TrendX Research Institute: One article to explore investment opportunities in the Depin track

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DePIN motivates users to participate in physical resource networks or digital resource networks through token incentives, thereby optimizing resource utilization efficiency and providing value to network users and users. This article will focus on sensors, servers, wireless networks and computing re

DePIN, that is, Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (decentralized physical infrastructure network) uses token incentives to motivate users to participate in physical resource networks (Physical Resource Networks, PRN) or digital resource networks (DRN), thereby Achieve the purpose of optimizing resource utilization efficiency and providing value to network users and users.

The opportunity for the track lies in its ability to make full use of idle resources and break the shortcomings and bottlenecks of centralized service providers. At the same time, the sustainable development ability of the project also depends on whether its advantages can create enough moats to prevent it from being replaced by other networks. Possible advantages include resource capacity and density of network nodes and a good economic system. This article will introduce potential investment opportunities in the Depin track from four categories: sensors, servers, wireless networks and computing resources.



Hivermapper is a global decentralized map network that aims to solve the problems of monopoly pricing, uneven coverage, and no compensation for user-produced data in the map industry. Hivemapper completed a Series A financing worth $18 million on April 5, 2022. Participating investors in this round of financing include Multicoin Capital, Craft Ventures, Solana Ventures, etc.

By installing Hivemappers driving recorder, contributors can collect high-quality street images and earn Token HONEY as a reward. They can also participate in the Map AI Trainer game to enhance Hivemappers machine learning model to obtain token rewards. Consumers can redeem tokens to access map data, and ecological participants can benefit from the ecological network.

HONEY tokens are issued on the Solana chain, with a maximum supply of 10 billion HONEY tokens. Tokens are initially distributed as follows:

  • 40% is given to contributors as a reward for their participation in building the Hivemapper network. The exact number of tokens minted each week is determined by global map progress.

  • 20% is given to investors to provide the initial capital needed to launch the Hivemapper network.

  • 20% to Hivemapper Inc. responsible for building the technology and operating systems required to run the Hivemapper network.

  • 15% to Hivemapper Inc. to provide RD and operational support for the Hivemapper network.

  • 5% is donated to the Hivemapper Foundation to promote the continued management and success of the Hivemapper network.

Hivemapper adopts a detailed method - global map progress, to fairly reward contributors around the world, and this method is continuously improved based on community suggestions. The September 2023 update mentioned that different regional proportions will affect the global The map progress unit is calculated and the rewards obtained by the area within a given time, and rewards are issued based on the three dimensions of coverage, activity, and elasticity, keeping the maps coverage wide, updating quickly, and not relying on any one individual. Contributors.

What consumers purchase are Map credits. As the usage increases, more Honey tokens will be burned, re-cast and directly rewarded to contributors who provide data. In fact, it essentially maintains user friendliness. Completed consumer and contributor token transfers.

It is worth mentioning that Hivemapper uses three layers of verification to verify the location of collected images, the second layer of which is Heliums Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN), and the other two layers are the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), usually Called GPS and map image quality check.

As of November 2023, Hivemapper has delivered more than 8,000 dash cams that have been mapped in more than 90 countries. Contributors have mapped more than 80 million kilometers of roads, of which more than 5.7 million are unique kilometers, accounting for more than 9% of the worlds roads. On average, Hivemapper contributors now map more than 800 kilometers per week.

Helium Mobile


Helium Mobile is a decentralized 5G network that makes customers, rather than operators, the network owners and operators. Helium Mobile users will be rewarded simply for using their phones on the Helium 5G network, giving consumers ownership of their mobile plans and the network that powers them, ultimately creating a network flywheel effect where user data increases and people are even more incentivized Deploying additional Helium 5G coverage, as the coverage increases, it becomes cheaper and more expensive to use the network, so the flywheel effect of network growth, cost reduction and increased data credit usage makes this project interesting .

To lower the barrier to entry and help accelerate Helium 5G network coverage, Helium mobile offers Helium mobile hotspots, which use Wi-Fi technology to create coverage specifically for Helium Mobile users (smartphones only, no laptops or tablets), mobile hotspots The price is much lower than the CBRS radio and gateway bundle and easier to set up. At the same time, because Wi-Fi technology has a shorter range than traditional cellular devices, high-density deployment of Helium mobile hotspots is needed to help ensure that sufficient data is transmitted through the Helium network, which means a larger audience is needed and it is easier to participate. At the same time, community members can also purchase professional-grade CBRS equipment and complete the relevant setup process or work with professional installers.

On December 5, 2023, Helium Mobile launched a nationwide no-contract $20/month mobile phone plan offering unlimited data, talk and text. It is worth mentioning that Solana Mobile Saga users in the United States will receive a free 30-day subscription to Helium Mobile, allowing them to seamlessly connect to the Helium 5G network and work with 5G networks nationwide, plus Solana Mobile Saga users You can also receive token rewards from other projects in the Solana ecosystem to achieve a positive flywheel for the network.

