Why do the governments of Dubai and Bahrain have to put car data on the chain? Blockchain + car project inventory

6 years ago
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First-tier OEMs such as BMW, Ford, and General Motors have also entered the market.

Why do the governments of Dubai and Bahrain have to put car data on the chain? Blockchain + car project inventory

AnnounceAnnounceAnnounceAnnounceIt plans to develop a blockchain-based vehicle registration system, and is currently looking for technical partners to implement the application.

It can be said that government-led blockchain technology applications are the norm in Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and some other Middle Eastern countries. Last year, Dubai set the goal of becoming the first blockchain government (to put all files on the chain) in 2020, and Bahrain, located in the east of Saudi Arabia, also set the goal of adopting blockchain technology throughout the country and becoming a leader in financial technology. Determination. These countries seem to have regarded blockchain technology as an engine of economic growth.

introduceintroduceHowever, a car generates at least more than 30 kinds of data during its entire life cycle, and these data play an important role in the entire automotive industry chain. 1. Second-hand car trading companies need real car repair and maintenance data to evaluate the residual value of the vehicle and make recirculation pricing; self-driving companies have the need to obtain a large amount of driver driving data, and so on. However, these data are scattered in the hands of centralized platforms or individuals such as OEMs, repair shops, and insurance companies, and it is difficult to integrate, confirm their authenticity, and circulate them.

In this regard, the solution given by the blockchain is to develop an open distributed vehicle registration system for each subject (including enterprises and individuals) who own the data to upload the multi-dimensional data of the vehicle, and then determine the vehicles identity through cross-comparison. Real information; the subject who uploads the real data will be rewarded, and the party who falsifies the data will be permanently recorded by the blockchain, with high cost and strong deterrent effect. Those who need data can purchase it on demand, thus forming a benign data circulation channel and reducing costs and improving efficiency for all links in the industrial chain.

Why do the governments of Dubai and Bahrain have to put car data on the chain? Blockchain + car project inventory

In view of the feasibility of the blockchain solution, many players from inside and outside the auto industry have entered the arena in the past few months, such as BMW, Ford, GM and other first-tier OEMsCo-sponsored the Mobile Open Blockchain Initiative, starting to collect data from the end of the vehicle factory; the owner version of Dianping Weiche and Distributed Technology jointly developed a block car to encourage car owners to upload data to the chain. Bitcar, Carblock and Carblock also adopt this idea letter chain;Carvertical, Engine wants to purchase and collect vehicle data from various data platforms and commercial organizations, clean and verify the data, and then output it to various data demanders.

In addition to being used for transactions, the data on the chain can also change the way cars are used. such as accounting firmErnst Young launched the Tesseract platform for car sharing scenarios in September last year, confirm the ownership of the vehicle and upload the travel data to the chain, and then automatically unlock and charge the vehicle through the smart contract, which is safe and traceable. The platform is said to reduce vehicle unlocking and locking time by 6 times through distributed operation.

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