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The airdrop mining method of the Web3 game project Portal has been very popular recently. This is a method of earning CrystalDash points by creating content about Portal on Twitter. The more widely the content created on Twitter is spread, the more points are earned in exchange for more airdrops. In just one month, the number of Portals Twitter followers increased from 70,000 to 320,000 (+450%), which shows the popularity and level of attention and participation of this point airdrop gameplay among players. In this issue, I will briefly introduce how to play the points reward system, and recommend to you a selection of must-win point airdrop projects in 2024.

What is the Web3 points reward system?

In essence, the points reward system rewards users for completing specific operations through points. These points can be redeemed or used in various ways, aiming to stimulate further user participation and increase user loyalty to the project platform.

In fact, the underlying gameplay logic can be seen everywhere in the Web2 world, from online and offline game points used to redeem rewards, to point deductions and VIP loyalty programs for chain brands such as Starbucks and Vipshop. The main focus is a reverse incentive for users to spend more, get more, and when introduced to the Web3 world, it is a cumulative reward of the more you work, the more you get. Since the end of 2023, a number of point reward methods have emerged in the Web3 world, from the Rainbow wallet that rewards users for using ETH to earn points, to the NFT market Blurs new L2 Blast plan, which encourages users to transfer funds through Blast Points, etc.

Why is the Web3 points reward game so popular?

After the Web3 world introduced the point reward gameplay, it was combined with users daily operations or rigid needs and then innovated to attract new users and new funds. For example, Portal can earn points by encouraging users to participate in the behavior of retweeting and liking comments on relevant topics on Twitter. If you do it more often and the topic spreads widely, you can get more points, and finally redeem them for more points. Lots of airdrop rewards. From the users personal perspective, this is an operation that can be performed daily by just browsing Twitter. The threshold requirements for user participation are low, and the operation requirements are also low. Moreover, points can be accumulated, and the more you do, the more you do. It is immediately visible to users. positive feedback behavior. When the personal behavior has formed a scale and has a spreading effect, the hot trend will attract more users to participate and try to earn points, and the previous tweets will get more spread, and the users who entered early will You will also gain more points passively. In this way, a spiral effect is formed. For leading players, the income of points can even be calculated as an explosive function. This is also the most attractive point - the more work, the more income there will be unlimited income.

In the future, naturally, after users successfully redeem airdrop tokens, the more users holding tokens, the greater the demand for exchange and circulation, and the overall market liquidity will be more secure. But more importantly, we still need to pay attention to the token economics, team strength, operational planning, etc. of the project itself. This is the prerequisite for participation in any airdrop. Only projects recognized by the market are valuable, and the airdrops of these projects are worth our time and cost to participate in and earn points. Then let me share with you the 2024 must-have airdrop projects selected in this issue.

Project sharing


KiloEx is a user-friendly perpetual contract DEX focused on risk management and capital efficiency. Supported asset types include cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange, and stocks. KiloEX itself is a Perp DEX based on oracle pricing similar to GMX. Its core innovations are: stablecoin neutral LP with built-in hedging, copy trading, and token economy, which draw on today’s advanced mechanisms. Compared with the current mainstream Perp DEX, LP with automatic hedging mechanism is more friendly to users who earn interest, while copy trading is more friendly to trading users.


You can currently participate in transactions to earn points. There are 5 main ways to earn points:

1. Sign in to receive points;

2. For transactions, you will get points according to the transaction volume;

3. Deposit LP and get points according to the amount;

4.Recommendation commission;

5. Obtain OAT for special events.

Specific event rules can be found in the official Gitbook:

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Blur is an NFT marketplace and aggregator designed for professional traders with many innovative features. As a combination of a real-time NFT market and aggregator, it supports NFT batch transactions and charges zero royalties. Blur has announced the launch of its third season airdrop. 50% of this season’s rewards will be distributed to BLUR token holders, and 50% will be distributed to Blur community members. The third season points airdrop event will end in May 2024.


There are two main strategies for obtaining airdrop points in the third quarter:

-Holder points program: Deposit BLUR tokens to earn holder points, which can be withdrawn at any time. When Blast governance goes live in May 2024, distribution will be based on users’ total holder points (holder points x multiplier). Holders earn 1 point per hour for each BLUR token they hold. Additionally, the multiplier starts at 1x and increases by 0.5x every month after the user makes their first deposit.

