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Weekly Editors Picks is a functional column of Odaily. In addition to covering a large amount of real-time information every week, it also publishes a lot of high-quality in-depth analysis content, but they may be hidden in the information flow and hot news and pass you by.

Therefore, our editorial department will select some high-quality articles worth spending time to read and collect from the content published in the past 7 days every Saturday. From the perspectives of data analysis, industry judgment, opinion output, etc., we will provide those in the encryption world with You bring new inspiration.

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每周编辑精选 Weekly Editor's Picks(1230-0105)

Investment and Entrepreneurship

The key node of ETF is approaching, take a look at the financial game signals behind the transaction data

January 3rd/4th and January 10th-17th are the two main time nodes for many financial games at present. There is no significant increase in open interest in Bitcoin, the funding rate of perpetual contracts remains high, option exercises are concentrated at corresponding time points (January 5, January 12, and January 26), and call options (Call ) are higher than put options (Put).

Summary of must-have ecological projects on the chain in 2024 (Part 1)

Ignas believes that L1 ecosystem tokens provide more opportunities in terms of native token staking, airdrops and unique NFTs, and pays special attention to ecosystems such as Starknet, Solana, Injective, Stacks, Celestia, Ethereum L2, etc., detailing how to participate in each Ecosystem opportunities, including staking, trading, lending, NFT, etc.

Well-known points incentives, a list of 20 must-do projects in 2024

Blast、Blur、Manta Network、EigenLayer、ether.fi、friend.tech、Scallop、Grass、Rainbow、Magic Eden、Sleepless AI、Zeta Markets、marginfi、Tensor、mint.fun、Philand、Orbiter Finance、Shell Protocol、Reiki、Dmail、Over Protocol。

A glance at the list of the most valuable airdrops in 2024

Celestia, Injective, Osmosis, Aptos and Sui on Cosmos, Solana, Wormhole, LayerZero, zkSync, Linea, Manta Network, Starknet, Scoll, Monad, Particle Network, Orderly Network, EigenLayer.

LUCIDA: Sector perspective analysis of the crypto market

If you are not good at analyzing and selecting sectors with higher potential returns, you might as well simply hold Bitcoin; popularity does not equal actual high returns; some unpopular sectors, such as artificial intelligence big data, storage wallets, etc., are ranked high. The returns have been impressive; several sectors that have performed well over the past 90 days have seen consecutive days of stagnant gains.

Solana Eco Meme Coin Rush Guide: 3 Tips for Finding 10X Opportunities

First, find the popular Dogecoin from the data analysis dashboard of DexScreener, DEXTools and the popular Trending list on Birdeye, and learn step by step how to find the Golden Dog in this dynamic market; then analyze Whale Traders Activities, filter out those addresses that show profit trends, and extract key information from the transaction patterns of these addresses - Solscan can see what other tokens are currently held by these addresses (it should be noted that among these tokens Some may have been airdropped rather than actively purchased); add these noteworthy transaction addresses to the calculation of the profitability level of the selected addresses to understand their degree of success; analyze the transaction patterns of these addresses to reveal their The strategy behind it; use BONKbot Telegram Bot and Sol Trading Bot to automatically execute the strategy.

When the bubble dissipates, the golden shovel is no longer gold?

Shovel projects, which were once regarded as powerful boosters for a new round of bull market, have recently declined in popularity. Doubling is slower, and the golden shovel is no longer golden. The subsequent development performance of the launched projects has declined, and the participation mechanism of the platform itself also affects user retention.

The new way of playing around the staking mechanism makes every IDO platform face the controversy of only large players participate. On the other hand, Analysoor, which is characterized by fairness, also has its own difficulties (technical problems).

There are still new platforms being attracted, but they no longer reap guaranteed returns. The benefits of the shovel effect are still there, but it has changed from a takeoff booster to a foam production machine. Launching Launchpad immediately started the token soaring experience, and after a few days, it seemed like nothing had happened.

After the craze subsides, these narratives need an account, but I dont know who will complete it. Holders have two choices: wait for the project side to develop its pattern and improve the project, or rush to the next hot spot.


RSTK doubles in one day, what other potential projects are there on the Restaking track?

As a platform, EigenLayer, on the one hand, raises assets from holders of LSD (Liquid Staking Derivatives) assets, and on the other hand, uses the raised LSD assets as collateral to provide middleware, side chains, and rollups with AVS needs. The convenient and low-cost AVS (Actively Validated Services) service itself provides demand matching services between LSD providers and AVS demanders, and a specialized pledge service provider is responsible for specific pledge security services.

In the era of one-click chain issuance, DA has also become the wealth code for the project side to start a second business. At present, in addition to the Ethereum mainnet, Celestia is the most adopted and sought after by developers. It is foreseeable that in the near future, a new round of war surrounding EigenLayer tokens will continue. Restaking is more like a new model and new path of financial management for giant whales.

Other projects on the Restaking track include Kelp DAO, Swell, ether.fi, Restake Finance, Puffer Finance, exocore, Ion Protocol, and Astrid.


LD Capital: GameFi+SocialFi star xPET, is it worth participating?

xPET is a pet-raising game based on the extension program embedded in Twitter. Pets can participate in Twitter companionship, Farm, adventure, PVE and other activities, and ultimately generate token income. Upgrading pets through token consumption can expand related income.

To participate rationally in xPET, you need to grasp the rhythm of token fluctuations, invest at low prices, sell at high prices, and achieve stable returns.

