Planet Daily|Mt.Gox will begin distributing BTC and BCH repayments in early July; Sun Yuchen has bought a total of 15,415.5 ETH in the past four days (June 25)

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BTC fell below $59,000 in the short term.

Planet Daily|Mt.Gox will begin distributing BTC and BCH repayments in early July; Sun Yuchen has bought a total of 15,415.5 ETH in the past four days (June 25)


Market News: Mt.Gox will begin distributing BTC and BCH repayments in early July

According to market news, Mt.Gox will begin distributing Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash repayments in early July 2024.

BTC fell below 59,000 USDT in the short term, with a 24-hour drop of 8.28%

OKX market data shows that BTC fell below 59,000 USDT in the short term and is currently trading at 58,733 USDT, a 24-hour drop of 8.28%.

Justin Sun bought 1,449 ETH from Binance 6 hours ago, and a total of 15,415.5 ETH has been bought in the past 4 days.

According to on-chain analyst Ember, 6 hours ago, Justin Sun continued to withdraw 1,449 ETH (US$4.76 million) from Binance through the 0xDBf... Ec8 address. In the past 4 days, Justin Sun has withdrawn a total of 15,415.5 ETH (US$53.61 million) from Binance through the 0xDBf...Ec8 address, with an average price of US$ 3,478 .

Data changes

The whale/institution that accumulated $22.74 million of PEPE in May was suspected of reducing its position by 45% 3 hours ago

According to the monitoring of on-chain analyst @ai_ 9684 xtpa, the whale/institution that accumulated $22.74 million of PEPE from May 22 to May 30 was suspected of selling 45% of its holdings three hours ago. The PEPE opening cost of this address is $0.00001376, and the recharge price is $0.00001122. If it is sold, it will lose $1.77 million; the remaining 800 billion pieces still have a floating loss of $1.92 million.

Influenced by the news that Assange reached a plea agreement with the United States, JUSTICE 24H rose by 111.2%

CoinGecko data shows that AssangeDAO (JUSTICE) rose 111.2% in 24 hours and is now trading at $0.0005034. Earlier today, court documents showed that WikiLeaks founder Assange plans to plead guilty as part of a plea agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice, which will allow him to be free after serving five years in a British prison.

Project News

Dexscreener releases competitor Moonshot

According to Degen News’ article published on the X platform, the real-time DEX analysis platform Dexscreener released a token issuance platform Moonshot.

ZK Nation: Second batch of ZK token claims are now live

ZK Nation announced that the second wave of ZK token claims is now online. Now members of the Protocol Guild, contributors to external projects, or users nominated by ZKsync native ecosystem projects can check their airdrop eligibility.

Immutable zkEVM introduces ERC-1155 support to improve game developer experience

According to official news, Immutable zkEVM introduces full support for ERC-1155 to further improve the on-chain game developer experience.

Blast Launches Blast Foundation to Drive Transition to Decentralized Governance Structure

According to official news, Blast announced the launch of the Blast Foundation. As part of the transition to a decentralized governance structure, the governance of the project Twitter, website and Blast protocol is shifting to foundation control.

Arbitrum One Ecosystem DeFi L3 Project Superposition Launches Testnet

According to official news, Superposition, a DeFi native L3 project based on Arbitrum One, has launched the first phase of the testnet. The project uses the Arbitrum Orbit technology stack and Stylus to provide a low-cost and fast DeFi experience. Its first DApp on the chain is Longtail, an Arbitrum ecosystem V3 AMM that follows the centralized liquidity model launched by Uniswap and is said to be the first AMM built on Arbitrum Stylus.

CoinStats announces that it is back online and the team is gradually restoring all services

CoinStats announced its relaunch on X. It should be noted that not all functions are currently activated, and the team is gradually restoring them to ensure that every user has a smooth and stable experience.

Rabby Wallet: Season 2 points claim ends July 1

Crypto wallet Rabby Wallet posted on X that the application for Season 2 of its points activity ends at 7:59 on July 1, and users still have one week to claim points. Earlier on June 8, Rabby Wallet announced on the X platform that its points activity Season 2 has been launched, with a total of 1 billion points distributed. Users need to download the Rabby extension and update to the latest version 0.92.74 to claim points.

NFTfi Foundation: Earn Season 3 airdrop is now online, with a total of 30 million NFTFIs distributed

The NFT lending protocol NFTfi Foundation announced on X that it has now launched the Earn Season 3 airdrop, distributing a total of 30 million NFTFIs. Qualified users have 42 days to claim their NFTFI allocation.

Curve Finance launches vote to launch first Tether-only liquidity pool

Curve Finance announced on the X platform that it has opened a vote to launch the first liquidity pool that only supports Tether, which is also the first aUSDT liquidity pool in the current DeFi market. It is reported that the end date of this vote is July 1.

Nimble Network: Discord was attacked and the team is trying to recover

Nimble Network, a composable AI protocol, disclosed on the X platform that its Discord server was attacked. The team is currently working on repairing it and will issue an announcement soon. It is reported that its X account had previously posted and quickly deleted a message about the resignation of the core team, saying that the reason for the resignation was the CEOs sole control and other issues, and that the core team would work on the new project Lilies.

AI Arena: NRN tokens are now available for claiming

AI Arena, an AI game, announced on the X platform that the NRN token is now available for claiming. The token contract address is 0xdadeca1167fe47499e53Eb50F261103630974905, and the NRN token is launched simultaneously on the Bybit, Kucoin, and Gate platforms.

