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Last month, Bitmap, the Bitcoin ecosystem’s first metaverse project based on ordinal theory and bitmap theory, became extremely popular. The market value of its land parcels once exceeded the combined market value of The Sandbox and Otherdeed land parcels, representatives of the metaverse in the previous era, which also aroused investors FOMO sentiment.

Recently, Odaily paid attention to natmap, which was also created based on DMT theory. Compared with its predecessor bitmap, natmap retains material attributes and value attributes, providing a fairer issuance mechanism. So, will it be the next leader in this vertical field?

Before understanding the innovations of natmap, we need to lay down some basic knowledge about DMT and NAT.

DMT (Digital Matter Theory)

according toGitbook, DMT (Digital Matter Theory) theory, that is, digital matter theory, means that users can create a valuable digital form through the inherent patterns existing in the data. It happens that Bitcoin blocks contain rich transaction information, which is forever recorded and stored on the chain - a decentralized, secure public ledger. From this, we can apply the principles of DMT to create a new class of digital value through a unified process that exploits the inherent properties of non-arbitrary patterns.

The use of at least one data point in the generation process is a qualifying threshold for DMT applications.

For example, the Ordinals protocol created by Casey assigns a unique ID to every satoshi entering the ecosystem, and anyone can use this ID to create digital assets inscribed on satoshis. This is the inscription we are now familiar with.

Another typical example is bitmap, which became popular last month. It divides each block on the Bitcoin chain into digital real estate and implements the gameplay of the metaverse in an image grid that is visually similar to a map.

NAT (Non-Any Token)

NAT is a practical application of Digital Matter Theory (DMT): allowing anyone to create a NAT in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The token parameters of NAT are determined by referencing the .element inscription, and it supports inscription in the form of FT (Fungible Token) and NFT (Non-Fungible Token). This also constitutes a hybrid token model. Each block represents a different number of tokens.

With the foundation of the above concepts, lets introduce the focus of this article - how natmap was born.


$NAT tokens and natmap

$NAT is the first token created based on the NAT protocol standard. Each Bitcoin block has its own bitmap, and the number of bits contained in each block is the corresponding number of $NATs in the block. Take the following picture as an example:


(Odaily note: Bitmap theory identifies each block on Bitcoin as a regional digital property. For details, see veDAO Research Institute: What exactly is NAT based on DMT theory??》)

When the user writes NAT into the block, the bitmap produced by mint is called natmap.

At present, most of the natmap has been completed by mint. When the $nat token is mint, the smaller the block number, the more tokens will be obtained.

This is a very interesting concept and innovation, which provides a fairer issuance mechanism, follows the principle of becoming more and more difficult, and gives future participants an entrance to free mint; at the same time, as long as the Bitcoin chain is still running , everyone has the opportunity to get free mint tokens.

However, some problems have also arisen. For example, the tokens issued on the NAT protocol started with a huge number of 810,000 mints. Such a volume undoubtedly increases the screening threshold for users.


Back to the natmap project itself, there are currently only over-the-counter double pledge transactions, which still lack support from the third-party trading market, and its price remains at around 40 USDT. Comparing the development trend of bitmap, now may be a good entry opportunity.

In view of the fact that the infrastructure of emerging protocols is not yet complete, here is a query link for $NAT token-related information:

Token query address:

Token quantity query address:

Token total amount query:


In terms of progress, $NAT development team TRAC (which also previously built the TAP protocol and PIPE) stated that it is re-indexing all inscriptions in the TAP ecosystem, including transfer inscriptions, which may indicate that the transaction will be opened in the near future.



Natmap and bitmap have similar concepts and are both Bitcoin blocks, but natmap creates $NAT tokens through the NAT protocol. At the critical moment when the Bitcoin spot ETF was approved, the Bitcoin ecosystem was also evolving at a rapid pace. If the next round of bull market is led by Bitcoin, $NAT in the Bitcoin ecosystem has material attributes and value attributes. It has both the characteristics of hybrid tokens and non-arbitrary mode characteristics. It is worth paying attention to; it is also necessary to remind that in the project In the period of rapid emergence, it is common for concepts to come first and implementation to lag behind. Please DYOR, all participants.

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