2020年12月15日下午4点,BlockArk创始人宿冶对话SCIFI联合创始人Rick Mortensen,在Uniswap中文社区进行了“即将公募的SCIFI 朋克风设计下的指数世界”的AMA主题活动。本次直播活动由区块方舟BlockArk和BitMax支持,链闻ChainNews、星球日报Odaily、区块律动BlockBeats媒体支持,直播分享内容整理如下:






宿冶:Hello Rick, welcome to the Chinese community of Uniswap. Lets start with a one-sentence introduction to the SCIFI Finance.It is believed that most of my friends will find it difficult to know what this project is for the first time after they enter the official website.You can also introduce your team members to us, and also about the design of your website.

你好Rick,欢迎来到Uniswap中文社区,先给我们用一句话简单地介绍下SCIFI Finance这个项目吧。相信大部分朋友进入官网后都被很难第一时间知道这个项目是做什么的。如果方便的话,也可以给我们介绍下你们的团队成员。当然,你也可以给我们讲讲你们官网的设计思路。

Rick:Hi everyone! First of all, thank you so much for having us here, we appreciate the opportunity to tell you and your community more about the project. I am leading the business development and partnership topics at SCIFI and SPICE. I’ve been working in the broader crypto ecosystem full time since 2017. With my background in finance, I’m a big believer in index products as a gateway for investors. This is what excites me about SCIFI and is the main reason why I came aboard. 

嗨,大家好! 首先,非常感谢BlockArk的邀请,同时也感谢有此次机会向大家介绍有关SCIFI项目的信息。 我本人是在SCIFI和SPICE里主要负责业务发展和伙伴关系的。 我是从2017年开始就全职在加密生态圈里。凭借我在金融领域的了解和背景,我坚信指数产品会是投资者的门户。 这就是为什么我对SCIFI感到兴奋的原因,同时也是我加入SCIFI的主要原因。

Rick:There are a good two handfuls of individuals who dedicate a meaningful amount of time to this project. Most notably: Lucky Picard is the ship’s finance lead, Prince Valium the Comms person, HAL2020 is the tech lead, Ender Wiggin the product wizard and Dark Helmet is the community lead.

有少数几个人为该项目投入了大量时间。 主要是:Lucky Picard是项目的财务主管,Prince Valium是通信人员,HAL2020是技术主管,Ender Wiggin是产品向导,而Dark Helmet是社区主管。

Rick:Yes, the website is quite special. We chose to create a brand on the backdrop of a space narrative. We thought it is a fun way to build a foundation on which to expand the narrative of the project. 

是的,我们的网站是有点特别。 我们是选择在空间叙事的背景下创建了这个品牌。 我们认为这是一种有趣的方式,并且可以为扩展项目的叙述打下基础。

宿冶:Can you tell us the operating mechanism of Scifi? What makes up this basket of cryptocurrency? Your introduction has given us so much mystery that users are at a loss, so give us some ideas and directions :)


Rick:SCIFI is essentially a hand-curated, DAO-governed crypto index. As with traditional finance and ETFs, we see a similar movement in the digital asset space. Even for us who are working in the industry full time, selecting the right assets to invest in can be a daunting task. This is why we believe that curating an index for the community adds a lot of value. Investors can do a diversified investment by buying just one token. 

SCIFI本质上是由DAO管理的加密指数。 与传统金融和ETF一样,我们看到数字资产领域也发生了类似的变化。 即使对于全职从事加密行业的我们来说,选择合适的资产进行投资也是一项艰巨的任务。 这就是为什么我们认为为社区制定一个指数可以增加很多价值的原因。 投资者只需购买一个代币即可进行多元化投资。

Rick:SCIFI is governed by a governance token called $SPICE. The SPICE DAO will have governance powers with regards to the steering of the SCIFI index, creating new indices and controlling the usage of the project treasury.

SCIFI由被称为$ SPICE的管理代币控制。 SPICE DAO将具有管理SCIFI指数,创建新指数和控制项目资金使用的管理权。

宿冶:Is SCIFI entirely self-built? Why not build the index from an existing platform? PowerPool or Balancer.


Rick:SCIFI is not entirely built from scratch. We leverage existing and battle tested libraries and added existing code where required. The smart contracts were tested by an audit firm that has in the past done work for names like MakerDAO, 1Inch or DIA. Read up on the details here: 


SCIFI并非完全从头开始构建。 我们利用现有和经过测试的库,并在需要时添加现有的代码。 这些智能合约已经过一家审计公司的测试,该公司过去曾为MakerDAO,1Inch或DIA等知名项目进行过审计。 更多详细信息:


宿冶:Due to the popularity of DeFi, there have been many related indexes and related projects in the market, such as DPI index made by DeFi Pulse, sDEFI synthetic asset built based on Synthetix, and even YETI, Year Ecological index, appeared on PowerPool due to the powerful influence of AC. What are the advantages of Scifi over these index?

