- Binance is turning to traditional financial companies; Company X loses $75 million in advertising revenue (11.28)

2 months ago
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Japanese crypto investment institution CGV announced a special investment of US$5 million in the Blast ecosystem.

- Binance is turning to traditional financial companies; Company X loses  million in advertising revenue (11.28)


Binance’s new CEO: Binance is undergoing a transformation from a technology startup to a traditional financial company

Binance’s new CEO Richard Teng recently accepted an exclusive interview and elaborated on the challenges facing the company and future plans. Teng said in the interview that Binance, as a relatively young company with a history of six years, is undergoing a transformation from a technology startup to a traditional financial company. He admitted that there were some mistakes during the companys rapid rise, but emphasized that Binance has learned from them.
Tengs takeover comes amid the resignation of CZ, who recently agreed to pay a $4 billion criminal settlement and step away from the company. Teng said he has the trust of CZ, the leadership team and employees to continue leading this important brand.

WSJ: SEC Still Seeking More Evidence of Binance.US Fraud

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is still seeking evidence to find out whether Binance and its founder CZ have a backdoor to control assets stored on the Binance.US platform.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission sued Binance and Binance.US in June, accusing them of operating illegal exchanges, and its lawsuit has so far relied on the agencys concerns that Binance could misappropriate U.S. crypto assets in an FTX-style fraud.

Binance and CZ pleaded guilty last week to criminal charges and largely resolved a long-running U.S. investigation related to anti-money laundering controls and compliance with sanctions laws, but the Justice Department case did not include allegations that Binance misused its customers’ crypto assets.

Industry News

Due to the ETC inscription craze, Ethereum Classic’s single-day handling fee increased by 1746% month-on-month

According to Tokenview on-chain data monitoring, due to the launch of ETC inscription, the average handling fee of Ethereum Classic has increased from 1 Gwei to 10 Gwei in the past week. On November 26, the total daily handling fee of Ethereum Classic was approximately 480 ETC, an increase of 1746% from the 26 ETC on the 25th. On November 26, the number of transactions on the Ethereum Classic chain reached 1.03 million, and the mining difficulty was 1.91 P.

CME Bitcoin contract open interest reached 118,540 BTC, continuing to hit new highs

Coinglass data shows that the open interest in the CME Bitcoin contract reached 118,540 BTC (approximately $4.43 billion), continuing to hit a record high.


Company X (formerly Twitter) could lose up to $75 million in revenue as more advertisers drop out.
Internal documents reveal that Xs situation was more difficult than previously known. The filing lists more than 200 ad units from companies including Airbnb, Amazon, Coca-Cola and Microsoft, many of which have stopped or are considering pausing advertising on the social network. The documents come from Xs sales team and are designed to track the impact of all advertising outages this month, including those companies that have been paused as well as those that may be at risk.

Binance: Binance uses Unisat indexer, and the difference between Ordinalscan indexer is due to different precision processing logic.

Binance officials issued a message on the
(Note: According to the previous UniSat announcement, the indexer with the error is Ordiscan, and Ordinalscan has a discrepancy or was miswritten by Binance.)
According to previous news, blogger @Dumpster_DAO posted on the As an index, and Binance uses Ordiscan as an index, the data between the two is inconsistent, which may expose ORDI to attacks.

OKX Web3 Wallet Ordinals Market Now Supports Bulk Purchase and Bulk Transfer Functions

According to official news, the Ordinals market on the OKX Web3 wallet web side now supports batch purchase and batch transfer functions. Users can purchase BRC-20 inscriptions and BTC NFT at the same time, and a single transaction purchase supports up to 10 orders, improving transaction efficiency and making it faster. . In the future, the OKX Web3 wallet APP will also support this function.
It is reported that the OKX Web3 Wallet Ordinals market is the BRC-20 inscription and BTC NFT trading market. The OKX Ordinals market is decentralized, free of platform service fees for interactions, and supports multiple functions such as one-stop transfer, trading, and engraving of BRC-20 and BTC NFT. In addition, OKX Web3 wallet has supported Solana Inscription and Ethereum Inscription ecology.

CZ is temporarily stranded in the United States, and a federal judge will decide whether he can return to the UAE before sentencing.

Binance founder CZ must remain in the United States for the time being as a federal judge considers a motion from the U.S. Department of Justice requiring him to remain in the country until he is sentenced early next year.
After CZ pleaded guilty, a judge granted him bail on a $175 million personal credit bond. CZ deposited $15 million in a trust account and had three sureties post more than $5 million in collateral to secure the bonds. Under his bail conditions, he is free to return to the UAE, where his wife and children also live. District Judge Richard Jones stayed that part of the ruling on Monday.

