- Multiple ETF applicants have submitted revised documents; Azuki is suspected of launching tokens (January 8)

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Vitalik financial advice: Never use more than 2x leverage.

- Multiple ETF applicants have submitted revised documents; Azuki is suspected of launching tokens (January 8)


Luke Dashjrs Github proposal to restrict inscriptions failed and closed

Odaily News The proposal datacarriersize: Match more datacarrying #28408 proposed by Luke Dashjr on Github was not approved after discussion by many Bitcoin Core developers, and the current proposal has been closed.
Bitcoin Core developer achow 101 finally concluded: “It is obvious that this proposal is controversial. It is impossible to reach a conclusion that is satisfactory to everyone under the current circumstances. I think there is no need to continue the discussion.”
Odaily note: datacarriersize allows modification of the additional data size of Bitcoin transactions, an inscription vulnerability previously proposed by Luke Dashjr.

DCG: Repaid more than $1 billion in debt to creditors, including nearly $700 million in Genesis loans

Odaily News Digital Currency Group (DCG) posted on the $700 million. We have met all of our current debt obligations. As we approach this milestone, we look forward to a new chapter for DCG and the future growth of our industry. We will continue to meet our financial commitments.

Azuki’s official

Odaily News Azuki’s official The introduction of the Weeb 3 Foundations

The address starting with bc 1 q 9 will send 26.917 BTC to Satoshi Nakamoto’s address

Odaily News Arkham data shows that the address starting with bc 1 q 9 sent 26.917 BTC to the address marked as Satoshi Nakamoto.
In response, Conor, director of Coinbase, posted on the Is this some kind of weird ETF marketing scheme?”

ETF Progress

Eleven Bitcoin spot ETF applicants including Ark and VanEck have submitted revised version 19 b-4 documents

Odaily News Ark Invest, Fidelity, Bitwise, Grayscale, Hashdex, Invesco, WisdomTree, Franklin Templeton, VanEck and other 11 applicants have submitted revised 19 b-4 documents for their Bitcoin spot ETFs.
Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart posted on the The S-1 goes into effect (which could happen next week as well). And then you’re done.”

Valkyrie, BlackRock Bitcoin Spot ETF Files Rev. 19 B-4

Odaily News Nasdaq has submitted revised 19 b-4 documents for Valkyrie and BlackRock iShares’ Bitcoin spot ETFs respectively.

Reuters: SEC may vote on Bitcoin Spot ETF Revision 19 b-4 filing on January 10

Investment managers, stock exchanges and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission discussed changes to the final wording of Bitcoin spot ETF filings on Friday, people familiar with the matter said, a step that could lead to the first U.S. approval of the funds next week.
Several Bitcoin spot ETF issuers said on Friday they expected to receive final approval of their S-1 filings late next Tuesday or Wednesday. The U.S. SEC has asked three Bitcoin ETF issuers to make minor changes, with some asset managers expected to amend documents to disclose their ETFs fees or market maker status.
People familiar with the matter said that relevant content updates will be due at 8:00 ET next Monday and may be announced on the same day. An SEC spokesman said the agency does not comment on individual filings.
People familiar with the filing process said that issuers that meet the conditions of the revised filing deadline late last year may be notified of approval to launch products before January 10 (next Wednesday), January 10 is the date when the SEC must decide to approve or reject Ark/21 Shares ETF date.
A U.S. SEC vote on revised Rule 19b-4 filings for multiple Bitcoin spot ETF offerings is likely to take place on January 10, a source at one of the issuers of Bitcoin spot ETFs told Reuters.

BlackRock expects Bitcoin spot ETF to be approved next Wednesday

Odaily News According to Fox Business Channel, BlackRock expects its Bitcoin spot ETF to receive SEC approval next Wednesday. (FOX)

Grayscale: If the SEC approves GBTC as a spot ETF to be listed on NYSE Arca, investors do not need to take any action

Odaily News Grayscale posted on the No action is required.
When investors view their holdings of GBTC shares after the listing on NYSE Arca, they will only see those shares listed on NYSE Arca and not quoted on OTCQX. GBTC will retain the same trading symbol (GBTC) and the same CUSIP, and investors will continue to be able to buy and sell GBTC shares at open market prices.