由于DeFi的火热,市场上已经出现了很多相关的指数和相关的项目,比如DeFi Pulse做的DPI指数,基于Synthetix搭建的sDEFI合成资产,甚至因为AC的强大影响力,PowerPool上还出现了Year生态指数YETI。与这些一揽子数字货币指数相比,Scifi有什么优势?

Rick:First off, we believe that crypto will see a similar development as the traditional financial space did with ETFs. Creating gateways to follow diversified and/or specialised investment strategies is a great way to create access for investors that may not have the resources and capacity to do all that research for themselves. So we will see many many indices coming up in the next years with different strategies. SCIFI is the first index that gives a combination of expert curation, DAO governance, full ocollateralisation and zero fees. We believe that especially in the fast moving and highly technologies world of crypto, leveraging the power of experts has vast advantages.

首先,我们相信会在加密货币领域看到与传统金融领域和ETF相似的发展。 创建遵循多元化和/或专业化投资策略的门户是一种为可能没有足够资源和能力自行研究的投资者提供渠道的好方法。 因此,我们将会未来几年看到许多采用不同策略的指数。 SCIFI是第一个结合了专家管理,DAO治理,全面抵押和零费用的指数。 我们认为,尤其是在快速发展的高科技世界中,利用专家的力量具有巨大的优势。

宿冶:We saw that SCIFI Finance actually has two kinds of tokens. Could you tell us about its dual token mechanism? What are the functions of SCIFI and SPICE? How do you give value to each other?

我们看到SCIFI Finance其实有两种代币,能否为我们讲讲它的双代币机制?SCIFI和SPICE分别有哪些功能?如何互相给与对方价值?

Rick:SCIFI itself is the actual index token. The smart contract holds the constituents of the assets, they are actually locked into the contract, so it is fully collateralised and one SCIFI can always be redeemed for its constituents through a smart contract interaction. 

SCIFI本身就是指数代币。 智能合约持有资产的成分,资产实际上已锁定在合约中,因此已经是完全质押的状态了,并且始终可以通过智能合约交互来赎回一个SCIFI的资产成分。

Rick:SCIFI is governed by a governance token called $SPICE. The SPICE DAO will have governance powers with regards to the steering of the SCIFI index, creating new indices and controlling the usage of the project treasury.

SCIFI由称为$ SPICE的管理代币控制。 SPICE DAO将具有管理SCIFI指数,创建新指数和控制项目资金使用的管理权。

宿冶:I think we may spend more time on the token mechanism. What is the pricing mechanism of SCIFI? Will it exist in both the primary and secondary markets, as ETFs do? Users can redeem the SCIFI either by subscribing to the SCIFI with a digital currency basket or by exchanging the SCIFI with a digital currency basket. Does that mean there is arbitrage room?


Rick:SCIFI will be initially priced according to the Net Asset Value of its constituents. However once it starts trading on DEXs it can happen that the token price is higher or lower than the Net Asset Value. When it is, there will be an incentive to either buy the token, redeem it for the constituents and sell them on the open market, or vice versa, mint SCIFI by posting the constituents to the smart contract and then selling SCIFI on the open market. This arbitrage mechanism essentially decentralises the role of the market maker.

SCIFI将根据其资产的成分净值进行初始定价。 但是,一旦它开始在DEX上交易,可能会发生代币价格高于或低于资产净值的情况。 在这种情况下,将有动力购买代币,然后将其赎回成其组成成分的其他代币,然后在公开市场上出售它们,反之亦然,通过将其组成成分的代币发布到智能合约上来铸造SCIFI,然后在公开市场上出售SCIFI套利 。 这种套利机制实质上分散了做市商的作用。

宿冶:You have named the SCIFIs governance body Galactic Council. Could you tell us what the governance mechanism of the DAO is like? How will this energize SPICE?

你们给SCIFI的治理机构取名为银河委员会(Galactic Council),能否给我们讲讲这个DAO的治理机制是怎么样的?这将如何给SPICE赋能?

Rick:The Galactic Council is made up of a group of experts and community leaders that we call Senators. They are leading actors in the industry that have a deep understanding of the space and a significant thought leadership and reach. Their role is to support mission control with their knowledge, educate their communities and amplify the message of SPICE and SCIFI.

Galactic委员会由一群我们称为参议员的专家和社区领袖组成。 他们是行业中的佼佼者,他们对行业有着深刻的了解,并在行业内具有领导力和一定的影响力。 他们的角色是用他们的知识支持任务可控,教育并引导他们的社区扩大SPICE和SCIFI的信息影响。 

Rick:The Senators don’t strictly have a governance role, this falls upon the SPICE DAO, so all the holders of SPICE. The Galactic Council will be part of the SPICE DAO. We are excited to have such a talented group of Senators assembled, They include names like The Crypto Dog, The Wolf of all Streets, GAINS Associates, Young and Investing and more. 

参议员并不严格担任管理角色,这是SPICE DAO的责任,因此SPICE的所有持有者都应当承担管理的责任。 Galactic委员会将成为SPICE DAO的一部分。 我们很高兴能召集如此才华横溢的参议员小组,其中包括The Crypto Dog,Walls of All Streets,GAINS Associates,Young and Investing等。 

宿冶:Everyone is very interested in your public offering mechanism, which is named BIG BANG. Could you please introduce this mechanism to us and how users should participate?

