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1. Popular currencies

TROLL (Token): Troll was created in April 2023. Musk changed his profile to chief troll officer, which aroused market hype for the meme coin - TROLL. The currency price continued to rise sharply, and the 24-hour transaction volume on the chain US$24M doubled from US$12M in a single day last week, the number of transactions was 7647, and the number of currency holders on the chain increased from the previous 2000 to 8706.

SMILEY (Token): A meme coin with a smiling face as its avatar that has recently awakened its second spring. There has been no fundamental improvement. The token’s 24-hour trading volume on DEX is US$16.8 million, of which MEV trading volume is US$3.3 million. The project has been affected by the influx of hot money. , the token has risen rapidly recently.

ZUZALU (Token): A memecoin based on a tweet by V God. In March, TGE rose sharply for a short time and then fell silent. Two days ago, it suddenly pulled up 40 times in 24 hours. After a correction, it rose sharply and broke new highs. It is the same as TROLL’s currency. The price rhythm is similar. The 24h Dex trading volume reached 8.02M US dollars, and the 24h transaction number reached 4.11K.

ligo (BRC-20 Token): The BRC-20 token of the Bitcoin Layer 2 concept, deployed on December 3, 2023. Yesterday, the popularity of Mint suddenly surged. There are currently more than 12k holders, 100% Mint Out, but there are still 40 % Not confirmed yet.

USDC (Token): Stablecoin issuer Circle released a report on January 15 stating that the supply of USDC will decrease by approximately 44% in 2023, but the number of wallets containing $10 USDC will increase by 59%; at the same time, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said In an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, he said that there is a very good chance that the United States will pass stablecoin laws this year.

2. Popular NFTs

Pudgy Penguins (NFT): The Pudgy Penguins project teamed up with Lao Fuzi, one of the largest IPs in Asia, to celebrate its 60th anniversary and welcome the Chinese Year of the Dragon. The NFT floor price exceeded 14 ETH, with a single-day increase of 23% and a 7-day increase of 30%.

3. Popular DAPPs

Jupiter (Dapp): Meow, co-founder of Solana ecological transaction aggregator Jupiter, announced on Twitter that the protocol token JUP will be launched at 10 pm Beijing time on January 31. Before launching JUP, the team plans to test the new release platform and complete a white paper for the final version of JUPITER.

Memecoin/Memeland (Dapp), MEME (Token): Farming’s reward certification activity has recently been launched. Users need to deposit at least 69 $MEME tokens in participating wallets to pass real-person verification. Therefore, there is more transfer information on the chain, and community users are more willing to participate in Farming reward claims.

Orbiter Finance (Dapp): On January 11, the cross-chain bridge project Orbiter Finance stated on the X platform that in order to thank its loyal community, it will launch a native token this year and will gradually announce the token economy and distribution plan to ensure a fair process. The O-Points program will play a vital role in shaping the rules for airdrops.

StarryNift (Dapp): StarryNift is a co-creation metaverse that allows users to play, create and socialize. The project aims to accelerate the adoption of Web3 by extending Metaverse Horizons with innovative and diverse use cases. The project team announced the token economy in December last year and has plans to issue coins.

Web3 Go (Dapp): Web3 Go is an artificial intelligence-native digital asset tool and real-time data infrastructure project. In July this year, it completed a US$4 million seed round of financing led by Binance Labs, with participation from Hashkey Capital and others. The new funding will be used to accelerate the development of its Data Intelligence Network (DIN) project. Web3 Go was selected for the BinanceLabs MVB V incubation program in 2022.

QnA3 (Dapp): The AI-based Web3 knowledge sharing platform has received widespread attention from players on the BNB chain. The project currently has a data mining mode. Users can join and use the idle computing resources on their devices to perform data cleaning and data capture on large models, and provide point rewards for users who contribute computing power.

4.Twitter hot discussion

Due to anomalies in the data source, there is no data in this section today.

5. Regional hot searches

MANTA (Token): Manta Network stated on social platforms that the Into the Blue airdrop will be open for collection on January 18. According to L2b eat data, Manta Pacific TVL rose 11.21% on the 7th, temporarily reporting US$841 million.

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