OKX officially launches virtual asset exchange and Web3 wallet in Brazil

3 months ago
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OKX’s move means that the ability to trade virtual currencies in Brazilian fiat currency, the real, is now available to users.

On November 27, OKX, a leading Web3 technology company, announced that it has officially launched its virtual currency exchange and Web3 wallet in Brazil to provide decentralized finance (DeFi) and virtual currency trading channels for Brazilian virtual currency users. OKX’s move means that the ability to trade virtual currencies in Brazilian fiat currency, the real, is now available to users.

OKX Exchange brings Brazilian users a platform to trade multiple mainstream virtual currencies, while providing users with a variety of innovative cryptographic features, including staking rewards and the integration of decentralized financial products. The OKX platform also provides a self-hosted Web3 wallet function, which is designed to help users use and manage decentralized financial products, trade NFTs, and use dApps through a user-friendly and secure self-hosted channel. This is a wallet with both MPC technology and account abstraction (AA) functions, which allows users without much encryption knowledge to enter the Web3 world more conveniently.

Hong, President of OKX, said: “Brazil is the largest virtual currency market in Latin America, and we are pleased to officially launch our localized platform and services here. Our exchange provides the features that Brazilian traders are most interested in: trading in Brazilian fiat currencies. , and we have deep liquidity and are a very safe and transparent platform and tool. Our OKX wallet provides the most convenient entrance to decentralized finance, NFT, dApp, etc. As the Brazilian market becomes more mature, we I hope to work with millions of users in the future to promote Web3 innovation and the growth of the digital asset economy.

Recently, a user survey report released by the OKX Brazil office found that security is currently the most concerned issue among encryption users in the Brazilian market. 92% of the respondents expressed the need for trading platforms to provide more transparent information on the flow of user assets, and 85% of the respondents believed that the Proof-of-Reserves (PoR) report would help increase the legitimacy of the virtual currency market. Sex and maturity.

In addition, OKX regularly releases zk-STARK encryption technology verification certificates every month.On-chain reserve certificateReport.The latest report shows that OKX holds $12.5 billion worth of mainstream assets, user funds are protected more than one-to-one (103%).

Guilherme Sacamone, General Manager of OKX Brazil Office, said: Brazil has great potential to become a leader in global decentralized finance, virtual currency and even the global Web3 industry. OKX is committed to helping Brazil realize its potential, and we will create the worlds leading virtual currency service for users. with the best product experience for local users. As seen from our recent survey results, security and transparency are priorities for Brazilian virtual currency users. And OKX is providing best-in-class security features such as PoR Funds that we insist on updating monthly Proof of reserves.”

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