Must pay attention next week - Nostr Assets will launch the first phase of Fair Mint; Portal will be pre-sold on the 14th (12.11-12.17)

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CoinList will launch the BitsCrunch token sale on December 15th.

Must pay attention next week - Nostr Assets will launch the first phase of Fair Mint; Portal will be pre-sold on the 14th (12.11-12.17)

Highlights for next week:

Nostr Assets announces Fair Mint details, first phase will start on December 11

Polygon Lianchuang: Will publicly demonstrate next-generation ZK products on December 14

Portal will launch presale (Presale) on December 14th

Montenegro’s Ministry of Justice will finalize Do Kwon’s final deportation plan by December 15

Binance will stop supporting BUSD products on December 15th

CoinList: BitsCrunch Token Sale Opens December 15th

Paradigm researcher: has collaborated with Blast to design a new timelocked upgrade system, which will be launched next week

UniSat expected to support Atomics protocol next week

From December 11 to December 17, more key events worthy of attention in the industry are previewed below.

December 11

Chainlink will open general access to staking V 0.2 on December 11

Odaily News Chainlink announced that Staking V 0.2 will be launched this year. The specific time schedule is: priority migration-12 noon EST on November 28, 2023; early access-12 noon ET on December 7, 2023 ; General access - December 11, 2023 at 12:00 noon ET.

Cosmos Ecosystem Eclipse Fi announces ECLIP token economics and will open IDO whitelist applications next Monday

Odaily News Cosmos ecological modular token issuance platform Eclipse Fi announced ECLIP token economics on the X platform, the content is as follows:

Total supply: 300, 000, 000 ECLIP;

Initial circulating supply: 20, 550, 000 ECLIP;

IDO Price: $0.075/FDV: $22,500,000;

Launched chain: Neutron (ECLIP will also be packaged on Arbitrum and Ethereum).

In addition, the IDO whitelist application process will open next Monday.

Gas Hero community test ends December 11

Odaily News STEPN development team Find Satoshi Labs new game Gas Hero will end community testing on December 11. After that, the top 100 players who performed during the testing period (November 27-December 11) will be provided with NFT prop incentives.

Nostr Assets announces Fair Mint details, first phase will start on December 11

Odaily News Nostr Assets Protocol announced the Fair Mint details. The total number of NOSTR tokens is 21, 000, 000, and 18, 900, 000 will be allocated for the Fair Mint event. The first phase will start on December 11, and subsequent phases will be announced separately. . In addition, Nostr Assets Protocol stated that it will airdrop to ORDI holders, and the snapshot will be completed at 05:00 (UTC+ 8) on December 5.

NFTFi platform Nai will launch free mint of platform NFT Bull on December 11

Odaily News NFTFi platform Nai will launch the platform NFT Bull free mint event at 16:00 UTC on December 11. The total number of Bulls is 1500, and the mint event will last for 3 hours. Users need to have a whitelist to participate. The distribution of the whitelist will end on December 10. Currently, users can leave messages under the official Twitter to participate in the whitelist lottery.

December 12

South African regulators received 128 applications for crypto licenses, planning to review 36 of them on December 12

Odaily News South Africa’s regulator, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), stated that as of November 30, 2023 (application deadline), it had received 128 applications for a crypto asset service provider license. The FSCA plans to review representations from the 36 licensees at its Licensing Executive Committee meeting on 12 December. Another 22 applications will be submitted on February 13. The last 14 applications must wait until March 12. The Authority did not specify the fate of all remaining applications, explaining its assessment methodology as a comprehensive assessment of know-your-customer onboarding, data protection, cyber risk management, conflict of interest management, complaints handling and credit counterparty risk management.

As previously reported, South Africa will require cryptocurrency exchanges to obtain licenses before the end of the year, which means that the FSCA may issue licenses to some cryptocurrency companies this month. (Cointelegraph)

Multi-chain DEX ApeBond: Token migration will end on December 12 and ABOND distribution will begin

Odaily News Multi-chain DEX ApeBond (formerly ApeSwap) issued a document on the X platform stating that it will end token migration and start ABOND distribution in 10 days, at which time all work and utility will be transferred to the new token. If the migration fails before 20:00 on December 12, it will result in a loss of funds. Users are requested to migrate as soon as possible.

Scopechat will launch in beta on December 12

According to an official announcement from Odaily, Scopechat will release a beta version on December 12, and the top 50,000 Scopepoints waitlist users will gain access.

December 13

OKX Jumpstart launches Fusionist (ACE) and will start ACE new currency mining on December 13

According to Odaily’s official announcement, OKX Jumpstart has launched a new project Fusionist (ACE).

OKX Jumpstart mining will start at 14:00 on December 13, 2023, and both BTC and OKB holders can obtain ACE token rewards by staking BTC and OKB.

This OKX Jumpstart is only open to East Asian countries, excluding mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea and Japan, and requires completion of KYC verification.

Core Scientific unveils latest bankruptcy plan, shareholders can vote until December 13

Odaily News Bitcoin mining company Core Scientific recently released a report outlining its plan to exit bankruptcy proceedings in early January 2024. The report is based on the third revised joint bankruptcy plan filed on Nov. 16 and includes audio comments from CEO Adam Sullivan.