Sources: BlackRock spot ETF could see more than $2 billion in inflows in first week

Odaily News Matthew Sigel, head of digital asset research at VanEck, said in today’s Twitter Space event that he learned from a source that more than $2 billion in funds are waiting to be injected into BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF in the first week after its listing. , the funds come from existing Bitcoin holders who are adding to their positions.
Matthew Sigel said: I cannot guarantee this news. But you know, thats what everybodys doing, making calls and trying to find people who can write checks for these products. If that $2 billion had happened in the first week, that would have exceeded our estimates. Our first-quarter projected trading volume of $2.5 billion is achieved by looking at past inflows into the first gold ETF and adjusting for U.S. money supply. Based on similar analysis, we will have a $40 billion market opportunity within two years,” he said.

VanEck will donate 5% of ETF profits to Bitcoin developers

Odaily News VanEck will donate 5% of the profits of the Bitcoin Spot ETF to Bitcoin developers.
They stated on the % profit for at least 10 years.”

Non-profit organization Better Markets once again recommends that the U.S. SEC reject a Bitcoin spot ETF application

Odaily News The non-profit organization Better Markets has continuously sent letters to the US SEC expressing its opposition to the approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF. On January 5, Better Markets’ official website once again issued a document asking the SEC to reject the Bitcoin spot ETF application, claiming that if the SEC approved such products, it would be a historic mistake and would cause huge losses to investors.
Dennis Kelleher, CEO of Better Markets, is a prominent figure in opposition to cryptocurrencies and has been critical of the virtual asset industry, calling it an “inherently predatory business model.” In addition, Kelleher developed a close relationship with SEC Chairman Gary Gensler while working together on U.S. President-elect Joe Bidens presidential transition team in 2020. Some analysts in the industry say that their relationship may become a variable that affects whether the Bitcoin spot ETF can be passed.
FOX Business reporter Eleanor Terrett said that Better Markets’ statement may not necessarily have a negative impact on the approval results of the Bitcoin spot ETF, but the relationship between SEC Chairman Gary Gensler and Dennis Kelleher is very close, and everyone needs to pay attention to this. (Hankyung)

Industry news

SEC seeks to use Terraform ruling to gain advantage in lawsuit against Coinbase, Binance

Odaily News The SEC is looking to use its victory in the Terraform Labs case to increase oversight of cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance.
Last week, a court ruled that products issued by Terraform were securities, which the SEC argued should help strengthen its regulatory efforts. The SEC sought to convince judges, in two cases including Coinbase and Binance, that the products users traded on these CEXs were unregistered securities. (CoinDesk)

Coinbase plans to launch crypto derivatives in the EU and will obtain MiFID II license through acquisition

Odaily News Coinbase said it is planning a key acquisition and it has reached an agreement to buy a holding company that holds a MiFID II license. MiFID II refers to the EU’s latest financial instruments regulatory rules. If it obtains a MiFID II license through this acquisition, Coinbase will be able to begin offering regulated crypto derivatives such as futures in the EU, in addition to the spot trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies it already offers.
The deal is subject to regulatory approval and Coinbase expects to close later in 2024. Coinbase said it will seek to comply with the EUs strict compliance standards, including requirements related to combating money laundering, customer transparency and sanctions. (CNBC)

XRP ETF application could come in April and could launch before year-end

Odaily News Cryptocurrency XRP may launch an exchange-traded fund (ETF) this year, with applications as early as the next few months.
Cryptocurrency KOL Ben Armstrong hinted at the upcoming XRP ETF in a video. Armstrong said based on insider information that the application for the ETF may be filed in April, while the SEC v. Ripple lawsuit is also scheduled to be concluded.
BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager and one of the leading managers of Bitcoin ETFs, will be the first to launch an XRP ETF, Armstrong said.

