- BlackRock files S-1 filing for its spot Ethereum ETF; judge rejects FTX lawyers’ motion to delay bankruptcy proceedings (11.17)

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Cathie Wood: Grayscale GBTC will lose its advantage if Bitcoin spot ETF is approved

- BlackRock files S-1 filing for its spot Ethereum ETF; judge rejects FTX lawyers’ motion to delay bankruptcy proceedings (11.17)


BlackRock files S-1 filing for its spot Ethereum ETF

Official documents show that BlackRock has submitted an S-1 application for its spot Ethereum ETF to the SEC, naming Coinbase as the custodian of the underlying ETH. The filing does not appear to mention whether the trust will actively stake ETH and distribute dividends to shareholders from the proceeds. According to previous news on November 10, Nasdaq has submitted BlackRocks proposed spot Ethereum ETF iShares Ethereum Trust application to the U.S. SEC. The ETF will use Coinbase Custody Trust Company as the custodian and use CME CF Ether-Dollar Reference rate. Additionally, other asset managers such as Grayscale, Ark Invest, ProShares and Valkyrie have also filed for spot Ethereum ETFs.


A certain whale has accumulated 88,000 ETH through multiple addresses since October 28, 2022, worth US$180 million.

According to Lookonchain monitoring, since October 28, 2022, a certain whale has accumulated 88,000 ETH ($180 million) through multiple addresses.

Arthur Hayes transferred more than 330,000 SUSHI to Kraken, and his SUSHI investment is expected to earn 5%

According to on-chain analyst Ember Monitoring, BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes transferred 331,470 SUSHI (approximately $340,000) to Kraken 3 hours ago. -Arthur Hayes withdrew and pledged 1.31 million SUSHI (approximately US$1.76 million) from Binance and FTX at an average price of US$1.345 from May to June 2022; -He pledged 1 million SUSHI (approximately US$1.76 million) in August 2022 ($1.5 million) to Alameda Research at an average price of $1.50. Arthur Hayes SUSHI investment, which lasted a year and a half, is expected to achieve a profit of $80,000 (+5%).

FTX address transferred 75 million TRX to Binance

According to Paidun monitoring, the FTX address transferred 75 million TRX to Binance 8 hours ago, equivalent to approximately US$7.8 million.

Project News

Jupiter will conduct its first airdrop of 1 billion JUP next week, with 955,000 wallets eligible

Jupiter Exchange, the Solana ecosystem transaction aggregator, announces details of the JUP community airdrop. The total amount of JUP is 10 billion, 40% of which will be distributed to the community through 4 rounds of airdrops. 10% of the tokens (1 billion) will be distributed in the first round. 955,000 wallets will interact directly with Jupiter before November 2 Eligible for airdrops. Jupiter said airdrops targeting new users will follow, and another growth-oriented round of airdrops is expected to begin before the token is launched. The first round of airdrop distribution will begin next week, but the tokens are not yet live. The Jupiter team will reopen the airdrop channel for final discussions today and conclude the discussions by Friday. Jupiter will re-open the airdrop channel on Discord by the end of the week to allow for further debate on some details, and the official airdrop allocation website will be live next week for everyone to check its allocation, quantity, adjusted score, community rankings, etc. . Previously, on November 2, Jupiter announced that it would launch a governance token, which will be airdropped to 995,000 addresses, mainly for users who have continued to use it in the past two years.

Dogecoin: A single physical Dogecoin planned to be sent to the moon on December 23

Dogecoin posted on the This plan is planned to be implemented on December 23, 2023 and was funded by the Dogecoin community in 2015.

Pyth Network: PYTH airdrop will allocate 55 million additional tokens to DeFi users

Oracle project Pyth Network has announced expanded airdrop coverage for DeFi participants. Pyth has previously announced an airdrop of 200 million PYTH for on-chain DeFi participants, and now increases the allocation of approximately 55 million PYTH, bringing the final airdrop allocation to approximately 255 million PYTH. Additionally, the air investment eligibility criteria and snapshot date have not changed, and ecosystem participants can recheck whether they are eligible.