Under the plan, common stockholders and holders of two convertible notes will be compensated separately. Ordinary shareholders will receive new shares at a 25:1 exchange ratio. (2025) Holders of notes due in April will receive $1.628 for every $1 of face value, and holders of notes due in August will receive $1.201 for every $1 of face value. The funds will be released on January 3, 2024.

If an agreement is reached with major shareholders, Core Scientific will emerge from bankruptcy proceedings on January 5, 2024, with net debt expected to be $709 million, an equity value of $791 million, and only $46 million of debt due by 2025 .

Shareholders can vote on the plan until Dec. 13, with a decision from the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas scheduled for Dec. 22. If approved, the plan would come into effect on January 5, 2024.

Core Scientific operates seven mine sites in five U.S. states with a total operating capacity of 724 MW. Core Scientific plans to add 372 megawatts of capacity by fiscal 2027 and expects its revenue to reach $583 million in 2024 and grow to $968 million in 2027. (Cointelegraph)

December 14

South Korea’s Gyeonggi Province will implement regulations forcing senior public officials to declare virtual assets on December 14

Odaily News South Koreas Gyeonggi Province announced today that it has completed the revision of the Gyeonggi Province Code of Conduct for Public Officials, requiring public officials above level 4 in Gyeonggi Province to report their holdings of Bitcoin and other virtual assets before September 1, if necessary. Verify the relevance to the job and take preventive measures based on the information available to prevent them from seeking personal gain in the course of their job.

It is reported that the Public Officials Ethics Act, which compels senior public officials to declare virtual assets, will be implemented on December 14. (News 1)

Polygon Lianchuang: Will publicly demonstrate next-generation ZK products on December 14

Odaily News Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal disclosed some important nodes of Polygon in the next month on the X platform:

On December 7, Polygon will hold an offline event Polygon Connect in India;

On December 14, Polygon will publicly demonstrate the next generation ZK product, which Sandeep said may become an important milestone for the entire Ethereum ecosystem;

On December 20, Polygon will launch new products for RWA and institutional adoption.

Portal will launch presale (Presale) on December 14th

Odaily News Web3 cross-chain game ecosystem Portal officially announced that it will launch presale (Presale) on December 14, and more details on participation, pricing and process will be announced soon.

Connext will undergo Bacco network upgrade on December 14th

Odaily News Layer 2 interoperability protocol Connext announced that it will conduct a network upgrade Bacco on December 14. Connext said Bacco significantly reduces the network’s operating costs and enables Connext to quickly expand to new chains and Layer 2. Bacco changes the way messages are passed between chains, with messages being passed between chains via the Connext Sequencer (subject to failure proof windows and observer disputes) rather than through other Rollups sequencers.

December 15

Montenegro’s Ministry of Justice will finalize Do Kwon’s final deportation plan by December 15

Odaily News Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon has filed an appeal against the extradition decision of the High Court in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, requesting that the Montenegrin Court of Appeal must review the decision.

Since a Montenegrin court decided on June 15 to detain and extradite Do Kwon, the Montenegrin Ministry of Justice is expected to determine the country to which Do Kwon will ultimately be deported by December 15. (Digital Asset)

Binance will stop supporting BUSD products on December 15th

Odaily reported that according to the official announcement, since Paxos has stopped minting new BUSD, Binance will stop supporting BUSD products on December 15, 2023. User assets are safe and BUSD will always be anchored by the US dollar at a 1:1 ratio. Paxos stated that it will continue to support BUSD and continue to open the BUSD exchange channel until at least February 2024.

Binance reminds users to withdraw their BUSD holdings or convert their BUSD assets to other assets supported by the Binance platform before December 15, 2023. Users can trade their BUSD assets for FDUSD on the Binance spot market with zero fees or exchange their BUSD assets for FDUSD at a 1:1 ratio on the flash swap trading platform.

CoinList: The BitsCrunch token sale will start on December 15th, registration is now open, the token price is 0.055 USDT

Odaily News CoinList officially announced that it will launch the BitsCrunch (BCUT) token sale at 1 a.m. on December 15 (Beijing time), and registration is now open. BitsCrunch is a decentralized, AI-enhanced data network that provides analytical and forensic data for NFTs, wallets, and other public chain digital assets.

The token supply for this sale is 60, 000, 000 BCUT tokens, and the price is 0.055 USDT. An additional 5,000,000 BCUT tokens are set aside for rewards, and 10,000,000 BCUT tokens (1% of the total supply) may be available for purchase during the BitsCrunch Community Sale, at the discretion of BitsCrunch.

Worldcoin payments to orb operators to be changed to WLD, market maker loans extended until December 15

Odaily News Worldcoin Foundation announced that payments to orb operators will be changed to WLD instead of USDC. The current circulating supply of WLD tokens has reached more than 1% of its total token supply of 10 billion tokens. Of the approximately 134 million WLD issued, 100 million are provided to market makers as loans, and 34 million are distributed to users and Orb operators in the form of grants.

