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In the past week (1.15-1.19), many new popular currencies and topics have appeared in the market.

1.Market Trends

This week (01.15-01.19) the most focused topics in the market are:

  • GBTC total outflow reaches $2.2 billion, Ethereum Sepolia testnet will fork on January 30

  • The market remains volatile, and the Ethereum Goerli testnet has completed the Cancun upgrade

  • Bitcoin price gradually stabilizes, Blast testnet officially launched

  • MANTA is about to open airdrops, and popular Meme coins are beginning to emerge on ETH

  • The net outflow of GBTC caused the market to fall, and the Inscription sector bucked the trend and rebounded

2.Popular Projects

The most popular projects this week (01.15-01.19) are:

LIGO (Token): BRC-20 token of Bitcoin Layer 2 concept, deployed on December 3, 2023. Recently, the popularity of Mint has surged, exceeding 12k holders. Mint has been completed. The BRC 20 token LIGO is in the secondary market It has a good performance, and subsequent trends require the progress of research and development of government-owned projects.

Memecoin (Token): Memeland announced last week that it will issue mining rewards. Currently, more than 4 million accounts have joined mining. In order to eliminate some robots and wool-picking operations, each address needs to hold at least 69 MEME and pass 2 CAPTCHAs. For human proof testing, users have approximately 7 days to complete the above mandatory tasks.

ZUZALU (Token): A memecoin based on a tweet from V God. In March, TGE rose sharply for a short time and then fell silent. Recently, it suddenly increased 40 times in 24 hours. After a correction, it rose sharply and broke a new high. The current high point has fallen. More than 60%.

PENDLE (Token): Pendle has recently added LRT asset components, allowing users to obtain more LRT-related benefits. The product continues to iterate and has been well received by the community. The price of Pendle has reached a record high, and its product capabilities and iteration speed have also been recognized by hype funds.

Pudgy Penguins (NFT): The Pudgy Penguins project teamed up with Lao Fuzi, one of the largest IPs in Asia, to celebrate its 60th anniversary and welcome the Chinese Year of the Dragon. The NFT floor price exceeded 18 ETH, with a single-day increase of 23% and a 7-day increase of 72.84%.

Altlayer OG Badge NFT (NFT): Ethereum expansion project Altlayer launched Binance Launchpool and announced token economics. AltLayer OG Badge NFT holders, Oh Ottie! NFT holders, qualified participants of the Altitude event, qualified EigenLayer re-hypothecaters and Celestia pledgers will receive token airdrops, which will increase the trading volume and price of related NFTs.

BananaGun (Dapp): Telegram Bot project Banana Gun officially stated that its bot service has been launched on the Solana network and will continue to add new features after testing and has cooperated with Jito. The public sniping and internal limit order features are currently being tested.

Circle (Dapp): Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) and Circle’s Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) have been integrated, allowing users to transfer USDC between different blockchains. At the same time, developers can build cross-chain use cases involving USDC cross-chain transfers through CCIP, including payments and other DeFi interactions.

Jupiter (Dapp): Jupiter Lianchuang stated that the JUP token will be launched on January 31. Before launching JUP, the team plans to test the new release platform first, in which 2 main tests will be conducted. One is testing mockJUP (mock JUP token) and the other is a meme coin that will be released next week.

Blast (Dapp): Blast, a Layer 2 network launched by Blur founder Pacman, announced that its test network has been officially launched. At the same time, Blast announced the launch of the Blast BIG BANG event for developers. The winning dapp will be promoted to Blast users after the mainnet is launched at the end of February, and 50% of the airdrops will be allocated to developers.

3. Hot Searches

The most popular topics this week (01.15-01.19) are:

BTC (Token): The market is paying attention to the capital outflow of Grayscale GBTC. The negative premium of GBTC is about to be bridged, and there is still pressure to redeem BTC. Overall, traditional funds have net flowed into the crypto market through BTC ETFs, and BTC’s decline has been limited.

MANTA (Token): Manta network’s tokens are officially listed on major exchanges. The total market value exceeds 2 billion US dollars, the transaction volume of the entire network is 880 million US dollars, and the total lock-up value TVL on the Manta chain reaches 415 million US dollars, an increase of 871% in 30 days. , surpassing Base and ranking 10th, extremely popular. During this period, the network suffered DDoS attacks, which accumulated a large number of recent transaction queues, resulting in longer transaction times and an impact on Gas. Officials stated that they are working hard to solve the problem.

XAI (Token): Xai partners with several important entities in the technology and gaming fields, including Offchain Labs (the developer of Arbitrum) and multiple game publishing and development companies. These collaborations aim to leverage blockchain technology to revolutionize game distribution and enhance player experience.

Bitget Research Institute focuses on focusing on on-chain data and mining value assets. Through real-time monitoring of on-chain data and regional hot searches, it explores cutting-edge value investments and provides institutional-level insights for crypto world enthusiasts. So far, it has provided Bitget global users with early value assets in many popular sectors such as [Arbitrum Ecosystem], [AI Ecosystem], [SHIB Ecosystem], etc., and created better wealth for Bitget global users through in-depth data-driven research. effect.

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