JZL Garden: Interdisciplinary elites create Athens College in WEB3

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When the idea of ​​the Renaissance meets the Metaverse.

JZL Garden: Interdisciplinary elites create Athens College in WEB3

What kind of sparks will be created when the Renaissance idea meets the Metaverse? Recently, JZL Garden and Yuanbang Technology completed the signing of a memorandum of understanding, and the two parties will further discuss cooperation in the Yuanbang Meta City. Previously, JZL Garden had implemented a project in Sandbox, and formed a friendly interaction with Sandbox founder Sebastien Borget, which was recommended by Twitter.

Yuanbang Technology is a company jointly funded and established by Meta Media Hypermedia Holding Group (0072.hk) and BV Baidu Venture Capital. It incubates new projects related to Metaverse and builds a futuristic, international, fashionable, high-grade, The metaverse dream city that satisfies the heart of society and satisfies the soul is also a masterpiece of Baidu Department and super media in the metaverse.

JZL Garden: Interdisciplinary elites create Athens College in WEB3

JZL Garden is a Web3.0 experimental platform incubated by JZL Capital. The platform takes the Academy of Athens founded by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato as the core prototype, combines blockchain technology and multiverse platform, and creates a multi-phase exploration of goodness and harmony. The opposite art field of goodness creates an activity space for the Web3 community without prejudices such as politics, culture, gender, and power. By launching discussions on the essence of things and activities on the chain, the democratic atmosphere of free thinking is restored. The DAO model leads mankind to shape a better future. (official twitter: @jzlgarden)

Under the influence of his tutors at the University of Chicago, teaching and educating people has always been Justins great dream. He hopes to attract young people in the way of Web3.0 and Metaverse. In any world, no matter how bad it is, it needs the strongest output of values. The positioning of JZL Garden is to drive social change through art and technology, just like the Renaissance promoted the subsequent productivity revolution, and build a field that can communicate freely. A voice agency that shares ideas. Brings interdisciplinary elites together to discuss major human issues.” Justin said. Justin served as the CEO and executive director of two listed financial companies in Hong Kong. In 2019, he was encouraged to vigorously develop the SPAC business, a new type of capital instrument in the capital market. Capital Entrepreneur selected him as Outstanding CEO of the Year in Hong Kong.

In Justins view, among the several waves of human culture, the Renaissance is a relatively soft way of social drive.

From 1510 to 1511, Italian painter Raphael, one of the three masters of the Renaissance, created his most famous work The School of Athens in the Vatican Palace. event. The painting centers on Plato and Aristotle. Plato is on the left, pointing to the sky, and Aristotle is on the right, covering the ground with his palms. Surrounding the two great philosophers are more than 50 scholars and celebrities, who represent ancient times. The ideological core of rhetoric, logic, mathematics, geometry, music, astronomy, military affairs, art and other fields in Greek civilization.

More than 500 years later, JZL Garden in the Web3.0 era wants to bring this shared concept and atmosphere of free and equal communication into the metaverse, so that this wave of classic human culture can bloom again in cyberspace.

Currently, JZL Gardens target users include Web2 opinion leaders, Web3 native players, people who are accustomed to philosophical thinking, and people who have unique pursuits of art and beauty. Users can join traditional and emerging forms of communities, participate in topic discussion activities in the community, understand the experience mechanism and cast an image in advance. According to Justin, there will be 1,500 initial community members, including 500 scientists, 500 well-known institutions or KOLs from all walks of life, and 500 people who will choose the best young people in the world. Young people are the most important.

Influenced by the 1,000 Die-hard Fans Theory by Kevin Kelly, the founding editor-in-chief of Online, Justin discovered the social value of opinion leaders and elites. Cultural trends must first affect the elites. We want young people to pay attention Something worthy of attention. They are the ones who will truly lead the world in the future, and we hope to make the greatest contribution to young people when they are most energetic.

The team members of JZL Garden graduated from internationally renowned universities such as University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Washington, UIUC, RICE, etc., and have served international well-known companies such as Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, etc., with rich financial, Experience in the Internet and blockchain industry. Among them, the current operation director of this project is Roy, who graduated from UIUC. He is quite talented in operation and economic model design. Roy believes, The current working form of DAO is more in line with contemporary young people working together, and working with young people such as team members Tommy, Dylan, Elsie, Potter, etc., is more conducive to exerting the wisdom of young people.

JZL Garden: Interdisciplinary elites create Athens College in WEB3

The topics that JZL Garden first focuses on are global warming and food crisis, which are fully reflected in the first phase of JZL Garden project - Dandelion Project. The project is designed by the young designer Steffen. Through the field shaping and experience interaction design in the metaverse, it arouses peoples thinking about scarce resources and nature and Tao. In the Dandelion project, users can choose the seed NFT to determine the types of plants cultivated on the chain and the direction of donated funds off the chain. Everyones choice will eventually create an unpredictable Garden appearance and landscape, thus reflecting the will of the community.

In terms of architectural form, the Dandelion Project created an outdoor forest scene where Plato held the Academy of Athens. The initial design was to build a building full of green plants on both sides of a river. The building is composed of hard materials in nature, such as stone and rattan. The combination represents the natural future social structure, and the design of the river corresponds to the description of the streets in Stephensons Avalanche, using various elements of wonders to create a metaverse scene with nature as the core. Our architectural concept is architecture It can change with peoples consciousness. In JZL Garden, the architectural form can be changed by choosing food seeds and trees. Moreover, we are actively contacting the Antarctic scientific expedition team and the Guatemala Childrens Organization offline, hoping that the synchronization can be implemented online. Let Web3.0 feed back the real dilemma. JZL Garden will become a platform in the future to support different teams in the theme and help them complete environmental projects. We can provide photography, filming, publicity in the blockchain field and cooperation with well-known companies Wait, Justin said. Now, for this platform, many outstanding young people have joined. They are designing future economic models for JZL Garden, writing and serializing JZL Gardens science fiction novels, and launching their own projects, such as: childrens height in Guatemala, Antarctic expedition scientific research, etc.

In addition to the climate crisis and the food crisis, JZL Garden will also focus on topics such as class leapfrogging, equal rights between men and women, and cultural conflicts between the East and the West. The theme of high and low is destined to be difficult to make quick money in the short term, but I firmly believe that there is a long-tail effect. Justin said bluntly, but this is something that really pushes human society forward. This is also what makes me very happy. I If you ask anyone for help, you can put down your face and speak directly. During the period, you did get the support of Mr. Shao Zhong from Super Media, Mr. Song Ge, a leader in the film industry, and Mr. Zhu, Mark, and Ah Ben, who are veterans in the blockchain industry. At present, the commercial interests in the early stage can be completely ignored, the purer the better. We want to leave something commemorative and valuable to the world, and hope to get more support from all walks of life.”

JZL Garden information: https://linktr.ee/jzlgarden

JZL Garden official website: https://www.jzlgarden.org




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