In the early days of the bull market, will platform coins be a good investment target?

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OKB and BGB increased by 125% and 210% respectively during the year.

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Platform coins are one of the important tracks for investment in the crypto field, and it is even more wise to deploy this field in the early stages of the bull market. Platform currency not only has high certainty and relatively small risks, but also has huge potential for future appreciation. This article will analyze the opportunities and investment logic of the platform currency track to provide investors with a reference.

Some platform coins have strong momentum, with BGB increasing by more than 200% annually.

The platform currency at the top has limited upside potential. Taking BNB as an example, it ranks among the top 4 in terms of market capitalization, but its growth rate during the year was only 2%. Both OKB and BGB have experienced significant increases this year, up 125% and 210% respectively.

BGB, in particular, has become one of the best-performing platform coins this year, which is inseparable from the rapid development of Bitget, the trading platform behind it. As one of the top 5 trading platforms in the world, Bitget’s market share continues to expand, rising from 2% at the beginning of the year to 7% now.

In the early days of the bull market, will platform coins be a good investment target?

Although still in a bear market, BGB and OKB, which are on an upward channel, are gaining momentum. Once a bull market comes, its upward trend will be multiplied and its momentum will be more abundant.

Expected return from holding BGB position

In addition to the benefits brought by the increase in the price of BGB, holding BGB can also participate in Bitget Launchpad, Launchpool and super airdrops, etc., which will bring more expected benefits to users holding BGB.

Currently, Bitget has launched 11 Launchpad projects. Since entering 2023, 6 projects have been launched, with new projects being launched every 1.5 months on average, ranking first among CEX in terms of new launch frequency. On the other hand, from the perspective of yield, according to CryptoRank data, the average historical highest yield of all projects of Bitget’s LaunchPad in 2023 is 4190%. According to the pictures shared by community users, the growth rate of its Launchpad project basically started at 20 times. If calculated based on the U standard, with the minimum cost to participate in each period, the average maximum return is 857 US dollars, which is very considerable.

In the early days of the bull market, will platform coins be a good investment target?

In addition, if you hold BGB, you can also participate in Bitget’s LaunchPool. Currently, LaunchPool has 53 projects launched, with an average of 4 new projects launched every month. Judging from the yields in recent periods, the average yield of projects is about 3%. This means you can earn roughly 12% per month through LaunchPool.

In addition, BGB holders can also receive super airdrops. Bitget’s Super Airdrop already lists 91 projects, and nearly 20 new projects will be airdropped to BGB’s holding users every month.

By holding BGB, you can obtain the income from its LaunchPad, LaunchPool and super airdrop. If all the above income is converted into BGB tokens, and based on the estimated increase of 10 times of the BGB currency price in the next bull market, you can easily achieve compound interest. Snowball effect, resulting in huge profit potential.


In summary, in the early stages of the bull market turning into a bear market, crypto users can consider investing in some platform coins that have performed well in the bear market, are on an upward trend, and can bring a variety of expected benefits. This type of platform currency often has greater upside potential and room for imagination when the bull market comes. By rationally allocating assets and choosing platform coins with potential for investment, investment risks can be reduced and better investment returns can be achieved.

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