PYUSD December 2023 Transparency Report: Total Circulation Exceeds $264 Million

Odaily News Paxos released the latest PYUSD transparency report, disclosing the relevant unaudited data of PYUSD as of 06:00 on December 30, 2023, Beijing time, including:
1. Total Tokens Outstanding is approximately US$264,531,846, an increase of approximately 68.7% from November (US$156,753,068);
2. The current market value of the collateral in the U.S. Treasury collateralized reverse repurchase agreement is $270, 270, 484, with a notional position value of $264, 971, 000;
3. The current market value of collateral held in other cash deposits with insured depository institutions is $461,408 and the notional position value is $461,408;
4. Current market value of collateral in total net assets $270, 731, 892 and notional position value $265, 432, 408.

ZachXBT: Coinspaid is suspected of being attacked again, with $6.1 million in funds flowing out of its hot wallet 17 hours ago

According to Odaily’s monitoring by on-chain detective ZachXBT, Coinspaid is suspected of having suffered another security incident. There was a suspicious outflow of $6.1 million from the hot wallet associated with it 17 hours ago. Due to the incident, some of their clients, such as Hypedrop, had their withdrawals not processed. So far, the stolen funds have been laundered through a number of exchanges (Whitebit, HitBTC, ChangeNow, N Exchange, etc.).
It is reported that in July 2023, CoinsPaid/Alphapo was attacked by North Korean hackers, resulting in a loss of US$70 million.

Project News

Synthetix releases Andromeda version, supports Base chain and introduces token repurchase and destruction mechanism

Odaily News Synthetix announced the release of the Andromeda version, which introduces Core V3 and Perps V3 deployment, uses USDC as a new collateral, and extends to the Base chain. This step makes Synthetix a multi-chain protocol.
A key feature of this release is the implementation of a buyback and destruction mechanism for SNX tokens using fees generated by Perps on Base. Per SIP-345, 40% of fees earned on Base are earmarked for the buyback and burning of SNX tokens, executed via the buyback and burn contracts, a strategy designed to efficiently distribute fee revenue in Synthetix multi-chain deployments.

Lyra Chain will introduce modular upgrades through OP Stack and Celestia

According to official news from Odaily, Lyra Chain will introduce modular upgrades through OP Stack and Celestia.
By reducing DA costs to 1/100 of their previous cost, Celestia provides Lyra with throughput and transaction rates that rival off-chain. Celestia also enables Lyra to significantly increase sequencer profitability for the community, allowing more ETH to flow into the Lyra DAO without increasing transaction fees.

Cosmos Ecological Saga will conduct its second season of Play-to-Airdrop, and the NFT minting window opens today

Odaily News Cosmos ecological scalability protocol Saga posted on the start later. The top 40 scoring users in the tournament will be eligible for SAGA airdrops. Note: US residents are not eligible for airdrops.

Smart Layer summarizes its development in 2023 and plans to release airdrops this year

Odaily News Smart Layer posted on the X platform that Smart Layer has achieved many major achievements in 2023 and plans to release an airdrop this year.
It is reported that SmartLayer has achieved a number of important achievements in 2023, including the launch of Smart Layer Network to support off-chain token logic management of the EVM blockchain, Smart Layer successfully launching the Smart Cat xNFT game, Smart Layer developing the ERC-5169 standard, The Glenn Maxwell loyalty program has also been a huge success, launching the Loyalty+ program in partnership with InsomniaLabs and working with over 50 partners on loyalty use cases.

Mantle Ecological DEX Merchant Moe is announced to be online, and MOE airdrop will start on January 8

Odaily News Merchant Moe announced on the X platform that Mantle has been launched. Users can now deposit liquidity and conduct transactions in the Moe Classic AMM pool.
In addition, according to its disclosure, Merchant Moe will start the MOE airdrop on January 8. More functions will be launched during the TGE, including MOE staking and veMOE voting. The farm will be online after the airdrop.
In December last year, it was reported that Trader Joe launched the DEX Merchant Moe dedicated to Mantle, aiming to expand the innovative liquidity hub established by Trader Joe. Trader Joe token JOE holders will receive a share of the total project tokens when the new token TGE 2.5% airdrop, with an additional 5% distributed over the next 12 months.

