The token has reached a new high. How empowering will xPET’s update be?

3 months ago
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Introducing new content to help the flywheel break out of the death spiral.

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The token has reached a new high. How empowering will xPET’s update be?

As the Christmas bells ring, xPET and its token XPET have also reached new highs, with XPET temporarily trading at $0.8241 as of press time. The rise of the token is not only due to the benefits of the token being listed on CEX and the advancement of cooperation with OKX, but more importantly, the official update of the content of its white paper.

What are the specific contents of the update? How will changes in mechanics affect the future development of the game? Odaily will be introduced and explained below.

The token has reached a new high. How empowering will xPET’s update be?

new roadmap

In the new white paper, the first thing worth noting is the founder@MichaeltalkhereThe updated specific roadmap for the next three months is as follows:

  • Adventure (PvE) - Week 1 (December 21 - December 28, 2023):

    • Enables the Adventure (Player and Environment) feature.

    • Allows users to include their pets in adventures.

  • PvP Beta (Private Beta) - Weeks 2-3 (December 29, 2023 - January 11, 2024):

    • Develop and release player betas of PvP features.

    • Private testing spaces are limited to identify and resolve potential issues.

  • PvP Ver 1 (Public Edition) - Week 4 (January 12 - January 18, 2024):

    • Released the first public version of PvP functionality.

    • Allows users to participate in PvP battles with enhanced features.

  • PvP Ver 2 (Full Version) - Week 5-6 (January 19 - February 1, 2024)

    • PvP functionality is finalized and completed based on user feedback and testing.

    • Introducing additional elements and improvements to enhance the PvP experience.

  • Multichain - Weeks 7-9 Weeks 7-9 (February 2 - February 22, 2024):

    • Start implementing multi-chain support.

    • Explore and integrate compatibility with multiple blockchain networks for enhanced flexibility.

  • More SocialFi Features - Weeks 10-12 (February 23-March 14, 2024):

    • Introducing additional SocialFi functionality.

    • Enhance the social and interactive aspects of the platform to provide a more engaging experience.

It can be seen that the ambition of the project team is not just to exist as an ordinary Social Ponzi narrative, but to add more content to enrich the game ecology - in previous versions, the interaction between players and pets was just feeding and Upgrade, and the new roadmap has added PVE\PVP and other functions. It is foreseeable that the interaction between players and projects will become more, but the function updates may also make a small number of hang-up parties in the past drain away.

Introducing PVE mechanism

The first week update of xPET introduces a PVE mechanism that allows users to participate in exciting adventures with their pets. The specific mechanisms are as follows:

Users can participate in adventures when they have a pet of level 10 or higher. The adventure is divided into the following three levels, each level corresponds to different areas that pets can participate in;

Adventure Level 1: Pets of levels 10 to 29 can participate.

Adventure Level 2: Pets of level 30 or higher can participate.

Adventure Level 3: Open only during special events (each event is different and may be open to everyone or limited to those who meet certain criteria).

Taking risks will also bring rewards, the main reward of which is the token BPET. The amount of BPET is determined by 10% of the total revenue generated from the previous days project store purchases, pet upgrades, and factory upgrades.

This 10% of the total revenue is evenly distributed in the form of BPET among the various levels of the adventure, with the specific distribution proportion depending on the proportion of players in each level. The higher the pet level, the more BPET rewards you get in the adventure, and the rewards at the next level are always more than the previous level.

Additionally, when participating in adventures, there is a chance to be rewarded with “xEGG” shards ranging from 1 to 5 stars. These xEGG shards can be combined together to create 1 to 5 star NFTs - xEGG.

The official will also establish a ranking list for players participating in PVE (points on the ranking list will be calculated based on the number of pets owned by the user, the level of each pet, the factory level and the number of boosts the player receives). At the same time, the official will distribute 10% of the total income from the previous days upgrade activities, pet purchases, etc. to adventure participants, bringing special benefits to those who participated from the beginning, and their income will also accompany participating users gradually increases.

The token has reached a new high. How empowering will xPET’s update be?


xPET, which was once thought to be entering a death spiral soon, is in good shape. This update shows the ambition of the project team - to add new mechanisms while continuing to expand the flywheel. The SocialFi track is affected by the dual influence of Friend.Tech and Inscription, and its popularity is gradually declining.

Can xPET bring the narrative it depicts to life? Lets keep looking forward to it.

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