-Blur Points Program: Earn points by bidding, listing, and lending. Bidding and listing credits apply to all collections and are issued at the same rate. The bid that takes the highest risk gets the vast majority of points. Lending points are only applicable to collections supported by the Blend protocol. Lending points are issued at half the rate of bidding and listing points.

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Blast was launched by the founder of Blur in late November 2023. It is a Layer 2 network that helps users earn income. It is an Optimistic rollup that is compatible with EVM and has native income. Blasts revenue comes from Ethereum staking and the RWA protocol, and the revenue from these decentralized protocols is automatically returned to Blast users. On Blast, users’ balances are automatically compounded and they earn additional Blast rewards. The project received US$20 million in financing as soon as it came out, and the current early experience activity has been officially launched. The project’s TVL is as high as US$13.5 billion, and the total number of users exceeds 100,000.


There are two main strategies for obtaining Blast points:

-Deposit ETH, USDC, Tether, stETH, WETH, DAI;

- Invite friends to form a team to get more points and more flipping lottery opportunities.


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4.Kinza Finance

Kinza is a lending protocol built for the DeFi ecosystem, designed to connect the demand and supply of liquidity to create the best on-chain money market. It is a protocol on the BNB chain that received financing from Binance Labs in August 2023, with 5% going to airdrops according to the project’s tokenomics.


There are two main strategies for Kinza to obtain airdrops through points:

- Provide liquidity to the platform market. The longer you maintain liquidity on the platform, the more points you earn.

-Extra airdrop: Go to the official website module in the picture above and copy the personal link, each invited user will also receive an additional 10% airdrop.



TrendX is the worlds leading artificial intelligence-driven Web3 trend tracking and intelligent trading platform. It provides a full range of project discovery, trend analysis, primary investment and secondary trading experience by combining AI-driven trend tracking and intelligent trading. On January 8, TrendX announced that it had successfully raised $1 million in seed funding. TrendX will also gradually launch the Launchpad function in the first half of 2024, as well as industry-leading AI trading functions such as currency-to-crypto aggregation trading, cross-chain aggregation trading, and AI trading assistants.


TrendX’s latest airdrop plan released on January 16: 4% of TrendX’s official tokens (40, 000, 000) will be used for airdrops to early contributors, of which 2% will be airdropped to users who participate in governance and achieve a certain level of activity. 2% will be airdropped to early users of the trading function (the trading function is expected to be launched in Q1, 2024). The airdrop will be completed in 2 rounds. The number of airdrops depends on the user’s activity and contribution to the platform. Eligibility conditions for receiving airdrops:

1. Bind account to Twitter account

2. Receive AlphaDAO test coins

3. There are many ways to obtain activity points if the user activity value is no less than 1,000 points. The official has also compiled a task list:


The official token airdrop and listing will be launched from March to June 2024. Specific event rules can be found on the official Medium



Rainbow is a mobile wallet application that allows users to interact with decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides extensive support for a range of NFT markets, covering almost all popular markets, including OpenSea, Blur, Rarible, SudoSwap, x2y2, etc. Rainbow is an established infrastructure company that has raised $19.5 million in funding so far.

In December 2023, Rainbow launched a new points activity. All Ethereum network users on Rainbow will receive points. Users who have used MetaMask to redeem will receive points, and loyal Rainbow users will receive more points. Moreover, anyone who has used MetaMask’s redemption function in the past year can receive up to 150,000 additional points after importing their MetaMask wallet into Rainbow.


For detailed operating instructions, please refer to:

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BEVM is a BTC Layer 2 that uses BTC as Gas and is compatible with EVM. The core goal is to expand the smart contract scenario of Bitcoin and help BTC break through the constraints of the Bitcoin blockchain that is not Turing complete and does not support smart contracts, so that BTC can Decentralized applications using BTC as native Gas are built on Layer 2 of BEVM.

From January 17 to February 17, 2024, BEVM launched the second phase of airdrop activity. Participants earn points by participating in cross-chain, swap and other activities.


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About TrendX

TrendX is the worlds leading artificial intelligence (AI)-driven Web3 trend tracking and intelligent trading platform, aiming to become the first choice platform for the next one billion users to enter the Web3 field. By combining multi-dimensional trend tracking and intelligent trading, TrendX provides a comprehensive project discovery, trend analysis, primary investment and secondary trading experience.



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