A look at the top 10 finalists of ETH Global’s Istanbul Hackathon

1 weeks ago
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Many new projects participated in the competition, and this article will introduce the 10 projects that advanced to the finals.

Original source: ETHGlobal

Original compilation: Deep Chao TechFlow

The ETH Global Istanbul Hackathon opened recently. Multiple new projects participated in the competition. The following are the 10 projects that advanced to the finals:

  • Clade Club

  • S.C.I

  • BridgeBuddy

  • Buddy-Guard

  • Sarma

  • AidDistribute

  • TapTrust

  • Footy Stars

  • ZKvote.cc

1.Lens Frens 1.Clade Club: A fair social governance platform that prioritizes data-driven decision-making

project address:https://ethglobal.com/showcase/clade-club-vhgdb

Project Overview:

Aims to influence the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance structure by addressing issues of fairness, efficiency and transparency. Inspired by Ray Dalio’s “dot collector” concept, we have developed a platform that combines quadratic voting, facial recognition KYC (Know Your Customer) via Worldcoin, and a unique session-based decision-making process.

A look at the top 10 finalists of ETH Global’s Istanbul Hackathon

2.SCI: Verify the security of smart contracts and prevent phishing attacks

project address:https://ethglobal.com/showcase/s-c-i-0760q

Project Overview:

Secure Contract Interactions is a protocol for on-chain contract-to-domain verification. It is used to verify that the smart contract you are interacting with is verified by the domain owner and to prevent scams or phishing attacks.

A look at the top 10 finalists of ETH Global’s Istanbul Hackathon

3.BridgeBuddy: Wallet that automatically bridges funds

project address:https://ethglobal.com/showcase/bridgebuddy-36te1

Project Overview:

A chain abstraction wallet that leverages Hyperlane Warp Routes and Safe Core to automatically bridge assets when needed.

This project simplifies the user experience by hiding the complexity of various EVM compliant chains. Users do not need to monitor and manage funds on each chain and complete the bridging process, the wallet integrates and displays all assets together. If a transaction requires additional funds on a specific chain, the wallet automatically bridges the required amount before executing the transaction, leveraging account abstraction for a seamless process.

4.Buddy-Guard: The community acts as your guardian

project address:https://ethglobal.com/showcase/buddy-guard-1ivrj

Project Overview:

A social security app for people who leave the group in the middle of the night (especially single girls). They can add their social groups as Friend Guards, who can then help monitor their whereabouts and provide support when necessary.

A look at the top 10 finalists of ETH Global’s Istanbul Hackathon

5.Sarma: A development aid for achieving privacy

project address:https://ethglobal.com/showcase/sarma-evm-zkevm-pexc-9wp7o

Project Overview:

The project implements a tool called Sarma that enables public/private execution duality (in development terms) on any EVM. It can also work cross-chain on multiple EVM chains. Users can write the public parts of smart contracts using Solidity as usual. Sarma (encrypted UTXO-style blobs) enables privacy when private execution and addressing are required. The private part of the smart contract is written in Noir.

A look at the top 10 finalists of ETH Global’s Istanbul Hackathon

6. AidDistribute: Providing transparency in humanitarian funding

project address:https://ethglobal.com/showcase/aiddistribute-vem7n

Project Overview:

AidDistribute enables organizations like UNICEF to securely distribute cash and conditionally allow it to be spent.

Organizations can deposit stablecoins into a transparent vault and mint bearer tokens, which are then distributed to designated recipients. These tokens can be transferred seamlessly to selected merchants or services, which in turn redeem them for stablecoins.

Organizations can also set withdrawal limits for each merchant, ensuring equal economic distribution across many services. AidDistribute ensures a traceable and accountable channel for direct cash transfers, increasing the transparency, efficiency and direct impact of humanitarian aid efforts.

A look at the top 10 finalists of ETH Global’s Istanbul Hackathon

7.TapTrust: New conference participation experience based on AA and NFC technology

project address:https://ethglobal.com/showcase/taptrust-12smv

Project Overview:

TapTrust revolutionizes the offline event participation experience by leveraging NFC technology and Ethereums account abstraction. Each attendee will receive a new NFC chip with a unique key pair, allowing them to interact with Ethereum transactions even without ether, ensuring seamless active participation and protecting their privacy. This innovative approach provides each user with a new private address, maintaining anonymity while promoting transparent event interactions.

TapTrust is more than just a starter tool; it is a gateway to a new era of privacy-focused, decentralized event experiences, where every click is a secure, anonymous link to the blockchain world.

A look at the top 10 finalists of ETH Global’s Istanbul Hackathon

8.Footy Stars: On-chain version of “Football Manager”

project address:https://ethglobal.com/showcase/footy-stars-zw8ug

Project Overview:

FootyStars is the worlds first proven football simulator, paving the way for immersive fantasy football games involving real-world stakes. For the first time ever, Fantasy Football is no longer just a game, its finally a true football manager simulator.

Provable simulation: The results of the competition are trustless, that is, anyone can verify whether the simulation was executed correctly by comparing the simulation results. Generate ZKP from off-chain zkML.

A look at the top 10 finalists of ETH Global’s Istanbul Hackathon

9.ZKvote.cc: On-chain voting system supported by ZKP

project address:https://ethglobal.com/showcase/zk-vote-9ipgt

Project Overview:

Blockchain-based election systems often encounter two problems: user anonymity or vote uniqueness. Traditional Sybil-resistant solutions often rely on multi-factor authentication wallets, compromising anonymity.

The project allows for a voting system where users can verify their voting ability using verifiable private credentials via ZKP

A look at the top 10 finalists of ETH Global’s Istanbul Hackathon

10.Lens Frens: Zero-knowledge proof ticketing system based on Lens

project address:https://ethglobal.com/showcase/lens-and-frens-ogedp

Project Overview:

A friendly zero-knowledge (zk) ticketing system that is part of the DevConnect login framework. Here, users create tickets on the blockchain, meaning each ticket is secure and can be verified regardless of where it is minted;

According to the project developers, we like to think of these different chains as our friends without exposing privacy

In addition, the project focuses on community, so it has integrated a method to verify Lens Protocol profiles, allowing ticket holders to prove who they are through decentralized social media accounts on the Lens platform.

A look at the top 10 finalists of ETH Global’s Istanbul Hackathon

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