- ETF attracted 2 billion in capital inflows; AltLayer announced airdrop (January 18)

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50,000 dormant BTC are awakened.

- ETF attracted 2 billion in capital inflows; AltLayer announced airdrop (January 18)


AltLayer announces airdrop standards and token economics

AltLayer issued a document announcing token economics. The total amount is 10 billion. Investors will allocate 18.5% of the total amount, Binance Launchpool will allocate 5%, the team will allocate 15%, the strategic advisor will allocate 5%, the protocol development will allocate 20%, and the treasury will allocate 21.5%. %, with 15% allocated to the ecosystem and community.
Airdrop targets include: AltLayer OG Badge NFT holders, Oh Ottie! NFT holders, Altitude event qualified participants, qualified EigenLayer restakers and Celestia stakers. The snapshot time is 8:00:11 on January 17, 2024 (Ethereum block number 19022890).

New U.S. Bitcoin spot ETF has attracted $2 billion in inflows

James Butterfill, head of research at CoinShares, posted on the The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) has seen $1.18 billion in outflows since the launch of its Bitcoin spot-based ETF. The Bitcoin Futures ETF (BITO) also saw $141 million in outflows this week. Meanwhile, a newly launched U.S. spot Bitcoin ETF has attracted $2 billion in inflows.

Industry news

Ethereum core developer: Goerli fork is finalized

Ethereum core developer parithosh posted on X that the Goerli fork has been finalized. After the patch was fixed, the validators came back online and the chain started finalizing again. The MEV circuit breaker is automatically disabled and the MEV block starts operating.
Additionally, the number of blobs submitted to the network is normal.

Nearly 50,000 Dormant BTC Revived After Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval

Data monitored by cryptocurrency tracker Arkham Intelligence shows that $2 billion worth of dormant Bitcoin was moved through multiple linked addresses days after the spot Bitcoin ETF began trading. These BTCs saw one move in 2019, having previously been dormant since 2013. “Historically, these Bitcoins have all moved at the same time and date,” Arkham said.
It is reported that these BTC have been merged from 49 addresses to 5 addresses, each address contains 8000 to 12,000 BTC, and a cumulative holding of 49,858 BTC is worth approximately US$2.12 billion.

Bitwise Bitcoin Spot ETF issues approximately $70 million in new shares, setting second-largest single-day record

Mike Alfred, founder of Eaglebrook Advisors, posted on the

The computing power of the entire Bitcoin network dropped by about 25% due to the cold wave power cuts in Texas, USA

The Bitcoin networks hashrate has dropped by about 25% in the past few days as power grid regulators in the U.S. state of Texas imposed power curtailments following the recent cold snap. The U.S. state of Texas is the global center of the Bitcoin mining industry.
According to data from MiningPoolStats and Blockchain.com, global computing power estimates fell from about 600 EH/s last Friday to 450 EH/s on Tuesday. The cold weather coincides with a weather warning issued from January 14 to 17. ERCOT is the grid regulator for much of the state.

PayPal’s U.S. dollar stablecoin PYUSD issuance exceeds 290 million coins

According to on-chain data, the total circulation of PYUSD, the US dollar stable currency launched by PayPal, has reached 294,195,079 pieces, and the number of holding addresses is 31,714.

Project News

The Arbitrum community has voted to approve the “Long-Term Incentive Pilot Program” proposal

The Arbitrum community has voted to adopt the Long-term Incentive Pilot Program proposal to pilot the distribution of ARB to protocols built on Arbitrum at a total cost of 45,815,000 ARB, which will subsequently need to be approved through a tally vote.

Pudgy Penguins’ floor price reaches 16.99 ETH, continuing to hit new highs

Blur data shows that the floor price of Pudgy Penguins is 16.99 ETH, continuing to hit a record high; a single-day increase of 15.58%, and a 7-day increase of 54.78%.

dYdX surpasses Uniswap to become the DEX with the largest 24-hour trading volume

Decentralized exchange dYdX, which recently migrated from Ethereum to Cosmos, has surpassed Uniswap to become the largest DEX by 24-hour trading volume, according to CoinMarketCap.
Data shows that the trading volume of dYdX v4 based on Cosmos reached US$757 million in 24 hours, surpassing Uniswap v3, which had a trading volume of US$608 million, and the trading volume of the still operating dYdX v3 market was US$567 million, ranking the third.

BlackRock Spot Bitcoin ETF Now Holds $700 Million Worth of BTC

BlackRock currently holds 16,362 Bitcoins worth $700 million for its spot Bitcoin ETF. (Bitcoin Magazine)

Investment and Financing

Canza Finance completes US$2.3 million in strategic financing, led by Polychain

Blockchain finance company Canza Finance announced the completion of US$2.3 million in strategic financing, led by Polychain, with participation from Protocol Labs, Ava Labs, 99 Capital, Bitscale Capital, Stratified Capital, Contango Digital Assets, Kairon Labs, Mapleblock Capital and others.

Canza Finance will use the funds from this round to further develop its tools and services, working to reduce the cost of doing business on the continent.

Binance Labs completed 25 investments in 2023

When Binance Labs issued an article reviewing the Web3 investment field in 2023, it stated that since 2018, Binance Labs’ investment portfolio has covered 250 projects in 25 countries, with a return on investment of 14 times, and more than 50 portfolio companies are Binance Labs incubation projects. . In 2023, Binance Labs invested more than 25 times throughout the year, focusing on infrastructure and tools based on zero-knowledge proof technology, Web3 games and DeFi.

Inception Capital closes $30 million first fund

Inception Capital (formerly known as OP Crypto) announced the completion of its first fund of funds, Inception FOF I LP, with a scale of US$30 million. The fund focuses on emerging managers in the cryptocurrency space and has received support from investors such as Mirana, FJ Labs, Serafund, and several family offices.
The Inception FoF I LP team has previously invested in more than 30 companies through Inception Ventures Fund I LP, including Scroll Tech, Celestia, Avalancheh and Merit Circle, among others.

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