Worldcoin stated that the original market maker loan will expire on October 24, and the agreement will be renewed until December 15 this year, with the number of tokens reduced by 75 million; as part of the agreement, the market maker will return or purchase some or all The remaining 25 million coins. (The Block)

Fantom Foundation launches Sonic Labs startup accelerator program, developers can start building on December 15

Odaily News The Fantom Foundation announced the launch of the Sonic Labs Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program, which aims to promote innovation within Fantom’s new Sonic technology stack and provide resources and support for the next generation of Web3 entrepreneurs.

The program will select up to five projects and provide financial support of FTM 1 million (approximately $294, 000) per project, as well as technical support, co-marketing and mentorship.

The Fantom Foundation encourages applications from eligible projects, and developers can begin building projects on Sonic on December 15th. These projects will launch alongside the Fantom Sonic mainnet in Spring 2024.

The Sonic Labs program is open to all developers building new applications on Fantom technology, including GameFi, DeFi, and more. Competition judging criteria include vision, utilization of Sonic technology, target user base, uniqueness, positive impact on the Fantom network and users, and brand. Application deadline is February 6, 2024. (Prnewswire)

BNB Chain has announced the TVL incentive plan and will launch a competition on December 15th

Odaily News BNB Chain announced the TVL incentive plan, which aims to encourage project parties to deploy projects on opBNB, thereby prospering the opBNB ecosystem, and provide incentive mechanisms for project parties participating in the construction.

According to the plan, applications will be open to project parties from December 6 to December 14, 2023, and the competition will be conducted from December 15, 2023 to January 14, 2024. The total prize pool can reach a maximum of $160,000, and participating projects will receive a corresponding share based on their ranking in the competition.

Lido launches “Lido Community Staking Module” proposal, voting will end on December 15

Odaily News Snapshot shows that Lido launched a proposal called Lido Community Staking Module. The proposal states that the Lido Community Staking team is seeking signal approval from Lido DAO for the design of the Community Staking Module (CSM). This module will allow permissionless entry into the Lido validator set on Ethereum, with certain deposit requirements set.

Upon approval, the community staking team will further research and develop the proposed module and plan to propose a mainnet launch to Lido DAO along with approval of all parameters in a chain upgrade around the end of 2024.

The proposal currently has a 100% support rate and will end on December 15th.

December 16

FTX Creditors Alliance: Preliminary public bidding acquisition action will be announced by December 16

Odaily News FTX Creditors Alliance FTX 2.0 Coalition released the latest court update on the X platform:

1. The stalking horse bid will be announced before December 16th. Note: Fake horse bidding refers to the initial public bidding and acquisition action proposed by the buyer selected by the company filing for bankruptcy protection. This move can attract more potential buyers to propose competitive acquisition prices;

2. Motion to estimate the value of cryptocurrency claims in November;

3. The client’s name remains anonymous (permanent anonymity for natural persons).

Linea launches Voyage Wave 7: Trading, running until December 16

Odaily News Linea announced the launch of Voyage: DeFi event Wave 7: Trading on the X platform. The theme of this time is complex DeFi trading products. The event will last for 9 days and end on December 16.

It is reported that the Linea Voyage: DeFi event will last for 6 weeks, with a total of 10 activities and 10 core tasks. Users will be able to choose from more than 80 DApps for interaction, covering wallets, bridging, swaps, lending, liquidity supply, Yield farming and other aspects.

December 17

Cosmos launches a proposal to “allocate 900,000 ATOM to stATOM/ATOM pool” and voting will end on December 17

Odaily News Cosmos Hub initiated a vote to “allocate 900,000 ATOM to the Osmosis stATOM/ATOM pool”. This proposal aims to increase the liquidity of ATOM by allocating 900,000 ATOM to the stATOM/ATOM pool.

The proposal recommends placing 90% of funds in Osmosis’s static liquidity position and 10% in Quasar’s upcoming stATOM/ATOM Dynamic S+ vault to improve long-term efficiency. The LPing strategy described above will generate exchange fee-based revenue for the Cosmos Hub community pool.

Voting has now begun, with a voting rate of 67.1% for agreeing to the proposal and 6.0% for disagreeing. The voting will end on December 17.

Others (specific time to be determined)

Paradigm researcher: has collaborated with Blast to design a new timelocked upgrade system, which will be launched next week

Odaily News Paradigm researcher Dan Robinson posted on the It’s free for any developer to use.”

UniSat expected to support Atomics protocol next week

Odaily News UniSat issued a document on the X platform stating that it will support the Atomics protocol and is expected to go online next week. In addition UniSat will eliminate market service fees.

Safe official: 4337 Canonical module V 0.1.0 version has a problem, the audit of V 0.2.0 version is expected to be completed next week

According to official news from Odaily, the Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe) team discovered a problem with version 0.1.0 of its 4337 Canonical module. The official emergency requires all teams using this version to stop immediately and wait for the audit of the V 0.2.0 version to be completed. The audit for version V 0.2.0 is expected to be completed next week, which will bring additional functionality.

Safe added that the module is only available on the testnet and that funds are not at risk. No action is required from the user.

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