Project News

150 million DYDX will be unlocked on December 1, with the top 20 holders accounting for 85.09% of the total supply.

According to Lookonchain monitoring, dYdX will unlock 150 million DYDX (approximately $505 million) on December 1, accounting for 81.63% of the circulating supply; of which approximately 83.19 million DYDX (approximately $280 million) will be unlocked to investors , accounting for 46.15% of the circulating supply.
According to the DYDX token economic model, 500 million DYDX (50% of the total supply) will be distributed to investors, founders, existing employees, consultants (including advisors and consultants), and future employees and consultants. 150 million DYDX will be unlocked on December 1.

Google Cloud confirms participation in EigenLayer testnet

Geyun has joined EigenLayer’s “Operator Working Group” along with more than 65 other operators and independent stakers. EigenLabs are the developers behind EigenLayer.
Google Cloud Web3 is now present on EigenLayer’s Goerli testnet as a node operator — EigenLayer is a re-staking protocol that allows Ethereum (ETH) to be staked on multiple platforms simultaneously. Google Cloud confirmed the cloud computing services participation in the EigenLayer testnet to Blockworks via email.

3 whales deposited a total of 7.17 million BLUR to CEX in the past 24 hours

According to Spot On Chain monitoring, the price of BLUR has dropped by 9% in the past 24 hours. During this period, 3 whale addresses have deposited a total of 7.17 million BLUR (approximately US$4.51 million) to CEX.
The whale address starting with -0x 1 3d deposited 3.75 million BLUR (approximately $2.36 million) to Binance and OKX at an average price of $0.629 in the past 4 hours.
The whale address starting with -0x 397 (related to orz-allinornnothing.eth) deposited 1.67 million BLUR (approximately $1.05 million) to Binance about 6 hours ago at an average price of $0.629.
-Wintermute Trading deposited 1.75 million BLUR (approximately $1.1 million) into OKX approximately 12 hours and 9 hours ago.

KyberSwap attacker returns 361,876 USDC.e on Avalanche chain

According to monitoring by Pidun community contributors, a KyberSwap attacker has returned 361,876 USDC.e on the Avalanche chain.
Yesterday’s news, Kyber Network stated that approximately US$4.67 million in funds has been returned to the KyberSwap deployer address on Polygon.

Gas Hero has officially launched community testing

The second game Gas Hero produced by STEPN development team Find Satoshi Lab has officially launched Community Test at 11:00 today.
This round of testing has opened test qualifications to a total of 3,000 community users, and the qualifications are distributed to different groups such as Gas Hero NFT badge holders, Find Satoshi Lab ambassadors, and partners. Gas Hero officials have recently sent notification emails to eligible users.
This round of testing is in the form of deletion. All assets during the testing period will be on the Polygon Mumbai test network and will not be transferred to the main network after the public beta is opened. This also means that when the public beta launches, all users will need to start the game journey from scratch.

Perhaps affected by the expectation of Mint Cash airdrop, USTC once exceeded 0.05 USDT

According to the OKX market, USTC once rose to 0.05033 USDT and is now trading at 0.04168 USDT, an increase of 156.97% in 24 H, which may be affected by the expected airdrop of Mint Cash, the Terra ecological stable currency project.
Recently, Mint Cash project leader Shin Hyojin responded to market concerns and clarified the airdrop plan for USTC holders. Participants need to lock USTC on the Terra Classic chain to participate in the airdrop. Mint Cash will be airdropped at a rate equal to US$1 per USTC. As more people participate in the airdrop, Mint Cash plans to destroy all collected USTC, effectively reducing market circulation. Shin Hyojin emphasized that even USTC holders who did not participate in the airdrop will benefit from it.

100% of all income within the Illuvium ecosystem will be returned to ILV stakers

Blue Fox Notes published a document on the These include: in-game fee income, such as skins, etc.; Dex transaction fees; game sponsorship, event income, etc. These fee income will go into its DAO treasury, and then ILV will be purchased at the market price, and the resulting ILV will be distributed to ILV pledgers.
Previously in May, Kieran Warwick, co-founder of blockchain game Illuvium, announced that Illuvium had raised $10 million from Framework Ventures, which will be used to accelerate game development and support its distributed contributor team. The tokens involved in this financing transaction will be locked for two years and will not be included in the pledge, so they will not participate in benefit distribution. Illuvium is about to launch its open beta with three interoperable AAA games: Illuvium: Zero (a city-building game), Illuvium: Overworld (a monster world), and Illuvium: Arena (an arena).