The first round of LFG airdrop has ended, and more than 62,000 addresses have received a total of more than 107.9 billion LFG.

Odaily News Solana’s new meme currency LFG posted on the The supply of LFG has been reduced by 292, 057, 149, 260 pieces, and the team’s token distribution will be adjusted accordingly.
LFG stated that it has some interesting tasks planned for holders, liquidity providers (LP), ETH users, and Solana ecosystem users in the future.

TinFun public sale deposits exceed 10,000 ETH

Odaily reported that according to official data, the NFT project TinFun’s public sale deposits exceeded 10,000 ETH, and were temporarily reported at 10,162.7 ETH, which is approximately US$22.8 million.
The NFT collection goes on sale today at 11:00 and will last for 24 hours. Users participating in the public sale can deposit a minimum of 0.1 ETH and a maximum of 0.2 ETH into a single wallet to participate in the lottery. After the public sale ends, TinFun will conduct a lottery and announce the winning results, with a maximum of 2 NFTs per wallet. If the user wins, TinFun will airdrop the scheduled NFTs with the whitelist sales on a selected date after the results are announced. If the user does not win, they can receive a refund after the airdrop is completed.

Saga Monkes launches new PFP series, will be airdropped for free to Solana Saga mobile users

Odaily News According to SolanaFloor’s disclosure on the X platform, Saga Monkes has launched a new PFP series, which will be airdropped to Solana Saga mobile phone users for free. Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko retweeted the post.
It is reported that Saga Monkes is an exclusive series of generative art airdropped to Saga Genesis Token holders. Magic Eden data shows the Saga Monkes floor price is currently at 4.376 SOL.

Cursed Inscription is out of print, the last picture of Cursed Inscription is Pizza on Cursed Goose

Odaily News Inscription browser Ord.io posted on the X platform that the Ordinals Jubilee upgrade has been activated. The last image of the cursed inscription is the Cursed Goose on the Pizza Cong INSCRIPTION-472, 040.
In addition, the last text INSCRIPTION-472, 043 records the information of the yin-yang inscription Mickey Mouse (53, 393, 275).
Previous news in November 2023, Ordinals founder Casey said that the Jubilee (Jubilee) upgrade will be carried out at block height 824544. After the Jubilee, all inscriptions will be blessed, which means that using functions such as batch inscriptions will no longer cause Cursed inscription.

Investment and Financing

OKX Ventures: Total investment in 2023 will exceed US$50 million, covering seven major areas

According to official news from Odaily, the total investment amount of OKX Ventures in 2023 will exceed US$50 million, covering seven core areas including infrastructure, DeFi, GameFi, NFT/Metaverse, Web3.0, Bitcoin ecology, and AI. In-depth cooperation with ecologies such as Solana, Near, Polygon, and Avax.

CharacterX, a decentralized AI “companion” network, raises $2.3 million in funding

Odaily News The decentralized AI “companion” network Character , 84000 LP, Fan Zhang and others participated in the investment.
CharacterX is currently positioned as a decentralized AI entertainment social network. It hopes to coordinate AI content production capabilities and Cryptos natural decentralization, easy-to-motivate and other attributes to provide users with a place where they can make friends, have fun, and even learn and make money AI interactive experience.

Nubit, the native data availability layer for Bitcoin, completes angel round financing, with participation from Bounce Finance and others

Odaily News Nubit, the native data availability layer for Bitcoin, announced that it has completed angel round financing, with participation from Bounce Brand, Domo, etc.
It is reported that the Nubit team is studying the Bitcoin native data availability standard BRC-1310 to support functions such as Bitcoin native staking, data availability sampling, data certification, and decentralized bridges.


Vitalik Financial Advice: Never use more than 2x leverage

Odaily News Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin gave financial advice when discussing the topic of whether the investment portfolio should be diversified on the X platform:
1. Portfolio diversification is good;
2. Save and work hard to save enough money to cover many years of expenses. Financial security is freedom;
3. Keep most of one’s portfolio flat;
4. Don’t use more than 2x leverage, never.

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