One-click coin issuance has become the “new password for encryption”. Which platform can beat after it?

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Whoever controls attention and liquidity will have the last laugh in this platform game.

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One-click coin issuance has become the “new password for encryption”. Which platform can beat after it?

Shortly after the cumulative revenue exceeded 55 million US dollars , Solana Ecosystem Meme Coin issuance platform suddenly released a shocking statement yesterday - Its over, friends. Thank you for joining our bull market. We had a lot of fun, and I hope you did too. In order to save costs, will be closed at UTC 00:00 until market conditions improve. Make sure to set your alarm for 18 months later! See you then.

Although it was later confirmed to be an official meme, this move still triggered a wide range of discussions in the community and the market: Is, created by a small team, safe enough to retire from the game? Are there any competitors in the market that are competitive enough to fight? What are the core competitiveness of a one-click coin issuance platform? Odaily Planet Daily will discuss and analyze the above questions in this article.

Solana Meme Coin Craze Continues to Build Momentum

As early as the beginning of May, Nan Zhi, a senior writer of Odaily Planet Daily, had conducted an in-depth interpretation of (see: The driving force behind the continued record-breaking growth of Solana tokens, interpreting the growth engine ). As mentioned in the article, was launched in February 2024. At the time of its launch, there were not many users paying attention to and using it. By mid-March, the number of users and usage began to soar.

It can be seen that the rapid rise of benefited from the Solana ecosystem Meme coin craze led by BOME in mid-March. Moreover, compared with other single Meme coin projects that have fluctuated or disappeared, its performance once again shows that platform-based protocols can achieve the maximum value capture through the fee model and become the ultimate reaper.

One-click coin issuance has become the “new password for encryption”. Which platform can beat after it? official website interface

A cursory review of its history shows that has all the elements in its story:

  • In early April, according to data from The Block , the Memecoin issuance and trading platform earned $5.2 million in 38 days, and claimed that it could ensure that tokens created on the platform would not have malicious Rug Pull behavior, and that each token was issued fairly, without pre-sales or team allocations. ——But this was quickly falsified in the performance of token issuance in minutes.

  • At the beginning of May, had issued 418,936 tokens and had accumulated revenue of $6.9 million. From April 1 to May 1, Pump.funs revenue reached $4.99 million . Not only that, its 24-hour revenue once exceeded popular ecosystems, projects or platforms such as Base, Lido and Uniswap , ranking among the top five in terms of revenue. - With the help of Meme coin, became one of the few bright spots in the crypto market during the bull-bear transition. After all, everyone needs a casino. It used to be CEX, but now it has become

  • In mid-May, suffered a flash loan attack. The official later stated that the attack was caused by a former employee who used his privileges in the company to illegally obtain withdrawal rights and carried out a flash loan attack with the help of the loan agreement, stealing about 12,300 SOL (worth about 1.9 million US dollars). The official has subsequently upgraded the contract to ensure the security of the platform. - can continue to operate well after being stolen, which also shows its anti-fragility.

  • At the beginning of June,’s cumulative revenue exceeded 30 million US dollars , and then it became unstoppable. In early July, it achieved the result of “ranking first in blockchain in 24-hour revenue”, surpassing Ethereum, Tron, Solana and other public chains, reaching 1.99 million US dollars. At this time, truly became a promoter of “subverting the blockchain network ecology with a platform”.

Not only that, the relationship between and the Solana ecosystem is becoming increasingly close. It not only enjoys its ecological dividends, such as the launch of Blinks, which boosted the launch and surge of tokens such as SC, the cost advantage of project launches on the Solana network and the low threshold for participation costs; at the same time, it has also injected new innovative power into the Solana ecosystem to a certain extent. For example, the market value of the BILLY emoji token once exceeded US$100 million , bringing new traffic and liquidity to the Solana ecosystem.

It can be said that has achieved a perfect combination of asset issuance efficiency and fair distribution of chips, thus complementing this round of market cycle.

One-click coin issuance has become the “new password for encryption”. Which platform can beat after it? profit calculation

The emergence of new market entrants

After seeing the terrifying money-making ability of, many project parties and platforms in the market became jealous, and a number of similar one-click coin issuance platforms gradually emerged. The following are the projects that are currently representative or original, and we will briefly introduce them.

Moonshot: Backed by the aggregation platform Dexscreener, it performs well

In late June, the real-time DEX analysis platform Dexscreener released a token issuance platform called Moonshot. It is worth mentioning that the platform does not use a separate new website, but a built-in page on the Dexscreener platform. The specific project threshold and transaction page are also relatively simpler, which is much less visually stressful than the page of with dense numbers and constantly jumping numbers. Of course, perhaps because of these reasons, Moonshot gives people a lower intensity of numerical stimulation.
Soon after its launch, Moonshot also achieved a lot of results. Not only did it launch tens of thousands of tokens in just a few days, but the price performance of tokens such as SC was also excellent. Regarding this, Odaily Planet Daily also introduced it in the previous article Using AI Robots to Sniper Moonshot New Coins: Can Novices Become Scientists?

One-click coin issuance has become the “new password for encryption”. Which platform can beat after it?

A glimpse at the Moonshot interface

We.Rich : A copycat of the Base ecosystem with low platform activity

We.Rich is a one-click coin issuance platform similar to in the Base ecosystem. It has similar functions, but the Base ecosystem and pixel-style UI interface are the two major features of the platform.