MOBILE follows a similar minting schedule as HNT, but has a maximum supply of 230,000,000,000 (230 B). 50 B MOBILE is given to the Helium Foundation for management when the network starts. The issuance plan is halved every two years, consistent with the HNT issuance halving. And users can redeem Mobile to HNT on the Helium wallet app.

TrendX Research Institute: One article to explore investment opportunities in the Depin track



DIMO is a decentralized physical system platform that allows car owners to collect, use and profit from data in their vehicles. Developers and data consumers can build applications and services to reduce the cost of providing better mobile products and services. Transfer data ownership to disparate users and stakeholders. By connecting drivers and their data with developers and manufacturers, Dimo ​​can disrupt the original business model and create value for the enterprise first and users second (if any). Applications and services can only be built by a handful of companies with existing access.

In 2022, DIMO will launch devices, car networking and $DIMO tokens. The current development focus is to increase vehicle supply and measure contributions by issuing $DIMO tokens to data providers; adding developer tools to make it easier for application developers to access device data so they can create new user experiences on DIMO. This includes the addition of an embedded wallet to the DIMO Mobile app this year and increasing the quantity and quality of car data.

With the decentralization of data storage, more data on-chain (trip) and the accelerated addition of SDK, the new application ecosystem based on DIMO will become more open. The protocol continues to mature and have applications as it becomes more decentralized, supports new vehicle types (e.g. scooters, aircraft, heavy machinery, etc.) and adds more customers, as well as establishing relationships with automakers. formal relationship.

The value of $DIMO comes from three aspects: coverage, data quality and market demand. The role of the token is mainly transaction demand, governance voting, and participant pledges and incentives. As usage increases, $DIMO will also be destroyed. As a result, users will receive more rewards.

You can also see from DIMO’s official website that the ecosystem is very rich, including car rental, mobile apps, hardware facilities, etc. The picture below shows the latest vehicle and trip data.

TrendX Research Institute: One article to explore investment opportunities in the Depin track



Peaq is a Web3 network that provides decentralized infrastructure and tools for builders and users of machine decentralized applications, or dapps. It provides everything you need for applications built on blockchain networks for vehicles, robots, and devices. Peaq enables entrepreneurs and developers to build decentralized applications for vehicles, robots, devices and other machines, while enabling users to manage and monetize these connected machines and devices.

Peaq allows owners of connected devices to directly benefit from the economic value generated by their assets. This model of economic gain also creates a wealth model exclusive to Peaq. Peaqs decentralized operating platform bypasses intermediaries and connects users directly with devices. Device owners can retain a larger portion of the revenue from their assets because they no longer need to pay large commissions to a centralized platform. Therefore, users participating in Peaq can earn more profits from Internet devices, encouraging more people to participate in the sharing economy. As more IoT devices generate economic benefits, profits will flow and be distributed among Token holders, thereby stimulating transactions and driving development.

According to Peaq’s official website, Token will be issued in 2024, so you can pay attention in advance.

Silencio Network


Silencio is a community-driven platform built on the peaq network dedicated to solving the growing problem of noise pollution in urban areas. The project encourages users to contribute Hyperlocal (community or residential) noise pollution data by providing rewards in the form of Nosie coins. Adopting an innovative ecological economic model allows users to actively participate in the fight against noise pollution while benefiting from their contributions. By collecting accurate real-time data,

Silencio aims to transform noise pollution monitoring by harnessing the power of smartphones, eliminating the need for a host of fixed environmental sensors. Smartphones with built-in microphones can measure sound levels in decibels and map hyperlocal noise pollution. The platform will also offer an app store, the opportunity for users to redeem Nosie coins for goods and services, and the ability to donate Nosie coins to worthy causes such as planting trees or protecting endangered rainforests.

The project announced that it will release airdrops in the future. The number of airdrops is mainly based on the sound data provided by users or the number of user recommendations. You can get one token by uploading data for one minute. Users who recommend others to use Silencio will receive 3 Noise Coins for all the Noise Coins they recommend uploaded. %, as well as the size and number of geographical systems covered.

TrendX Research Institute: One article to explore investment opportunities in the Depin track

According to the Roadmap, the beta test of the project has been completed and more product features, NFT auctions, etc. will be launched, and tokens are planned to be issued in Q2 2024.



Onocoy uses Web3 technology to build the worlds densest GNSS reference station network. Large-scale and high-density reference stations can be achieved through a community-driven approach. The purpose is to solve the problem of high infrastructure costs, so service providers focus on high-income areas. and lucrative market issues, as well as redundancy in reference station infrastructure, leading to unnecessarily high service costs due to duplication of infrastructure.

GNSS has a wide range of applications and its scope of applications continues to expand, not only for user positioning and navigation on the earths surface, but also for determining the position of aircraft and spacecraft. The deployment of Onocoy network-integrated reference stations brings global coverage and high network density, enabling the capital expenditures and operational expenditures of the reference station infrastructure to be distributed across a large community, improving high infrastructure utilization and capital efficiency, while users also Benefit from reduced data costs.

Its architecture is built on Solana. Miners and validators who provide verified data receive ONO tokens for providing core services to the onocoy system. Enterprises, developers and end users use data from the onocoy system to exchange and consume tokens. Coin, the project is still in the testing phase, using BONO tokens as the test currency, and the token economic design is complete.

