi-pronged approach such as timely dissemination of information and comprehensive public education. , to promote the steady and responsible development of Hong Kong’s virtual market.

Project News

Whales Market founder: gm.ai beta will be confirmed within days

The founder of Whales Market posted on the X platform that the gm.ai beta version will be confirmed within a few days. In addition, the back-end update of Whales Market has been completed and will support OTC transactions of BTC and Runes.

B² Network: Asset and mining machine NFT will be available for collection one week after the launch of the main network, and asset withdrawal services will be opened in late April

B² Network issued an official announcement, which stated that assets and mining machine NFTs will be available for collection one week after the launch of the main network, and mining machine NFTs will support transactions. In addition, asset withdrawal services will be opened in late April, and points will continue to play a role.

EigenLayer plans to upgrade the mainnet contract on April 8, which is expected to last 24 hours

EigenLayer announced on the X platform that it plans to upgrade the mainnet contract on April 8. The webapp will be temporarily unavailable for 24 hours. To avoid delays, please complete all outstanding withdrawals before April 8th.

Kamino Finance launches genesis page to support KMNO token allocation query

Kamino Finance, Solanas ecological composable automated liquidity management protocol, posted on the X platform that the genesis page has been launched and users can query the KMNO token allocation.

Jupiter: Backlog issues resolved, major upgrade to back-end systems due next week

Jupiter posted on the X platform that the recent congestion issues in Solana and the surge in new tokens have resulted in the inability to create the required accounts in the past few days and delayed the launch of the new market. The backlog has now been resolved and a major upgrade to the backend system will begin next week to handle network congestion and expansion more efficiently.

Scroll introduces ETH native re-staking service through cooperation with Kelp DAO

Scroll Ecosystem issued a document on the

Azuki founder: Will explore AnimeChain for IP management and NFT owner distribution of royalties

Azuki founder Zagabond posted on the X platform that he will explore how Azuki can use AnimeChain to manage IP and distribute royalties to creators and NFT owners. Details will be announced later.

Backpack: To minimize Solana network congestion, referral rebates will be postponed until the end of the W airdrop

Backpack posted on the X platform that the Backpack and Solana networks are experiencing unprecedented activity. In order to minimize congestion, this week’s recommendation rebate will be postponed until the end of the W airdrop. While deposits and withdrawals are slower than usual, all systems are still fully operational and internal transfers are currently being implemented to prevent future reward claims from being affected.

bitSmiley Labs officially launches its independent ecological plan bitUniverse and upgrades black card benefits

Bitcoin ecological DeFi project bitSmiley Labs Co-Founder Jayden officially unveiled its independent ecological plan bitUniverse at the Bitcoin Day conference, aiming to build a series of in-ecological DeFi applications around its stable currency bitUSD.

NFPrompt announced that it will launch the replacement token airdrop and announce the new token contract address

NFPrompt posted on the X platform that as announced last week, the team will start the replacement token airdrop process. The airdrop of new NFP tokens will begin from eligible addresses holding old NFP (subject to any exclusions in the FAQ). Users whose on-chain balances have not changed from the time of the hack to the snapshot time will be the first to receive the airdrop, and other addresses with on-chain activity will soon follow. There is no gas fee to receive.
In addition, trading, deposits and withdrawals, and new token airdrops will soon be allowed on some exchanges, with other coordinated CEXs to follow.

Ethena announces USDe supply reaches 2 billion

According to official news, Ethena announced on the X platform that the supply of its stablecoin USDe has reached 2 billion. It is reported that USDe is a stable currency based on Ethereum and is guaranteed by derivatives; in order to create USDe, Ethena allows users to use US dollars, ETH or liquid pledge tokens as collateral.

Omni Network: The second phase of the Omni Omega testnet has been launched

The Ethereum interoperability protocol Omni Network posted on the

Huang Licheng: Boba Oppa has currently destroyed 30% of the token supply

Maji’s eldest brother Huang Licheng announced on the X platform that Meme project Boba Oppa has destroyed 30% of its token supply. At the same time, the current market value of Boba Opaa exceeds US$43.2 million, with approximately 13,243 holders.

Maker: DAI supply restored to 5 billion

According to data disclosed by MakerDAO on the X platform, the supply of DAI has recovered to 5 billion.

Prisma Finance launches PIP-035 and 036 proposal voting, intends to restore the protocol and restart lending transactions

Prisma Finance has launched new proposals PIP-035 and PIP-036, intending to restore the protocol and restart lending transactions. If passed, Prisma Finance will re-establish normal functions, including complete Vault management and deposits into the stable pool, and Prisma DAO can continue Driving demand for mkUSD and ULTRA. Currently, the voting quorum has been reached for PIP-035, but not yet for PIP-036.

Everyworld: Season 1 first-stage airdrop claim inquiry website has been opened

Everyworld, the Web3 rewarded advertising discovery protocol, published a document on the

Runestone holders will receive an unknown amount of “dog” coins airdropped

Leonidas, founder of Ordinals OG, Ord.io, and Runestone projects, posted in Chinese on the Attitude is our secret weapon to attract millions of people to join Bitcoin🧡.”

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