DappRadar: Taking stock of the popular dApps on Base worth paying attention to

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Besides Fren Pet, what other projects on Base are worthy of attention?

Original title: Top Trending Dapps on Base You Should Watch

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Editors note: Last weekend, a pet-raising chain game called Fren Pet obtained Fren Pet on Coinbase. The total pet trading volume exceeded 18 ETH. According to data, Fren Pet’s game token once increased by more than 300% in one weekend, and its token increase ranked first in the Base ecosystem that day.

First it was Friend.Tech, then FT version of the chain game Fren Pet. Based on the activity on the Base chain growing every week, Dapp Radar content editor Letícia Melo sorted out 8 dApps on the Base chain that are worthy of attention. BlockBeats reminds that the following information is compiled and compiled based on the original text. There are risks in transactions. Please pay attention to the information updates released by the project team in a timely manner.

Since its launch in August 2023, Coinbase’s Layer-2 blockchain has become home to dApps with great promise. Learn about some of the most interesting and popular projects on the Base Network, from games to Base-exclusive NFTs and DeFi dApps, in the articles below.

Popular basic dApps worth knowing about

Looking for your next opportunity in this fast-paced field? Learn now about the projects on Base that are getting the most attention from the Web3 community since the network opens to the public in 2023.


Friend.Tech is a sensational social network and Web3 that innovates the way you interact online. On this SocialFi platform, users can buy and sell unique keys that grant access to private chats and exclusive content. With a dynamic pricing model, the value of each key increases as demand increases, adding a compelling, game-like element.

DappRadar: Taking stock of the popular dApps on Base worth paying attention to

Despite mixed media reactions, Friend.Tech has found a niche among Web3 enthusiasts. Its “3, 3” strategy (half of the 10% transaction tax benefits content creators and the other half benefits the platform) keeps the community active. Rumors of an upcoming airdrop have also added to the excitement.

Base Name Service

Base Name Service provides a seamless transition to Web3, providing user-friendly .base domain names on Coinbases L2 blockchain.

DappRadar: Taking stock of the popular dApps on Base worth paying attention to

The service simplifies online activity on Base now by enabling users to replace complex wallet addresses with simple web3 usernames. Base Name Service focuses on building wallet-less and Gas-less experiences, aiming to become the next billion users gateway into the Web3 world.

Fren Pet

Fren Pet is the protagonist of this weeks addition to Base, which recreates the charm of the Tamagotchi in the form of Web3. On this gaming dApp, users create pixel art pets and care for them by feeding and cleaning them.

DappRadar: Taking stock of the popular dApps on Base worth paying attention to

What’s unique about FrenPet is that pets can earn ETH by using FP tokens to purchase necessities. Although pet minting is currently discontinued, secondary market acquisitions on OpenSea are still possible. The game includes battles with other pets to gain growth and points, as well as mini-games and upcoming features such as pet homes.

To get involved, users can add Fren Pet to their mobile home screen, set up a wallet, and exchange Base ETH for FP, delving into this fascinating blend of nostalgia and blockchain innovation.

Base Swap

Base Swap becomes the leading native DEX on the Base blockchain. During its short lifespan, the platform quickly gained traction and became one of the major DeFi projects in terms of TVL.

DappRadar: Taking stock of the popular dApps on Base worth paying attention to

It stands out with attractive yields, offering over 150% on cryptoassets such as cbETH, ETH and USDC. DeFi dApps offer users the option to participate in manual or automated centralized liquidity (CL) strategies to maximize fee income while minimizing impermanent losses.

BaseSwap recently launched FrenPet Farm, which further adds to its appeal. Anyone can use their FP tokens and earn BSX and xBSX tokens through new features.

Cambria Duel Arena

Another game worth keeping an eye on is Cambria Duel Arena. It introduces high-stakes duels with thrilling game modes. Players bet Base ETH, tokens, NFT, etc., and then decide the winner in a fierce life-and-death battle, with the winner taking all.

DappRadar: Taking stock of the popular dApps on Base worth paying attention to

During the weekends closed beta, early testers can earn points and influence towards the upcoming full game, Degen Wars.

This arena is just a glimpse of what Cambrias game engine is capable of, promising even more excitement and engagement in future updates.

Base Paint

Base Paint invites artists and enthusiasts to join the pixel art collaborative platform where creativity and reward meet. Artists create unique brushes that contribute to the ever-evolving canvas.

DappRadar: Taking stock of the popular dApps on Base worth paying attention to

Once the canvass time is up, it is minted and all artists share in the proceeds. This approach to digital art fosters a community where every pixel is a step towards a collective masterpiece.

New Throne

New Throne integrates DeFi and GameFi into a PvP experience on Base. Players use WETH tokens to build armies and engage in strategic battles to capture rewards from their enemies.

DappRadar: Taking stock of the popular dApps on Base worth paying attention to

The game offers a variety of troops, defenses, and upgrades, allowing players to customize their strategies for maximum ROI. With THRO tokens and attractive NFT rewards, NewThrone invites players to ascend to demigod status and conquer new realms.

Aerodrome Finance

Aerodrome Finance is a next-generation AMM designed to serve as the primary liquidity center on the Base blockchain. It combines a powerful liquidity incentive engine with a vote-locked governance model designed to enhance user experience. Aerodrome borrows features established from Velodrome V2 (its Optimism version) and aims to incorporate and adapt them to its own framework.

DappRadar: Taking stock of the popular dApps on Base worth paying attention to

In its ecosystem, Aerodrome uses NFTs that serve a dual purpose. They allow holders to vote on the distribution of token emissions and enable them to receive incentives and fees generated by the protocol.

Why build dApps on Base?

Base combines the security features of Ethereum with the functionality of the Optimism OP Stack. Therefore, many dApp developers see it as an excellent choice for creating projects.

dApps on Base integrate smoothly with each other in the vast ecosystem of this super chain (a consortium of layer 2 chains with shared functionality).

Additionally, Base is owned by Coinbase, giving developers the potential to reach millions of cryptocurrency investors whenever the chain becomes available through the official Coinbase app.

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