Paxos plans to launch new USD stablecoin in Singapore

Paxos Digital Singapore, the Singaporean entity of stablecoin issuer Paxos, has received in-principle approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The Paxos Singaporean entity plans to issue a new U.S. dollar stablecoin that will comply with Singapore’s recently finalized stablecoin regulatory framework before legislative amendments come into effect.

Investment and Financing

Fintech company CFX Labs completes $9.5 million in financing and will use Solana network in the future

US-based fintech company CFX Labs has just announced the completion of a $9.5 million funding round. Investors in this financing include Shima Capital, Decasonic, Antalpha, CMT Digital, Corazon Capital, Kraken Ventures, New Form Capital, and Metropolitan Capital Bank Trust participating. The financing will be used to expand its tokenized cash payment network globally. The network will use the Solana network for money transfers.

Sei receives strategic investment from Circle and integrates USDC

Layer 1 blockchain Sei announces strategic investment from Circle and integration of USDC. Circle’s investment enables Sei to integrate USDC with its growing suite of applications, including mainstream DEXs.

Union Labs completes US$4 million in seed round financing, with participation from Galileo, Semantic Ventures, Tioga Capital and others

Union Labs announced the completion of a $4 million seed round of financing, with participation from Galileo, Semantic Ventures, Tioga Capita, Nascent, Lightshift and Chorus Onel. The financing will be used to develop a cross-chain bridge based on ZK technology. Karel Kubat, founder of Union Labs, said: “The most significant attacks come from cross-chain bridges, but cross-chain bridges remain critical infrastructure for almost all projects, which shows the need for better and more resilient products. It is our responsibility to create new methods to protect these assets and further adopt ZK technology to achieve a secure and interoperable cross-chain future.

regulatory policy

Montenegro High Court rejects Do Kwons appeal in forged passport case

Montenegros high court has rejected Terra founder Do Kwons appeal against a four-month prison sentence on charges of forging documents, according to a statement on Thursday. The High Court dismissed the appeal against the lower courts decision as unfounded. It was previously reported in June that Do Kwon was sentenced to four months in prison for forging passports in Montenegro.

Judge denies FTX lawyers motion to delay bankruptcy proceedings

Lawyers for bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX argue that a Delaware bankruptcy court will need to delay bankruptcy proceedings for “a month or two” in order to figure out exactly how FTX went bankrupt. Lawrence Gebhardt of Gebhardt and Smith, the law firm representing FTX in the ongoing bankruptcy case, asked the court to delay the proceedings because discovery of the circumstances of the case would be expensive and require significant travel due to the spread of important parties in the case. all around the world. FTXs former lawyer Dan Friedberg, who is one of the defendants in the case, is in Washington; another former legal counsel, Can Sun, is in the Bahamas; and former SBF CEO, who was recently convicted of fraud, is serving a prison sentence, Gerbart said. Judge John Dorsey denied the motion, saying the delay was not necessary.


Cathie Wood: Grayscale GBTC will lose advantage if Bitcoin spot ETF is approved

ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood said in an interview with CNBC that once the Bitcoin spot ETF is approved, Grayscale GBTC will lose its advantage in this area. According to previous news, Cathie Wood mentioned in an interview with CNBC that people are “speculating” that SEC Chairman Gary Gensle wants to serve as the U.S. Treasury Secretary, and the Treasury Secretary needs to be “very concerned about the U.S. dollar,” thus suggesting that Gary Gensler’s ambition to become the Treasury Secretary may be Bitcoin Spot The real reason why ETFs are holding back. Cathie Wood also predicted that spot ETFs will eventually be approved and said that the cryptocurrency market capitalization will increase from the current $1 trillion to $25 trillion by 2030. Cathie Wood said that the Ethereum network is faster and cheaper (transactions) than the Bitcoin network, and the Solana network is even faster and more cost-effective than the Ethereum network. In addition, Cathie Wood said in an interview with Yahoo Finance that she is still optimistic about Bitcoin, predicting that the future Bitcoin price is expected to rise to US$600,000-650,000 under basic conditions. However, she believes Bitcoin prices could move higher given its scarcity and the potential for more institutional investment if a Bitcoin spot ETF is approved.

Arthur Hayes: Risk assets like Bitcoin will continue to soar as USD liquidity rises

Arthur Hayes, co-founder of BitMEX, posted on the Sex is injected into (the market). Risk assets like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will continue to soar.

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