However, judging from the update frequency of its official Twitter account and the information on its official website, the project has not achieved similar results to Instead, it feels a bit struggling. The platform projects are also mixed, and there is no shortage of projects containing adult image materials.

In addition, according to its official website, the transaction amount of the platform project is also extremely pitiful. It can be seen that the trading activities are not active.

One-click coin issuance has become the “new password for encryption”. Which platform can beat after it?

We.Rich official website interface : Gamified token ranking guessing platform

As you can tell from the project name, this is another copycat of, but it originated from the Farcaster ecosystem.

In addition, the project has made some upgrades and gamification based on——

First, the project turned the coin issuance into a guessing game. At the beginning, players needed to guess the 1st and 10th place correctly to get high odds returns. Later, perhaps to enhance the fun of the game or the competitiveness of the project, or perhaps because there were too few participants and the liquidity was poor, the official changed it to the 1st and 3rd place winners, and other projects would suffer a rug; secondly, each round of the game lasts 12 hours, and players can create or buy tokens. Currently, three games have been completed, including the internal test, the first round, and the second round, and the third round has not yet begun; finally, the funds in the prize pool come from the liquidity of the 2nd to 9th place tokens, and the protocol official charges a 1% handling fee.

In addition, the official X account has only updated on June 28, which is suspected to be the real Rug.

One-click coin issuance has become the “new password for encryption”. Which platform can beat after it?

Official website interface

Four.Meme : A suspected “shell platform” on the BNB chain

According to its official introduction, this is the first fair launch platform for Meme coins on the BNB chain, and its project name and brand logo also use CZs classic gesture Four, which shows that they have done their homework. In addition, the project has added a pie-in-the-sky interface on the official website interface - Airdrop Coming Soon, and informed users that they only need to participate in platform activities (creating token projects, buying and selling transactions or comments, etc.) to obtain future points and obtain airdrops.

However, judging from the follower and tweet data of the official account of Platform X, this is most likely a one-off “shell project”, and the authenticity of the token project is questionable. The seemingly serious ranking list may also be a self-directed setting by the project owner.

One-click coin issuance has become the “new password for encryption”. Which platform can beat after it? : A SocialFi token launch platform that participated in ETHGlobal and joined the PK mechanism

This is also an emerging one-click coin issuance platform. It has launched the BNB chain and focuses on the SocialFi concept (mainly the chat room). It has added a token PK mechanism - once a token project reaches a market value of $86,000, it can become a PK candidate and compete for more liquidity (the winner merges the losers liquidity). If a projects market value reaches $774,000, it wins. If you want to launch Pancakeswap V3, you need to inject at least 70,000 tokens as liquidity tokens and destroy them.

However, perhaps due to the fact that the platform is in its infancy, no candidate projects have been generated yet.

One-click coin issuance has become the “new password for encryption”. Which platform can beat after it?

bibobibo : a bullet screen trading platform where you can trade while talking

It is understood that BiboBibo is committed to building a bullet screen trading platform, allowing users to express their trading views and trading emotions during trading. At present, the project has not enabled the one-click coin issuance function. The official website interface shows that many projects are about to be launched. Whether it can attract users attention and introduce more liquidity to DEX through bullet screen communication in the future is still a big question mark.

One-click coin issuance has become the “new password for encryption”. Which platform can beat after it?

Lmao : The latest work of investment traders

The platform was founded by Suki , the former quantitative department of Pantera (some say the design idea of similar products like came from this person, and was later created after the communication between the founder Alon and Qiao of AllianceDAO , but it has not been confirmed by the parties involved), but more information about the project has not been announced. And according to the tweets of the projects X platform account, it still uses the earlier hunger marketing gameplay, which is a bit old-fashioned and boring.

One-click coin issuance has become the “new password for encryption”. Which platform can beat after it?

Conclusion: For the time being, there is no one who can beat them, is still the only king

At present, there is still no competitor in the market that can compete with or even pose a certain threat to it. I think there are three main reasons for this:

  • The meme coin sentiment has subsided, market attention and market liquidity are concentrated, and has occupied an excellent ecological niche with its first-mover advantage;

  • The new platform lacks a sustained wealth-creating effect, making it difficult to leverage Meme’s attention economy advantage and attract a wider range of liquidity through Meme coins;

  • A low threshold for issuing coins does not mean there is no threshold, and a low threshold for participation does not mean that users are willing to participate in losing money. The focus of a one-click coin issuance platform is still to stir up liquidity on a larger scale, rather than simply PVP.

Looking back at the Meme coin project market in the first half of the year, we can clearly see that Meme coin is a zero-sum game field. Therefore, on the one hand, it is extremely dependent on the large amount of funds and high liquidity brought by whales and crocodiles, and on the other hand, it relies on a good narrative, memorable materials and a gimmicky background to achieve further dissemination and discussion, so that more retail investors in the market can participate. Therefore, in the current situation where the market fluctuates back and forth, for many Meme coin players, is enough as a platform, and there is no overflow liquidity to support the survival of more platforms. Therefore, the stories of getting rich quickly like JENEE, MOTHER and other projects may become a swan song that is difficult to be staged again.

What users need is never fancy functions or high-end platform concepts; they just come for the wealth-creating effect and leave because of repeated losses.

If it is impossible to attract liquidity through incremental growth, the so-called one-click coin issuance platform is just a false proposition.

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