Will GameStops comeback give rise to this years copycat season?

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Meme stock mania is back with a vengeance, with GameStop (GME) surging 60% on Tuesday after rising 74% on Monday.

Original author: Mary Liu, BitpushNews

Since the BTC halving, the crypto market has continued to fluctuate, and the market has been in consolidation mode for the past two and a half months. According to Bitpush data, Bitcoin retreated from Mondays gains and hit a low of $61,045 during Tuesdays midday trading. As of press time, the trading price was $61,590, down 2.4% in 24 hours.

Despite the sideways movement of the crypto market, meme stock craze has returned after Keith Gill (Roaring Kitten), the leader of the US retail investor speculation on GameStop, returned to the X platform after three years. The price of GameStop (GME) soared 60% on Tuesday after rising 74% on Monday.

In addition to GameStops gains, movie theater chain operator AMCs stock price rose more than 100%, SunPower (SPWR) rose 90%, Beyond Meat (BYND) rose 25%, and Childrens Place rose 6%. As of the close of the day, the SP, Dow Jones and Nasdaq all rose, up 0.48%, 0.32% and 0.75%, respectively.

According to TradingView data, on the yearly chart, GameStop stock has returned over 154%, while Bitcoin has returned around 129%, with most of GameStop’s gains coming in the past two days, easily outperforming BTC.

Will GameStops comeback give rise to this years copycat season?

Kitten was the leading figure in the GameStop saga during the COVID-19 pandemic, with retail enthusiasm driving GameStops monthly gains to over 1,000%. In the 24 hours after Roaring Kitten returned to X, GameStops stock price rose 111%, while Dogecoin and SHIB rose 6.2% and 5.4% respectively during the same period. On May 13, the day after Keith Gill returned to social media, PEPE hit an all-time high of over $0.000010.

Can the trend of 2021 be repeated?

Some Wall Street strategists say this new outbreak is far less frenzy than three years ago, and the current market trend is still far from the level of retail inflows in 2021.

GameStop saw net inflows of $15.8 million on Monday, while AMC attracted $37.5 million, according to VandaTrack data. In January 2021, GameStop and AMC saw peak daily inflows of $87.5 million and $170 million, respectively.

Will GameStops comeback give rise to this years copycat season?

“Both stocks saw a surge in inflows, but the magnitude of inflows remains a fraction of what we saw in early 2021,” Marco Iachini, senior vice president at Vanda Research, wrote in a research note on Tuesday.

DataTrek co-founder Nicholas Colas pointed out the differences between this meme market moment and 2021 in a note to clients on Tuesday.

“At that time, retail traders were stuck at home with nothing to do but trade stocks, and the U.S. federal government was airdropping trillions in stimulus money,” Colas said. “Yes, we’re sure we’ll hear more about meme stocks in the coming weeks, but not with the same enthusiasm as three years ago.”

Will GameStop spawn this years copycat season?

In the 2021 cycle, the altcoin rally was triggered shortly after the GameStop short squeeze, and the return of the GameStop legend ignited new hope for altcoins.

According to a May 14 post by cryptocurrency analyst CryptoAmsterdam, the 2021 altcoin rally was catalyzed immediately after the GameStop rally, based on historical chart patterns:

Will GameStops comeback give rise to this years copycat season?

The analyst said: The blue on the left is the rise and top of GME in 2021. The blue on the right is what happened to altcoins after that event. Money is always flowing.

CryptoAmsterdam noted in a subsequent X post that the current market capitalization of altcoins is also similar to the situation that catalyzed the altcoin bull cycle in 2021, citing the following chart.

Will GameStops comeback give rise to this years copycat season?

However, the investing environment is different today, and eToro market analyst Josh Gilbert said short positions in GameStop are much smaller than in 2021, which could significantly curb the size of the upside.

Josh Gilbert analyzed: The current environment is not comparable to 2021, when interest rates were at their lowest level, governments provided fiscal stimulus around the world, and there was almost no inflation in major economies around the world.

Inflation holds back risk assets

The latest producer price index (PPI) released by the United States on Tuesday showed that wholesale prices rose 0.5% month-on-month in April, higher than the market expectation of 0.3%. Inflation concerns continue to have a serious impact on risk asset prices. This is the latest data point showing that inflation is still far above the Federal Reserves 2% target, which indicates that interest rates will continue to remain at a higher level for a longer period of time as the US central bank tries to slow the rise in the cost of living.

While meme stocks and tokens surged, U.S. stock futures fell after unexpectedly high producer price index (PPI) readings for April dampened hopes of a Federal Reserve rate cut later this year amid weak inflation, according to Secure Digital Markets.

Analysts at Secure Digital Markets said: If the Fed does not cut interest rates early, investors may need to go through a period of relative calm, and for Bitcoin, the next market shock is not far away.

Will GameStops comeback give rise to this years copycat season?

Michaël van de Poppe, founder of MN Trading, believes that as long as Bitcoin bulls can hold $60,500, the next overhead resistance is $63,000. But if the $60,500 support level is broken, BTC may fall to the support level between $52,000 and $55,000.

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