Bitcoin OG Opinion: ShitCoins won’t die, but you can go elsewhere

2 months ago
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I wouldnt call Lukes brain my brain, but hes a hero.

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Today, Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr announced on the X platformPost a message to express: “Inscription is exploiting a vulnerability in the Bitcoin Core client to spam the blockchain. Since 2013, Bitcoin Core has allowed users to set additional data size limits when relaying or mining transactions (-datacarriersize). Inscription circumvents this limitation by obscuring its data into program code. This vulnerability was recently fixed in Bitcoin Knots V2 5.1. My workflow was severely disrupted due to late last year (V2 4 was Completely skipped), the fix is ​​taking longer than usual. Bitcoin Core is still vulnerable in the upcoming V2 6 release. I can only hope that it will be finally fixed before V2 7 next year.”

This statement stirred up waves and triggered intense discussion in the community. This article is@AurtrianAjian View:

Rest assured, shitcoins are not going to die because you shitcoiners are here to stay. Where there is demand, there is supply. If you are not on Bitcoin, you will find new casinos (even Bitcoin cannot ban you). But for that reason, I support Luke, because you can go somewhere else. I will run Bitcoin Knots.

Luke Dashjr also contributed code to the Bitcoin Core software, but this time the software he released was Bitcoin Knots, which he developed himself. He hopes that Bitcoin Core v2 7 can be patched, but this is only his personal hope, and he must convince other Bitcoin Core developers to do so. Taking a step back, Luke himself knows that these shitcoins are technically difficult to ban...

No matter how detailed the restrictions are, some space will be reserved so as not to interfere with normal usage, and shitcoin will make use of these spaces. The current patching method is at the nodes transaction pool policy level, which means that the node can not forward these shitcoin transactions, but because these transactions do not violate the consensus rules, once they enter the Bitcoin block, they will still be accepted by the entire network. save.

Therefore, 1. It is technically difficult to completely ban; 2. Forming network-wide restrictions requires the consensus of most node operators; 3. Directly communicating with miners can bypass the restriction methods available to all nodes (miners still support you, right? ). What else do you have to worry about? Just take your shitcoin and play music and dance.

Probably the best comment I heard was, can he ban it if he wants to? Where do you think this is, Ethereum? (Applause, applause) Excellent, very good summary of the characteristics of the Bitcoin community. But let me ask you a question, the Bitcoin network is not his, but is it yours? Although he can only represent himself, how can you represent justice and others?

If you own Bitcoin, it just means that you are the owner of a certain UTXO. But no one owns the Bitcoin network. Instead, the operator of each node is the master of its own node. This owner can decide what software to run, which transactions to forward, and which set of consensus rules to use. Bitcoin does not have a pope and does not need it. Each node operator has self-sovereignty.

Luke is not so arrogant as to think that everyone will listen to him, nor does he think that he can represent everyone who contributes code to Bitcoin Core. He just releases his software and thats it. He just provides software to people who want to reject it all. He just issued his personal petition. If you feel offended, I don’t mind offending you again: Do you have your own full node?

People with full nodes dont need your representation. Why cant I not forward your shitcoin transaction? You need to send shitcoin, won’t the transaction be issued by itself using a full node? You can also send it directly to the miners. You can laugh happily and healthily, and at the same time slander a Bitcoin developer with bad intentions or accuse him of being narrow-minded, and then laugh at him for trying to do nothing.

But that doesnt change anything. You are still a shitcoiner. What you have in your hand is still shitcoin. Luke isnt right about everything, nor is he good about everything, and I dont regard Lukes brain as my brain. But he is a hero.

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