Doubler announces DBR token economic model: total supply is 100 million, liquidity incentives account for 40%, and the community accounts for 10%

Doubler announced the DBR token economic model on the X platform. The total number of tokens is 100,000,000 , and the specific distribution is as follows: 1. Liquidity incentives: 40%, used to reward community users who use the product. The plan will be launched as needed after the mainnet is launched; 2. Ecological fund: 15%, used to incentivize partners and communities that have made significant contributions to the ecosystem and promote a more stable and healthy growth curve; 3. Investors: 15%, of which 10% will be issued at TGE, locked for 3 months, and linearly vested in 24 months; 4. Community: 10%, used to incentivize early participants and supporters in the testnet ITO phase, 50% will be issued at TGE, and the remaining 50% will be issued in the third quarter; 5. Core contributors: 10%, these tokens will be reserved as rewards for current and future team members, 0% will be issued at TGE, locked for 6 months, and linearly vested in 8 quarters; 6. Advisors: 5%, 0% will be unlocked at TGE, locked for 6 months, and linearly vested in 24 months; 7. Marketing and liquidity: 5%, 10% are issued at TGE, and vest linearly over 24 months. will retroactively airdrop 700,000 Blast Gold Points to Genesis Season participants

Blast eco-card game posted on X that the Genesis Season has ended and will distribute 700,000 Blast Gold Points (GOLD) to participating players as a retroactive airdrop.


Galaxy Research Director: Bitcoin selling pressure caused by Mt.Gox compensation will be less than expected

Alex Thorn, head of Galaxy research, wrote on the X platform that creditors have been trapped in the Mt.Gox bankruptcy case for more than a decade. The in-kind compensation of BTC and BCH is expected to start in July, but the number of tokens distributed in the end will be less than people think, and the Bitcoin selling pressure caused by Mt.Gox will be less than expected. Mt.Gox lost about 940,000 bitcoins that year, which was worth $424 million at the time. So far , 15% has been recovered, or 141,868 bitcoins. Although only 15% has been recovered, for creditors calculated in US dollars, they have gained 140 times the profit.

Bitwise CIO: Grayscale GBTC is the culprit for bringing forward Bitcoin market demand

Matt Hougan, chief investment officer of Bitwise, wrote on the X platform that Bitcoin investment has been frustrating over the past year. Throughout the history of Bitcoin, various mechanisms have artificially brought forward future demand. The culprit is Grayscale GBTC, which brought forward tens of billions of dollars of future demand as hedge funds trade at a premium. But there are other mechanisms, including the bankruptcy of Mt. Gox and the confiscated Bitcoins of Silk Road.

CryptoQuant CEO: Still bullish on Bitcoin in the long term, but need to avoid excessive risks

Ki Young Ju, founder and CEO of CryptoQuant, released a summary of this months data on X: Bitcoin is still in a bull market cycle; whales are in risk-off mode, reducing futures contract positions; selling pressure from miners and long-term holders; negative Coinbase premium; $47,000 entry price difference with traders; lack of new capital inflows to ETFs and custodial wallets; ETH demand exceeds BTC, which may indicate the early arrival of the altcoin season. Overall, it remains bullish in the long term, but at the same time believes that excessive risks should be avoided.

Kerrisdale Capital: Long Bitcoin, Short MicroStrategy

Investment firm Kerrisdale Capital is shorting MicroStrategy shares, saying the companys stock is trading at an unreasonable premium to Bitcoin. Sahm Adrangi, chief investment officer at Kerrisdale Capital, said: Bitcoin prices must rise for MicroStrategys value to rise. If Bitcoin prices fall, the value of MicroStrategy will also fall, and MicroStrategy stock should trade at the value of Bitcoin (but now there is a premium), so our thesis is short MicroStrategy, long Bitcoin. (Cointelegraph)

Bloomberg analyst: If all Mt.Gox Bitcoins enter the market, more than half of the ETF inflows will be offset

Mt.Gox disclosed today that it plans to start BTC and BCH compensation in July. The value of the Bitcoin it holds is approximately US$9 billion. According to Eric Balchunas, senior ETF analyst at Bloomberg, who wrote on the X platform, this amount of funds is equivalent to more than half of the Bitcoin ETF inflows being offset.

Yu Xian: TON ecosystem phishing attacks are increasing, pay attention to prevent related risks

Yu Xian, the founder of SlowMist, wrote in a post: “There are more phishing incidents in the TON ecosystem. The Telegram ecosystem is too free. Many phishing links (or bot forms) are spread through message groups, and airdrops and other deceptive methods are used to lure away users’ TON wallets in batches (including NFTs, especially Anonymous Telegram Numbers, which are similar to mobile phone numbers and are used by many people to create Telegram accounts. If these are phished away, the corresponding Telegram account may also be lost, unless the user has enabled an independent password, i.e. Two-Step Verification).

Jupiter Lianchuang: Airdrops are gifts, not rewards, loyalty programs or growth methods

Jupiter co-founder Meow said in a post on X: Airdrop is a gift. It is not a reward, not a loyalty program, nor a means of growth. It is a gift. It is that simple. If you ask what you can get from it, it is no longer a gift, but loses its meaning and fails to live up to the original sincerity.

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