Behind Vitalik’s high-profile “call for orders” ENS: Maintaining DA legitimacy

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Vitalik’s intention: to further shrink Ethereum’s DA control over layer 2.

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Editors note: On January 3, Vitalik Buterin published an article on the Read the ENS subdomain. ENS is so important that it needs to be affordable for everyone. In response, crypto researchersHaotianAfter interpretation, it is believed that Vitalik’s intention is to further shrink Ethereum’s DA control over Layer 2. Odaily organizes it as follows:

Many people think that @VitalikButerins forwarding of ENSs Layer 2 data analysis solution is a sign of a new grand narrative for ENS, but this is not necessarily the case.

If you carefully analyze the Layer 2 integrated gameplay provided by @ensdomains, you can understand Vitaliks intention:Further shrinking Ethereum’s DA control over Layer 2.Why? Next, let me briefly analyze:

The ENS domain name service will define a set of interaction logic. Users only need to enter a short domain name to automatically connect to the associated long address corresponding to the ENS smart contract, which solves the pain point of EOA addresses being complex, difficult to remember and difficult to identify.

It should be said,This set of domain name services of ENS points to the future expansion market with larger user traffic, especially some Mass Adoption user groups.Layer 2 is the future for Ethereum to expand and absorb large traffic. If ENSs domain name resolution solution cannot cover Layer 2 and only stays at the Ethereum main network level, it will be difficult to open up space for imagination.

Based on this background, ENS will naturally consider providing a complete set of data parsing solutions for Layer 2, allowing users to directly perform domain name resolution and data search on Layer 2, reducing their dependence on their respective Layer 2 decentralized gateways.

In short, this solution allows users to use ENS domain names on various Layer 2 in a secure and decentralized manner.

How to do it?

1) ENS has designed a Layer Bridge with interopeablity and interactive communication capabilities, so that each Layer 2 can retrieve and effectively verify the domain name data of the Ethereum main network from the off-chain environment. Through this bridging mechanism, the domain name data resolution functions of each layer 2 and the main network are opened, and ENS short domain names can be used safely on Layer 2.

2) EIP 3668 mentioned in the document will ensure that the domain name used on the Layer 2 chain can be correctly verified by the mainnet smart contract to prevent the domain name from being misused; while EIP 5599 relaxes the original restriction that domain name resolution must interact with the ENS smart contract , the resolution task can be delegated to an external system for processing (Rollup contract), which greatly enhances the parallel processing capability of domain name resolution.

its easy to see,For users to use the ENS domain name normally on layer 2, the prerequisite is to call and verify the global data on the Ethereum mainnet.

This means that to enjoy ENSs set of services, you must use the orthodox Ethereum Data Availablity capabilities, and those Layer 2 based on OP Stacks hair chain shortcuts and placing DA on third-party DA platforms such as Celestia are not compatible with ENS. .

At this point, it is not difficult to understand Vitaliks intention. I have analyzed it in many articles before,After the Cancun upgrade, Layer 2 will definitely usher in a big explosion, and various Layer 2s will spring up like mushrooms after a rain. The modular idea and various Stack component services are breaking the boundaries of the original main network providing DA+Layer 2 to provide expansion.

Facing the out-of-control Layer 2 territory, Vitalik will try his best to maintain the legitimacy of the Ethereum mainnet DA. His previous narrative of calling for Plasma+ZK can be regarded as a battle to defend the legitimacy of DA.This high-profile launch of ENSs Layer 2 domain name data plan has the same intention.

Because only DA data is on the Ethereum mainnet, Ethereum Validators can control the lifeline of Layer 2 asset security.If Validators lose verification control and Ethereum becomes a bulletin board for Layer 2 to publish results, the Layer 2 chains dependence on Ethereum will also weaken. To a certain extent, these Layer 2 platforms will still be willing to be the Layer of Ethereum. 2 It’s all unknownTherefore, Vitalik will do everything possible to keep the development trajectory of Layer 2 on the path of Ethereum’s legitimacy.

If you look closely, the Crypto world has always been very political.

Of course, ENS is regarded by Vitalik as the most successful non-financial application on Ethereum. In addition, ENS can indeed bring a user-friendly experience to the blockchain after Mass Adoption, which is in line with Layer 2 and will be expanded to a wider range of web3 in the future. Crowd size goals.

In short, using ENS to define a set of interoperability specifications for Layer 2 platforms and at the same time tightening DA control is a great move!

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