Bitget Research Institute: GBTC’s net outflow caused the market to fall, and the Inscription sector rebounded against the trend

3 months ago
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1. Popular currencies

MICE (Token): The BRC-20 token named after mouse led the Inscription sector upward yesterday, rising nearly 60% in 24 hours. The token is currently retraced and may rise again. The token has been listed on bitget.

TROLL (Token): A meme coin generated by Elon Musk’s recent change of his Twitter bio to “Chief Troll Officer”. The token has been rising continuously since its creation. Currently, there have been nearly 5,000 transactions on DEX, with a transaction value of 15 million US dollars. A trader spent US$30,000 to purchase 80.77 trillion TROLL, currently worth US$2.79 million, with a good wealth effect.

METIS (Token): Metis is expected to become the first decentralized Optimistic Rollup sequencer early next year, and the distribution of the $100 million ecosystem fund will take place one week after the Metis decentralized sequencer is expected to go online. METIS TVL and currency prices have both surged recently.

BabyDragon (Token): Positioned as the strongest meme coin in 2024, investors’ interests are given priority. There is a 5%/5% buying and selling tax rate for project tokens. The current trading volume of tokens on DEX is US$710,000, with 3,000 transactions and 1,571 independent participating addresses. The community consensus of the project is still in the process of being formed. The total market value of the token is only US$2.8 million. The token trend is good and you can continue to pay attention.

PENDLE (Token): Pendle announced that it has entered the re-pledged LRTfi track. Users can use LRT liquidity to re-pledge tokens to earn more income or make more defi uses. The token fluctuated downward over the weekend, and there is good room for growth in the Cancun upgrade narrative stage.

2. Popular NFTs

Node Monkes (NFT): NFT of the Bitcoin ecosystem, PFP series based on the Ordinals protocol. The NFT of NodeMonkes Honoraries was recently auctioned at Sothebys. It has generated 38 bids and is valued at 6,500 USD. This operation plan has brought good traffic to the project side. The trading volume and wealth effect of its issued NFT on magicden have recently increased. .

3. Popular DAPPs

Tether (Dapp): Tether issued an additional $1 billion in USDT on Ethereum and Tron last week, representing an increase in demand for funds flowing into the crypto market from the traditional market. Tether’s share of the global stablecoin supply grew from 50% to 71% during 2023, accounting for two-thirds of the stablecoin supply. The company has currently issued 95 billion USDT, a record high.

Memecoin (Dapp): Farming’s reward certification event has recently been launched. Users need to deposit at least 69 $MEME tokens in participating wallets to pass real-person verification. Therefore, there is more transfer information on the chain, and community users are more willing to participate in Farming reward claims.

QnA3.AI (Dapp): The AI-based Web3 knowledge sharing platform has received widespread attention from players on the BNB chain. The project currently has a data mining mode. Users can join and use the idle computing resources on their devices to perform data cleaning and data capture on large models, and provide point rewards for users who contribute computing power.

Hooked Pickaxe (Dapp): Hooked Protocol aims to solve the main challenges facing Web3 adoption, such as insufficient user motivation, high barriers to entry, and lack of Web3 education. The project encourages users to start their Web3 journey by providing a gamified learning experience and incentive mechanism.

Turnup (Dapp): Web3 Social Gaming Ecosystem, the transaction data on the chain continues to increase, and it ranks among the top Polygon Dapp daily actives. The project team promised on Twitter that when it reaches the top 1 daily active, it will conduct an AMA with Polygon Founder - Sandeep Nailwal.

SmartCat (Dapp): The NFT project launched by Smart Layer is very popular on the chain. Users can interact with SmartCat NFT such as Feed and Clean, and the interaction is extremely active. SmartLayer officially issued Airdrop Confirmed, indicating that airdrop and TGE are approaching.

Orbiter Finance (Dapp): The well-known cross-chain bridge project zk technology accelerates cross-chain operations and has technical advantages. The cost of cross-chain has a comparative advantage compared to other cross-chain bridge projects. At the same time, the project is also an important on-chain analysis tool. Data on the fundamentals of some Dapps and Layer 2 can be found on its official website. The project recently announced that it will launch its native token this year and gradually announce the token economy and distribution plan to ensure a fair process.

Odos (Dapp): Odos Protocol is the first Dex aggregator that allows users to exchange multiple tokens into one asset in a single atomic transaction, which can easily convert a basket of input tokens into the desired output in one go , thus saving gas costs and limiting market volatility.

Dmail (Dapp): Dmail is an email application based on Web3.0 and Dfinity technology. It integrates NFT functions and distributed storage. Each account itself is an NFT. This project aims to eliminate the differences between traditional email systems and blockchain-based email systems, thereby lowering the barriers for users and developers to participate in the crypto world. Dmail is designed to make using blockchain technology as easy and intuitive as the Internet.

Jupiter Exchange (Dapp): Jupiter co-founder Meow said that it plans to conduct an airdrop of JUP tokens at the end of January. 10% will be withdrawn from the team wallet to provide liquidity, and 15% will be withdrawn from the community wallet for the first airdrop and early stage. Based on the needs of community activities, it is expected that on the first day of JUPs creation, 15% -17.5% of the tokens will enter circulation, 10% -7.5% of the tokens will be in hot wallet storage, and 75% of the tokens will be in cold wallet storage.

Gas Hero (Dapp): Gas Hero is a Web3 social and strategy game developed by the former StepN team. Unlike traditional games, Gas Hero places a strong emphasis on game theory, providing players with richer strategies, and utilizes a decentralized trading platform to maximize the transparency of on-chain data. The game has just been launched, and NFT transactions in the game are quite popular.

Wormhole (Dapp): Cross-chain infrastructure Wormhole announced the launch of Wormhole Queries, a cross-chain instant data retrieval service, allowing application developers to extract any on-chain data on demand. Wormhole said that compared to the push model, Queries provides a latency of less than 1 second and can reduce gas fees by 84%. The project has not issued coins yet, so you can continue to pay attention.

Fren Pet (Dapp): A new NFT project on the Base chain, a friend’s pet series NFT. Fren Pet is a full-chain pet raising game inspired by and jointly developed by Adam (@surfcoderepeat) and Cadu (@cadu_veloso). Some KOLs have been vigorously promoting it on social media. At present, the stability of Dapp operation is average. There have been downtimes but they will be repaired quickly. You can continue to pay attention.

4.Twitter hot discussion

TIA (Token): TIA recently broke through the all-time high and reached 20 US dollars. As a well-known DA layer project, it is currently generally considered to be the most likely blockchain project to challenge Ethereum.

5. Regional hot searches

XAI (Token): Xai partners with several important entities in the technology and gaming fields, including Offchain Labs (the developer of Arbitrum) and multiple game publishing and development companies. These collaborations aim to leverage blockchain technology to revolutionize game distribution and enhance player experience.

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