The game sector is ushering in the Indian Spring, and Bitget takes the lead in laying out the GameFi zone

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Currently, Bitget’s GameFi zone supports the trading of 66 blockchain game project tokens.

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With the overall recovery of the crypto market and the triggering of the rotation, more funds and traffic began to pour into the GameFi field. Since last week, multiple tracks have performed well in the GameFi ecosystem, including game public chain projects, GameFi platform and game projects, etc., and they have all achieved considerable results. The appearance of some new GameFi projects is even more impressive. For example, Shrapnel (SHRAP), which was first launched on Bitget on November 8, has an online price of US$0.03 and a current price of US$0.19, an increase of more than 533% from the initial launch, becoming the best-performing project in recent times. Nice GameFi project. As more and more players and investors join in, the GameFi ecosystem will usher in a broader space for development.

New moves of old game public chains

In game public chain projects, the total locked-up volume of multiple public chains and the price of their native tokens have performed well. Immutable According to L2B EAT data, Immutable X’s TVL also exceeded US$200 million last week, with a 7-day increase of 40.71%.

The chain game Axie Infinity sidechain Ronin Network also has new actions. On October 31, the P2E chain game Pixels announced that it would be launched on the Ronin Network. At the same time, the minting of Pixels Pets (NFT with instant game utility) would be opened on the Ronin Chain, and the PIXEL token would be launched. Affected by this good news, Ronin’s native token RON rose by more than 24% in a week.

These public chain projects provide a solid foundation for the development of the GameFi ecosystem by providing efficient, low-cost transactions and smart contract functions.

GameFi platform begins to gain momentum

In addition to game public chain projects, various GameFi platform tokens have also begun to gain momentum. Gala Games (GALA), as a world-leading GameFi platform, has not only achieved breakthrough growth in user scale, but also launched a series of innovative games and NFT products. SuperVerse (SUPER) is a GameFi cross-chain protocol designed to facilitate the issuance of new NFTs, providing players with true ownership and value by converting game assets into NFTs.

With the advent of this mini-bull market, these gaming platform tokens have experienced varying degrees of rise. According to Bitget trading platform data, the GALA token has recently increased by more than 40%, while the SUPER token has experienced an eye-catching monthly increase of more than 300%.

Potential game projects usher in value return

The token increases of various game projects such as Axie, STEPN, Star Atlas and other projects are also astonishing. As a veteran star project in the GameFi field, Axie Infinity (AXS) has attracted the attention of a large number of players and investors with its unique gameplay and sustainable economic model. STEPN (GMT) and Star Atlas (ATLAS) bring players a new gaming experience by introducing new game modes and combining them with elements such as cryptocurrency and NFT. According to the latest data from the Bitget platform, AXS token prices have increased by 20% in a month, while GMT and ATLAS token prices have increased by 54% and 132% respectively.

In addition, some emerging GameFi projects also show potential.As Bitget, which was the first to support the development of the GameFi field and launch the GameFi trading area, many chain game projects recently launched have increased by more than 100%.For example, the token prices of Nakamoto Games (NAKA), a game platform for making money while playing, and TRC, a multi-game strategy game (MetaTrace), have increased by 125% and 110% respectively from the initial stage of their launch. As well as the SHRAP mentioned above, which has increased in less than 2 weeks since its launch. It has exceeded 533%. at present,Bitget’s GameFi zone already supports the trading of 66 blockchain game project tokens.Covers game public chain projects, GameFi platform and multiple innovative game projects.


Web3 games and GameFi have been considered the next big thing in the encryption industry. The traditional game industry has a huge number of users, while crypto games can transform virtual assets in traditional games into truly valuable digital assets by introducing technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. This may become one billion users in the crypto industry. entrance.

With the recovery of the encryption market, the continuous improvement of industry infrastructure, and the continuous implementation of various innovative projects, more and more phenomenal projects will emerge from the game track, and the entire GameFi track will also usher in Explosive growth. This can not only stimulate the participation of traditional players, but also provide players with more revenue opportunities.

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