UniSat: Ordiscan indexer has error condition, UniSat indexer is fully compatible with latest BRC-20 standard

UniSat issued a document on the handling decimals).
UniSat says the UniSat indexer is fully compatible with the latest BRC-20 standard. Since March, the UniSat indexer has demonstrated its robustness and reliability in multiple comparisons. UniSat also pointed out that although the white module (white module) has not yet been activated, making a fork virtually impossible, UniSat will still actively help known indexers implement the modular proposal by providing source code and documentation as soon as possible.
UniSat promises that as long as it supports the BRC-20 standard, it will ensure that its indexers are standard-compliant, extremely fast, and developer-friendly.

Solana MEV developer Jito launches governance token

The Jito Foundation, the organization behind the Solana-based liquidity staking protocol, is launching a governance token that will be used to help manage the Jito network.
Jito Labs builds infrastructure designed to mitigate the negative impacts of MEV on Solana. By launching the token, the Jito Foundation seeks to empower “community members to directly influence the decisions and direction of the Jito network.”

Mint Cash: Airdrop will include multiple tokens and will seek investment from VCs

Mint Cash team leader Shin Hyojin said the airdrop will include a variety of tokens, and specific details are being finalized, and Mint Cash will seek investment from VCs. also,

Terra issued a statement on the X platform stating that Terraform Labs does not participate in Mint Cash in any capacity.

Nansen 2 public beta will be released on November 28th

Crypto analysis platform Nansen announced on the X platform that the Nansen 2 public beta will be released at 19:00 on November 28. This version adds new features and includes major improvements.
It is reported that Nansen 2 is driven by artificial intelligence, provides faster, smarter, and more intuitive data analysis, and has a new intelligent search function. Its early access version has been launched in September.

Aave’s proposal to increase V3’s GHO borrowing interest rate to 5.22% failed, with an opposition rate of 100%

The governance page shows that Aave’s proposal to increase V3’s GHO borrowing interest rate to 5.22% failed, with an opposition rate of 100%.
According to previous news, Aave integration leader Marc Zeller launched a new ARFC proposal on the Aave forum, proposing to increase the GHO borrowing interest rate from 4.72% to 5.22% annual interest rate to support GHOs restoration of anchoring and keep borrowing costs consistent with market interest rates.

global policy

Monetary Authority of Singapore releases investor alert list

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has issued an investor alert list. The Investor Alert List provides a list of persons on whom MAS has information and includes:
1. May be or has been mistakenly believed to be licensed by MAS or otherwise authorized or regulated by MAS;
2. An offer that may be, or has been mistaken for, a business trust or collective investment scheme authorized, recognized or registered by MAS;
3. The investment offer made may be, or has been, mistakenly believed to be made in or accompanied by a document lodged or registered with MAS.
NOTE: The list published by MAS is not exhaustive and is based on what MAS is aware of at the time of publication.

18 countries including the United States, Britain, and Australia signed the “Safe by Design” Artificial Intelligence Guidelines

The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and 15 other countries have issued global guidance aimed at helping protect artificial intelligence models from tampering, urging companies to ensure their models are secure by design.
The guidance mainly includes general recommendations, such as tightly controlling the infrastructure of AI models, monitoring models for tampering before and after they are released, and training employees on cybersecurity risks. The guidance recommends cybersecurity practices that AI companies should implement when designing, developing, launching, and monitoring AI models.
Other countries that have signed up to the new guidelines include Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, South Korea and Singapore. AI companies such as OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Anthropic and Scale AI also contributed to the development of the guidance.

Investment and Financing

Crypto tax company Waltio completes nearly $2 million in funding

Crypto tax company Waltio announced the completion of €1.8 million in financing (approximately $1.97 million), with participation from angel investors such as Crédit Agricole Capital Développement, Stake Capital founder Julien Bouteloup, and Budget Insight co-founder Clément Coeurdeuil.

Japanese crypto investment company CGV announces a special investment of US$5 million in the Blast ecosystem

Japanese crypto investment company CGV announced a special investment of $5 million in the Blast ecosystem. CGV founder Steve said the investment aims to attract more developers and users and promote the prosperity and diversity of the Blast ecosystem. He said that CGV will actively participate in the construction of the Blast ecosystem.

Character *Voice

Mark Cuban: New American urban housing plans can be delivered with L2 smart contracts and NFTs

Venture capitalist Jason Calacanis posted on the Affordability, walkability, sustainability, and exceptional amenities that bring joy to children, seniors, and the working class. If Crown Prince MBS can do it in Saudi Arabia, we can do it in the United States. We It just takes determination.”

DWF Labs: Applying for multiple licenses and being audited by an audit firm

DWF Labs co-creator Andrei Grachev posted on the Cooperation, events, marketing, marketing, launch, etc. DWF Labs remains compliant with global AML/KYC rules and is seeking to obtain multiple licenses and be audited by one of the Big Four audit firms.

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