How xPET solves the economic model problem to make its token rise without collapsing is still the biggest challenge. The imitation market will follow the price when it is unable to solve the problem.

Projects such as xPET are in their early stages, but the market has confirmed that the track has great potential and deserves attention.

The top-level get-rich-quick game: Discussion on the new flywheel and governance model of Web3 games

As the ultimate pursuit, probabilistic excess returns are supported by cash flow provided by large-scale player arbitrage transactions and games. Moreover, players are given matching/probabilistic/slightly fluctuating long-term returns through their different roles in the ecosystem, rather than obtaining one-time returns of faster return on capital and unlimited mining by purchasing different levels of mining machines. .

Problems that need to be improved include: lack of commodity economy, unstable foundation of the entire economy; and misaligned incentives.

Web 3.0 

Major events in DeSoc in 2023: A year of breakthroughs and changes, exploring new trends in blockchain social media

The author’s main narrative predictions for the SocialFi and DeSoc space in 2024: interoperability, modularity, censorship, security.

Bitcoin Ecology

LD Capital: BRC 20 Infrastructure Inventory (Updated Version)


Lending: Bitlend, DOVA, liquidium,

Stablecoin: BSSB,

Launchpad:Bounce、Turtsat、BRC 20.COM,

Cross-chain: Mutibit, ROUP, Ordinfinity, TeleportDAO.

This article will take you through the recent new protocol for issuance of Bitcoin assets

Rune.Alpha: Rune is stored in UTXO, while inscription based on Ordinals like BRC-20 is a JSON text stored in Bitcoin Scripts SegWit data. It is worth noting that Rune Alpha has rune in its name, but it is still a new inscription protocol based on the ordinals protocol version 0.11.1.

CBRC-20: An efficient meta-protocol standard proposal by Ordinals for fungible tokens on Bitcoin, maintaining the same functional logic of the BRC-20 meta-protocol while reducing the cost per inscription and simplifying the indexing process. CBRC-20 is like a Trojan horse. It uses the inscription method of CBRC-20 to engrave the inscriptions of multiple protocols at the same time, thereby conducting a certain degree of vampire attack on other protocols.

Broadcast Token Naming System (BTNS, Broadcast Token Naming System): By attaching a broadcast signal to each BTC chain transmission, using the records on the blockchain as the data basis, and using the ledger index as a means to allow BTC to publish its own On-chain native asset tokens and NFTs become possible. BTNS makes it possible to release assets based on the BTC main chain from impossible, and completely relies on the characteristics of BTC itself. Its release allows BTC to build all assets without loss of total consumption. With more improvements, it is very likely that BTC will become a fully playable, environmentally friendly mainstream ecological chain.

Ethereum and Scaling

SevenX Ventures: After Uniswap v4, how much application space will there be for co-processors?

It is inevitable that dApps will become large, bloated, and overly complex, so it is inevitable that co-processors will become more popular. Running external coprocessors allows dApps to stay in their comfort zone.

External co-processors are represented by Axiom, Warp Contracts (via RedStone), Hyper Oracle, RiscZero, IronMill, and potential use cases are governance and voting, underwriting, DEX, insurance.

Embedded coprocessors are represented by Artela, and potential use cases include new DeFi projects involving complex calculations, more flexible access control mechanisms for various dApps, complex functions in full-chain games, and security mechanisms.

The above projects have not yet been launched on the mainnet.

Multiple ecology and cross-chain

Solana’s new protocol Analysoor: the creation of a gambling-style fair casting mechanism

Analysoordes fair casting method is indeed in line with the entire decentralized theme narrative, and the mechanism has natural randomness. This lottery-winning gameplay will definitely attract a lot of users to participate. Because it is fair, everyone has a chance, because there will be the unexpected joy of winning the lottery, and there is a certain degree of addiction.

Also recommended: SEI has broken new highs in succession. What other opportunities are there to participate in the Sei ecosystem?》《Nearly quadruple in two weeks, what opportunities are there on Sei?》。

Hot Topics of the Week

In the past week,Markets plunge briefly after Matrixport reports SEC may reject ETFs in January,Celsius:There will be a massive unstaking of ETH in the coming days to ensure timely distribution to creditorsCancun upgrade schedule finalized, to be implemented within two weeks Goerli

In addition, in terms of policy and macro market,The Fed agreed that the rate hike cycle may be over, without discussing when to start cutting interest ratesMeasures for the Management of Banks’ Foreign Exchange Business Development (Trial): Banks should report illegal cross-border financial activities involving virtual currencies to the State Administration of Foreign Exchange in a timely manner

In terms of opinions and voice, Vitalik:ENS is important and needs to be affordable for everyone

In terms of institutions, large companies and leading projects,Sei V2 version will support EVM and Cosmwasm dual virtual machinesUnibot Launches Solana Trading Bot Unibot on Solana,Jupiter Lianchuang:It is expected that 15% -17.5% of JUP tokens will enter circulation on the first day of creationArbitrum ecological L3 game chain Xai is launched in Binance’s latest LaunchpoolAnd will airdrop 5% of tokens, totaling 125 million XAILightning Network Inscription Project NOSS Mining Causes ControversyOrbit Chain cross-chain bridge is suspected of being hacked, resulting in a loss of approximately US$81.5 million

NFT and GameFi fields,Gas Hero public beta version is online,...Well, it’s been another week of ups and downs.

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