The maximum supply of ONO tokens is fixed at 810 million. Tokens are distributed as follows:

  • 30% of the reward pool allocated to miners and other contributors.

  • 20% is given to the onocoy association/DAO managed by ONO token holders

  • Investors in two rounds of financing (10% + 10%) provide 20% to provide the startup capital required to launch the onocoy system

  • 15% to the funding team that launched the onocoy system

  • 15% is paid to Services AG to cover employee salaries, consultant fees and the costs of third parties and subcontractors to set up the technical and operational systems required to run the onocoy system



Grass is Wynd Networks flagship product. Wynd focuses on open network data and recently announced the completion of a US$3.5 million seed round of financing. This round of financing was led by Polychain Capital and Tribe Capital, with participation from Bitscale, Big Brain, Advisors Anonymous, Typhon V and Mozaik. Grass allows users to earn passive income from their Internet connections by selling unused network resources, solving the problem of current existing networks being run by exploitative middlemen. The network information exposed to a personal IP address is customized, so this data information is very important to companies such as airlines. In many cases, users lend bandwidth without their knowledge or default, so The project aims to provide a decentralized solution that uses token incentives to encourage users to own their own bandwidth without being deprived of their rights by a centralized proxy network. Companies and artificial intelligence laboratories, etc. can use this network.

The project has 15,000 followers on Twitter, which means it has a certain level of attention. The current beta version was launched in June 2023 and already supports Android phones. With 103,000 downloads and 1,450,000 unique IP addresses as of November 29, 2023, future token holders will receive a portion of the protocol revenue accrual while also receiving governance voting rights.

Space and Time


Space and Time is a verifiable computing layer that extends zero-knowledge proofs on decentralized data warehouses, providing trustless data processing for smart contracts, LLMs, and enterprises. Space and Time connects indexed blockchain data from the chain to off-chain datasets, and uses Proof of SQL to ensure tamper-proof large-scale calculations and prove that query results have not been manipulated.

Proof of SQL is a new ZK-proof developed by Space and Time that allows data warehouses to generate SNARK cryptographic proofs of SQL query execution, proving that query calculations were completed accurately and that both the query and the data were verifiably tampered with.

TrendX Research Institute: One article to explore investment opportunities in the Depin track

Developers can use projects to connect indexed on-chain and off-chain data, use SQL to transform data to perform low-latency cached queries and large analytics jobs, transform and shape data into schema specific to your business, publish queries to API and build dashboard, while zero-knowledge technology can ensure that tamper-proof query results are sent to smart contracts or published directly on the chain in a trustless manner.

Currently, Space and Time has indexed Ethereum, Polygon, Sui, Sei and Avalanche, and is continuously supporting more chains, and has also been connected to Chainlink.

The project has 31,000 twitter followers, and as a cross between the Depin circuit and the ZK circuit, it has received some attention. At present, the project does not have a detailed currency issuance plan, so long-term attention can be maintained.

Natix Network


Natix network uses existing cameras as super sensors to collect data, protects privacy through NATIXs proprietary artificial intelligence and edge computing technology, and creates dynamic maps of the real world for users to low-costly collect and consume real-time data, such as crowd size, Available parking spaces, pothole locations, etc.

It aims to combine decentralized economic incentives and intrinsic motivations to break long-term data monopoly, solve the problems of data islands, high user cost burden and unfair compensation of user data, and enter the geospatial data market.

The NATIX network relies on two token types to coordinate interests among network participants. The two token types are the iLand NFT and the fungible NTXT token. The Natix dynamic map divides the earth into tiles, each of which has a unique Smart Land NFT, also known as an iLand NFT, which will generate passive income for the holder. Any data generated by a NATIX network camera will be on one of these tiles. After monetizing this data, the tile owner is entitled to receive royalties for every transaction on that tile. In addition, iLand NFTs also have governance capabilities within the network. iLand NFTs will be airdropped, sold, and then traded on the market. NFT minting fees and royalties from NFT transactions will be used to grow the network and incentivize early participants. NTXT (ERC-20) is the native utility token of the NATIX network. It is used as a payment method to purchase data and iLand NFT, and can also be pledged to obtain income or reduce network fees and participate in system governance.

Natix allows users to earn NTXT without purchasing additional hardware, using their phone’s camera to join the network and earn tokens. Users can earn money by using their phone’s camera while driving/riding or go explore the map, use the camera to detect events (potholes, garbage or parking spaces) and earn tokens. Enterprise data consumers through NATIX can subscribe to and consume real-time data captured by NATIX cameras over the Internet.

The total supply of NTXT reaches 1 billion, which will be slowly released over 48 months.

Natix network has designed a series of incentives and rewards to encourage users to participate in the network, including NATIX network which will incentivize users who provide liquidity for NTXT/USDC on AMM. And the party providing data/detection data needs to pledge a certain number of tokens to ensure not to do evil.

The project has 35,000 Twitter followers and is currently in its early stages. Whitelist applications are open and users can participate in project testing.













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