大家想必对你们的公募机制很感兴趣,你们取名为BIG BANG 大爆炸,能否给我们介绍下这个机制,用户该如何参与?

Rick:For the public sale we leverage Uniswap liquidity pools to create a price discovery mechanism and have a know and simple-to-use gateway to the offering. The Liquidity pool initially provides 500K SPICE and 700K USDC, setting the price at an initial 1,40 USDC / SPICE. As SPICE is bought, the ratio changes and thus the price increases, reflecting the demand for the token. At certain levels, we provide limit sell orders that will give access to SPICE at a stable price. Once absorbed, these levels will provide something like price floors, where the sell-off of the token is strongly disincentivised. All the SPICE that won’t be sold in the limit orders will be burned and thus contract supply and positively impact price for all holders. This is a maximum of 2,86M SPICE. Here are the details about the offering: https://scifinance.medium.com/archived-the-big-bang-831ed0b54922 The Big Bang will take place soon, keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on our channels.

对于公开发售,我们利用Uniswap流动资金池创建价格发现机制,并拥有一个易于使用的已知产品门户。 流动资金池最初提供500K的 SPICE和700K 的USDC,将初始价格设置为1.40 USDC / SPICE。 当购买SPICE时,比率会发生变化,因此价格会上涨,反映出对代币的需求。 在某些特定的时候,我们会提供限价卖单,使大家可以以稳定的价格购买SPICE。 一旦被买完,这些时间段将提供价格底线之类的东西,在这种情况下,强烈不鼓励代币抛售。 所有在限价单中未被售出的SPICE都将被烧毁,因此这种情况下怼合约供应量和对所有持有人都会产生积极影响。 最多为2.86M SPICE。 以下是有关该产品的详细信息:https://scifinance.medium.com/archived-the-big-bang-831ed0b54922公募即将举行,请持续关注我们的电报消息。



@吉米:Is it possible to choose the components of the index, or to give users some freedom in the choice of the components of the index?


Rick:SPICE is designed to be DAO governed. SCIFI is the first index issued by the SPICE DAO. Currently the selection of constitutes in SCIFI are decided by the mission control, but we are already involving the community by crowd sourcing project recomendations. In the coming year we will decentralised the sourcing and dcecision process on SCIFI. New indices from the SPICE DAO could be from the start community sourced and selected. Feel free to suggest strategies you want to see issued.

SPICE受DAO控制。SCIFI是SPICEDAO发布的第一个指数。目前,SCIFI的构成完全是由委员会决定的,但我们已经通过项目推荐让社区参与进来。在未来的一年,我们将以中心化的方式来进行SCIFI的采购和决策过程。来自SPICE DAO的新指数可以从初始社区来选择。您可以随时提出你想看到的策略。 

@Risler:Its still confusing. Could you explain in details how we investors should participate in crowdsale?


Rick:Yes, with pleasure. We will announce today between 21.00-23.00 that the sale is going live. The sale will last for 24 hrs. You will be able to buy SPICE tokens through Uniswap. The link to the Uniswap will be share in our announcement channel. Please be aware that there arfe fake tokens out there. Please only use the link from the announcement channel: https://****/sci_finance


@李伟:If you buy SCIFI, can you redeem a basket of currencies represented by SCIFI? Will it start from 9pm to 11pm tonight or will it begin sometime between 9pm and 11pm for 24 hours?


Rick:Today is the sale of SPICE, the governance token of SCIFI will start. With the proceeds from the sale we will buy the project tokens and mint SCIFI - approximately 96hrs after the closing of the SPICE sale. Then you can buy SCIFI through uniswap after that. You can also mint SCIFI yourself (only makes sense if you have a lot of the tokens from the underlying projects) and you can also reedem SCIFI against the tokens.


@小仙女:Why did you use this avatar as profile photo? What does that mean?


Rick:We are a team of contributors that have been in the crypto space, building successful projects. We all though beliueve, that we are critical in the set-up of SPICE and SCIFI, but along the way we want the community to be in charge. Hence we created a DAO. This is also the reason we do not want to put to much emphasis on us as individuals but the product itself. I guess it speaks for itself that the most known influencer in the space are becoming senators - showing their trust.


@李伟:Does that mean you cant reverse redeem a basket of currencies?


Rick:Yes, you can redeem. But it cost gas. So if you just want to liquidate for 100USD than its better to sell through uniswap you position. But you can redeem SCIFI for its constitutes. Its an important safety mechanism.

是的,你可以赎回。但是需要消耗gas. 所以,如果你只是想平仓100USD,你可以通过uniswap来出售您的头寸,但你也可以选择赎回一揽子货币。它是一种重要的安全机制。


SCIFI Announcement channel: https://****/sci_finance

SCIFI Community channel: https://****/sci_finance_trading

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